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Albano, R (1993). Activin and mesoderm induction in the mouse embryo. PhD thesis The Open University.

Ampt, P. R. and Ison, R. (1993). Problem identification for agronomic research: evaluation of rapid rural appraisal in the Forbes Shire of N.S.W. In: Delfosse., E.S. ed. Pests of Pastures: weed invertebrate and disease pests of Australian sheep pastures. Melbourne: Australian Wool Corporation/CSIRO, pp. 404–408.

Araújo, Helena Costa (1993). The construction of primary teaching as women's work in Portugal, (1870-1933). PhD thesis The Open University.

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Bacon, Nicolas and Storey, John (1993). Individualization of the Employment Relationship and the Implications for Trade Unions. Employee Relations, 15(1) pp. 5–17.

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Bundock, Edward Leigh (1993). Adventure in service : the Church of England and the unemployed, 1919-1939. PhD thesis The Open University.

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Carroll, B.; Richardson, J. T. E. and Thompson, P. (1993). Olfactory Information Processing and Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Brain and Cognition, 22(2) pp. 230–243.

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Coggan, R (1993). Trophodynamics of the Antarctic fish Notothenia coriiceps Richardson. PhD thesis The Open University.

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Coward, Philip David (1993). Symbolic execution and the testing of COBOL programs. PhD thesis The Open University.

Cullen, James Eric (1993). Life imprisonment and prison regime stability. PhD thesis The Open University.

Cursiter, M (1993). Diet, energy and weight change following cessation of smoking. PhD thesis The Open University.

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Dando, Paul (1993). The Dynamics of Periodically Forced Systems. PhD thesis The Open University.

Deshayes, Claudine (1993). Measurements of net electrical charge on skeletal muscle proteins. PhD thesis The Open University.

Donnachie, Ian (1993). History Bibliography: Industrial Archaeology. Curriculum support series, 16 (3). Dundee: Scottish Consultative Council on the Curriculum.

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Dooley, Brian (1993). Robert F. Kennedy: The Senate Years. MPhil thesis The Open University.

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Dunn, I (1993). The molecular biology of chicken gonadotrophin releasing hormone. PhD thesis The Open University.

Dyball, Celia (1993). Breastfeeding and the social control of women. PhD thesis The Open University.

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Emans, N (1993). The characterization of endocytic membrane traffic. PhD thesis The Open University.

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Fuller, Malcolm F. and Garthwaite, Paul (1993). The form of response of body protein accretion to dietary amino acid supply. Journal of Nutrition, 123(5) pp. 957–963.

Furbank, P. N. and Owens, W. R. (1993). Defoe and the 'Tippony Ale'. Scottish Historical Review, 72(1) pp. 86–89.

Furbank, P. N. and Owens, W. R. (1993). Defoe, Trent, and the 'Defection'. Review of English Studies, 44(173) pp. 70–76.

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Furr, P (1993). The development and value of animal models of mycoplasmal infection. PhD thesis The Open University.

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Goff, L (1993). Cluster of differentiation 45 isoforms and murine thymic ontogeny. PhD thesis The Open University.

Gray, T (1993). A mechanistic study of the molecular chaperone GroEL. PhD thesis The Open University.

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Hahlo, Kenneth Geoffrey (1993). The Gujaratis of Bolton: the leaders and the led. PhD thesis The Open University.

Hammersley, M. (1993). An appraisal of 'Labouring to learn'. In: Gomm, Roger and Woods, Peter eds. Educational Research in Action. London: Paul Chapman, pp. 171–183.

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Hayes, D. A. (1993). Fracture Toughness of Dental Amalgams. PhD thesis The Open University.

Herbert, Trevor (1993). The sackbut and pre-Reformation English church music. Historic Brass Society Journal, 5 pp. 146–158.

Hermann, Reinhold (1993). Application of the shadow optical method. PhD thesis The Open University.

Hewson, Claire (1993). Why the folk psychology debate matters to psychology and cognitive science. In: Philosophy and the cognitive sciences (Casati, Roberto; Smith, Barry and White, Graham eds.), Hölder-Pichler-Tempsky, Vienna, pp. 213–217.

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Hunter, Arlene Graham (1993). Element fluxes associated with co-existing tholeiitic and calc-alkaline magmas in Japan. PhD thesis The Open University.

Hutchinson, Margaret Anne (1993). Pit Closures in Northumberland: A Study of Bates Colliery. MPhil thesis The Open University.

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Ison, R. (1993). Participative Ecodesign: A New Paradigm for Professional Practice. In: Epidemiology Chapter, Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference, 1993, Cobar, Australia, pp. 41–50.

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Johnson, David (1993). Starting Positions: the Social Function of Literature in the Cape. Journal of Southern African Studies, 19(4) pp. 615–633.

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Jonkers, Bert and Walker, Colin C. (1993). The Asclepiads of Morocco - a short commentary. Asklepios(59) pp. 14–21.

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Kalapothakis, E (1993). Expression and biomolecular assembly of gap junctions. PhD thesis The Open University.

Kaplinsky, R. and Hoffman, K. (1993). Transnational Corporations and the Transfer of New Management Practices to Developing Countries. United Nations Centre of Transnational Corporations.

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Lidchi, Henrietta Josephine (1993). "All in the choosing eye" : charity, representation and developing world. PhD thesis The Open University.

Lloyd, C. E. and Orchard, T. J. (1993). Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in young people: The epidemiology of physical and psychosocial complications. In: Marshall, S. M.; Home, P. D.; Alberti, K. G. M. M. and Krall, L. eds. The diabetes annual, Volume 7. The Netherlands: Elsevier Scientific Publications, pp. 211–244.

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Mackerness, C (1993). The products of bacterial metabolism of nitrate and nitrite and human cancer. PhD thesis The Open University.

MacLeod, Roderick (1993). Changing concepts of the sacraments in the Scottish Highlands, 1800-1850. The Open University.

Malik, Farooq (1993). Construction and characterisation of polyethylene glycol modified cytokines. PhD thesis The Open University.

Malik, Nageena S. (1993). Ageing of Human Corneal and Scleral Collagen. PhD thesis The Open University.

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Nasta, Susheila (1993). Motherlands, mothercultures, mothertongues: women's writing from the Caribbean. In: Barfoot, C and D'Haen, Theo eds. Shades of Empire in Colonial and Postcolonial Literatures. DQR Studies in Literature (11). Amsterdam/Atlanta: Rodolphi, pp. 24–36.

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Owens, W. R. and Furbank, P. N. (1993). Defoe as secret agent: three unpublished letters. The Scriblerian, 25(2) pp. 145–153.

Ozdemir, Abbas Tamer (1993). Residual stresses and fatigue performances at cold expanded fastener holes. PhD thesis The Open University.

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Parish, T (1993). The nature and activity of regulators of mycobacterial genes. PhD thesis The Open University.

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Raghuram, Parvati (1993). Invisible female agricultural labour in India. In: Kinnaird, Vivian and Momsen, Janet eds. Different Places, Different Voices: Gender and Development in Africa, Asia and Latin America. London, UK: Routledge, pp. 109–119.

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Temoltzin-Palacios, F (1993). Structural analysis of variation in influenza haemagglutinin. PhD thesis The Open University.

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Ugochukwu, Francoise (1993). Culture et civilisation françaises - quelles stratégies d’enseignement? In: NFLV, Collectif ed. L’enseignement du français dans les écoles secondaires au Nigeria : méthodes, spécificités et perspectives? Lagos (Nigeria): Negro City Press, pp. 134–156.

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Yamagata, Naoko (1993). Young and Old in Homer and in 'Heike Monogatari'. Greece & Rome, 40(1) pp. 1–10.


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