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Burrows, Donald (1991). Handel's Messiah (Korean edition). Cambridge music handbooks. Seoul: Imprima Korean Agency.

Hanlon, Joseph (1991). Mozambique: Who Calls the Shots? London, UK: James Currey.

Tunnicliffe, W. R. (1991). Mathematics for programmers. Prentice Hall International Series in Computer Science. New York: Prentice Hall.

Wolffe, John (1991). The Protestant Crusade in Great Britain 1829-1860. Clarendon Press (Oxford Historical Monographs).

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Hartley, Jean and Stephenson, Geoffrey M eds. (1991). Employment Relations: The Psychology of Influence and Control at Work. Wiley-Blackwell.

Herbert, Trevor ed. (1991). Bands: the Brass Band Movement in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Popular Music in Britain. Buckingham: Open University Press.

Johnson, H.; Bernstein, H.; Hakimian, H.; Jackson, C. and Redclift, N. eds. (1991). Gender Relations and Agrarian Change. London University External Programme. London, UK: Wye College.

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Douglas, Jenny (1991). Black Women’s Health Matters. In: Roberts, Helen ed. Women’s Health Matters. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 33–46.

Holland, Janet; Ramazanoglu, Caroline; Scott, Sue; Sharpe, Sue and Thomson, Rachel (1991). Between embarrassment and trust: Young women and the diversity of condom use. In: Aggleton, Peter; Davies, Peter and Hart, Graham eds. AIDS: Responses, Interventions and Care. Social Aspects of AIDS. UK: Routledge, pp. 127–148.

Jones, M. C. (1991). Prospects for automatic bandwidth selection in extensions to basic kernel density estimation. In: Roussas, G. G. ed. Nonparametric Functional Estimation and Related Topics. NATO Science Series C (335). Dordrecht, Netherlands: Kluwer, pp. 241–249.

Kaplinsky, Raphael (1991). How getting the prices right helped the wrong people. In: Colclough, Christopher and Manor, James eds. States or Markets? Neo-Liberalism and the Development Policy Debate. Ids Development Studies Series. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, pp. 148–172.

Newman, Edwina (1991). The Anti Corn Law League and the Wiltshire Labourer: aspects of the development of nineteenth century protest. In: Holderness, B.A. and Turner, M eds. Land, Labour and Agriculture 1700-1920. London: Hambledon Press, pp. 91–107.

Paton, R. and Cornforth, C. J. (1991). What's different about managing in voluntary and nonprofit organizations? In: Batsleer, Julian; Cornforth, Chris and Paton, Rob eds. Issues in voluntary and nonprofit management. Addison-Wesley, pp. 36–46.

Paton, Rob (1991). The social economy: value-based organizations in the wider society. In: Batsleer, Julian; Cornforth, Chris and Paton, Rob eds. Issues in voluntary and non-profit management. London, U.K.: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, pp. 3–12.

Paton, Rob (1991). Worker takeovers of failing and bankrupt enterprises in Europe. In: Russell, Raymond and Rus, Veljko eds. Ownership and participation. International Handbook of participation in organizations: For the Study of Organizational Democracy, Co-operation, and Self-Management (2). Oxford, U.K.: Oxford University Press, pp. 28–42.

Richardson, John T. E. (1991). Imagery and the Brain. In: Cornoldi, C. and McDaniel, M. A. eds. Imagery and Cognition. New York: Springer-Verlag, pp. 1–45.

Richardson, John T. E. (1991). Gender differences in imagery, cognition, and memory. In: Logie, R. H. and Denis, M. eds. Mental Images in Human Cognition. Advances in Psychology, 80. Amsterdam: Elsevier, pp. 271–303.

Tindle, A. G. (1991). Trace element behaviour in microgranular enclaves from granitic rocks. In: Didier, J. and Barbarin, B. eds. Enclaves and Granite Petrology, Developments in Petrology. Enclaves and Granite Petrology, 13. Amsterdam: Elsevier, pp. 313–331.

Toates, F. and Jensen, P. (1991). Ethological and psychological models of motivation. In: Meyer, J-A. and Wilson, S. W. eds. From Animals to Animats Proceedings of the First International Conference on Simulation of Adaptive Behavior. Complex Adaptive Systems. Cambridge: MIT Press, pp. 194–205.

Ugochukwu, Francoise (1991). Traduire nos contes: à la découverte de l'unité. In: ACCT, Collectif ed. Biennale des Lettres, Colloque international "aires culturelles et création littéraire en Afrique". Paris-Dakar: N.E.A.S - A.C.C.T, pp. 43–46.

Watson, Nicola (1991). Kemble, Scott, and the Mantle of the Bard. In: Marsden, Jean I. ed. The Appropriation of Shakespeare: Post-Renaissance Reconstructions of the Works and the Myth. New York, London etc.: Harvester Wheatsheaf, pp. 73–92.

Weaver, G. H.; Braithwaite, N St. J. and Gagg, C. (1991). Lets make a strain gauge: a summer school laboratory activity in electronic materials. In: Smith, R. A. ed. Innovative teaching in engineering. Chichester, England: Ellis Horwood, pp. 288–292.

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Boser, Bernhard E.; Säckinger, Eduard; Bromley, Jane M.; Le Cun, Yann and Jackel, Lawrence D. (1991). An analog neural network processor with programmable topology. IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, 26(12) pp. 2017–2025.

Bruce, Margaret and Roy, Robin (1991). Integrating marketing and design for commercial benefit. Marketing Intelligence and Planning, 9(5) pp. 23–28.

Caird, Sally (1991). The enterprising tendency of occupational groups. International Small Business Journal, 9(4) pp. 75–81.

Caird, Sally (1991). Self assessments of participants on enterprise training courses. British Journal of Education and Work, 4(3) pp. 63–80.

Caird, Sally (1991). Testing enterprising tendency in occupational groups. British Journal of Management, 2(4) pp. 177–186.

Clark, E. and Sleep, J. (1991). The what and how of teaching research. Nurse Education Today, 11(2) pp. 172–178.

Cohen, Anthony; O'Nions, Keith and O'Hara, Michael (1991). Chronology and mechanism of depletion in Lewisian granulites. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 106(2) pp. 142–153.

Cohen, Anthony S. and O'Nions, R. Keith (1991). Precise determination of femtogram quantities of radium by thermal ionization mass spectrometry. Analytical Chemistry, 63(23) pp. 2705–2708.

Drury, S. A. and Walker, A. S. D. (1991). The use of geophysical images in subsurface investigations of the Solway Basin, England. Surveys in Geophysics, 12(6) pp. 565–581.

Dutta Roy, S. C. and Minocha, Shailey (1991). On the phase interpolation problem — A brief review and some new results. Sadhana, 16(3) pp. 225–239.

Furbank, P. N. and Owens, W. R. (1991). Dangerous Relations. The Scriblerian, 23 pp. 242–244.

Greaves, J. S. and White, Glenn J. (1991). A 257-273 GHz spectral survey of the OMC1 cloud core. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 91 pp. 237–258.

Green, Alison; Harris, Christopher and Mayes, David (1991). Estimation of technical inefficiency in manufacturing industry. Applied Economics, 23(10) pp. 1637–1647.

Green, Alison and Mayes, David (1991). Technical inefficiency in manufacturing industries. The Economic Journal, 101(406) pp. 523–538.

Hall, Peter; Sheather, Simon J.; Jones, M. C. and Marron, J. S (1991). On optimal data-based bandwidth selection in kernel density estimation. Biometrika, 78(2) pp. 263–269.

Herbert, Trevor (1991). A lament for Sam Hughes: the last Ophicleidist. Planet: the Welsh Internationalist, 87 pp. 66–75.

Holland, J.; Ramazanoglu, C.; Scott, S.; Sharpe, S and Thomson, R. (1991). Painostus, vastarinta, vahvistuminen: Nuoret naiset ja turvaseksista sopiminen (Pressure, resistance, empowerment: Young women and the negotiation of safer sex). Nuorisotutkimus (Youth Research), 9(2) pp. 15–26.

Hope, Chris; Parker, Jonathan and Peake, Stephen (1991). A pilot Environmental Index for the United Kingdom: Results for the last decade. Statistical Journal of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, 8(1) pp. 85–107.

Jones, Chris (1991). Which kernel regression estimator? Bulletin of the International Statistical Institute, 48 pp. 347–348.

Jones, M. C. (1991). Kernel density estimation for length biased data. Biometrika, 78(3) pp. 511–519.

Jones, M. C. (1991). On correcting for variance inflation in kernel density estimation. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 11(1) pp. 3–15.

Jones, M. C. (1991). A not-so-flawed draw. Mathematical Gazette, 75(471) pp. 23–26.

Jones, M. C. (1991). The roles of ISE and MISE in density estimation. Statistics and Probability Letters, 12(1) pp. 51–56.

Jones, M. C. and Handcock, M. S. (1991). Determination of anaerobic threshold: what anaerobic threshold? Canadian Journal of Statistics, 19(2) pp. 236–239.

Jones, M. C. and Kappenman, R. F. (1991). On a class of kernel density estimate bandwidth selectors. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 19(4) pp. 337–349.

Jones, M. C.; Marron, J. S. and Park, B. U. (1991). A simple root n bandwidth selector. Annals of Statistics, 19(4) pp. 1919–1932.

Jones, M. C. and Sheather, S. J. (1991). Using non-stochastic terms to advantage in kernal-based estimation of integrated squared density derivatives. Statistics and Probability Letters, 11(6) pp. 511–514.

Kaplinsky, Raphael (1991). TNCs in the Third World: Stability or Discontinuity? Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 20(2) pp. 257–267.

Katritzky, M. A. (1991). How did the Commedia dell'arte cross the Alps to Bavaria? Theatre Research International, 16(3) pp. 201–215.

Leys, Katherine; Lang, Bethan; Johnston, Irene and Newsom-Davis, John (1991). Calcium channel autoantibodies in the lambert‐eaton myasthenic syndrome. Annals of Neurology, 29(3) pp. 307–314.

Matravers, Derek (1991). Whose afraid of Virginia Woolf? Ratio, 4(1) pp. 25–37.

Matravers, Derek (1991). Art and the feelings and emotions. British Journal of Aesthetics, 31(4) pp. 322–331.

Maybin, Janet (1991). Children's informal talk and the construction of meaning. English in Education, 25(2) pp. 34–49.

Minocha, S.; Dutta Roy, S. C. and Kumar, B. (1991). Recursive construction of polynomial with prescribed phase on unit circle. Electronics Letters, 27(3) pp. 224–225.

Motta, Enrico; Rajan, Tim; Domingue, John and Eisenstadt, Marc (1991). Methodological Foundations of KEATS the Knowledge Engineer’s Assistant. Knowledge Acquisition, 3(1) pp. 21–47.

Parker, N. D.; White, Glenn J.; Hayashi, S. S. and Williams, P. G. (1991). High resolution CO J = 3-2 observations of L 1551: fragmentary structure in the outflowing shell. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 250 pp. 134–142.

Pile, Steve (1991). Practising interpretative geography. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 16(4) pp. 458–469.

Pile, Steve (1991). 'A load of bloody idiots' Somerset dairy farmers' view of their political world. Political Geography Quarterly, 10(4) pp. 405–421.

Potter, Jonathan; Wetherell, Margaret and Chitty, Andrew (1991). Quantification rhetoric - cancer on television. Discourse and Society, 2(3) pp. 333–365.

Richardson, John T. E. (1991). Cognition, memory, and the menstrual cycle. Cahiers de Psychologie Cognitive, 11 pp. 3–26.

Richardson, John T. E. (1991). The Menstrual Cycle and Student Learning. The Journal of Higher Education, 62(3) pp. 317–340.

Roche, Jeremy (1991). The Children Act 1989: once a parent always a parent? Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law, 13(5) pp. 345–361.

Roy, S. C. D. and Minocha, S. (1991). A note on 'Efficient evaluation of polynomials and exponentials of polynomials for equispaced arguments' by A.H. Nuttall. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 39(11) pp. 2554–2556.

Sheather, S.J. and Jones, Chris (1991). A reliable data-based bandwidth selection method for kernel density estimation. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B (Statistical Methodology), 53(3) pp. 683–690.

Storey, John (1991). Do the Japanese make better managers? Personnel Management, August pp. 24–28.

Storey, John; Okazaki-Ward, Lola; Gow, Ian; Edwards, P.K. and Sisson, Keith (1991). Managerial Careers and Management Development: A Comparative Analysis of Britain and Japan. Human Resource Management Journal, 1(3) pp. 33–57.

Tindle, A.G. and Thorpe, R.S. (1991). Lundy - site of Tertiary volcano? Report Lundy Field Society, 42 pp. 27–33.

Walker, C. C. and Thorburn, M. (1991). Kleinia (Senecio) anteuphorbium (L.)Haw. - a Moroccan endemic. Aloe, 28(1) pp. 18–22.

Walker, Colin C. (1991). Aloe dumetorum Mathew & Brandham - a dwarf Kenyan endemic. British Cactus & Succulent Journal, 9(2) pp. 28–31.

White, Glenn J. and Padman, Rachael (1991). Images of atomic carbon in the interstellar medium. Nature, 354(6354) pp. 511–513.

Woodroofe, M. N.; Sarna, G. S.; Wadhwa, M.; Hayes, G. M.; Loughlin, A. J.; Tinker, A. and Cuzner, M. L. (1991). Detection of interleukin-1 and interleukin-6 in adult rat brain, following mechanical injury, by in vivo microdialysis: evidence of a role for microglia in cytokine production. Journal of neuroimmunology, 33(3) pp. 227–236.

Woods, W. A.; Bevan, P. J. and Bevan, D. I. (1991). Output and efficiency of the closed-cycle gas turbine. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part A: Journal of Power and Energy, 205(1) pp. 59–66.

Yamagata, Naoko (1991). Phoenix's speech - Is Achilles punished? Classical Quarterly, 41(1) pp. 1–15.

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Battiston, Eugenio; De Cindio, Fiorella; Mauri, Giancarlo and Rapanotti, Lucia (1991). Morphisms and minimal models for OBJSA nets. In: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Application and Theory of Petri Nets, Jun 1991, Gjern, Denmark.

Boser, Bernhard E.; Säckinger, Eduard; Bromley, Jane; LeCun, Yann; Howard, Richard E. and Jackel, Lawrence D. (1991). An analog neural network processor and its application to high-speed character recognition. In: IJCNN-91- International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 8-14 Jul 1991, Seattle, WA, USA, pp. 415–420.

Drury, S. A. and Berhe, S. M. (1991). Thematic mapper data for geological reconnaissance of pan-African terranes in Eritrea. 1. The context for hydrothermal mineralization. In: 8th Thematic Conference on Geologic Remote Sensing: Exploration, Engineering and Environment, 29 Apr - 02 May 1991, Denver, Co, USA.

Drury, S. A. and Berhe, S. M. (1991). Thematic mapper data for geological reconnaissance of pan-African terranes in Eritrea. 2. The context for water-resources. In: 8th Thematic Conference on Geologic Remote Sensing : Exploration, Engineering, and Environment, 29 Apr - 02 May 1991, Denver, CO, USA.

Harris, D.C.; Isaacs, N.W.; Littlejohn, A.H. and Lustbader, J.W. (1991). The Structure Determination of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. In: British Crystallographic Association, BSG12, Mar 1991, University of Sheffield, UK.

Harris, D.C.; Isaacs, N.W.; Littlejohn, A.H. and Lustbader, J.W. (1991). The Structure Determination of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. In: 13th European Crystallographic Conference, 26-30 Aug 1991, Trieste, Italy.

Holland, Simon (1991). Visual Programming in Prolog. In: Sixth International PEG Conference on Knowledge-Based Environments for Teaching and Learning, 31 May - 02 Jun 1991, Rapallo (Genova), Italy.

Holland, Simon (1991). Two-dimensional Visual Programming and Three-Dimensional Execution Visualisation in Prolog. In: Colloquium Digest of the Institute of Electrical Engineers' IEE Colloquium on Real World Visualisation - Virtual World - Virtual Reality, IEE Electronics Division, 4/1-4/4.

Jackel, L. D.; Stenard, C. E.; Baird, H. S.; Boser, B.; Bromley, J.; Burges, C. J. C.; Denker, J. S.; Graf, H. P.; Henderson, D.; Howard, R. E.; Hubbard, W.; leCun, Y.; Matan, O.; Pednault, E.; Satterfield, W.; Säckinger, E. and Thompson, T. (1991). A neural network approach to handprint character recognition. In: Compcon Spring'91: Digest of Papers, IEEE, pp. 472–475.

Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes (1991). La méthodologie en terminologie et la rédaction technique. In: Terminologie et Enseignement des Languages: Actes du colloque international organise par l'Association europeenne des linguistes et des professeurs de langues (AELPL), les 31 janvier et 1er fevrier 1991, a Cergy-Pontoise au Conseil general du Val-d'Oise, Collection Paroles et Actes, La Tilv éditeur (La Tribune Internationale des Langues Vivantes), Paris, pp. 33–35.

Parker, Nicholas D. and White, Glenn J. (1991). Fragmentary structure in the L1551 molecular outflow. In: Fragmentation of Molecular Clouds and Star Formation, 12-16 Jun 1990, Grenoble, France, p. 480.

Rapanotti, Lucia (1991). Object-oriented nets. In: Proceedings of 8th Workshop on Abstract Data Types (ADT'91), Aug 1991.

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Baker, John Mark Roswell (1991). Growth of Larval and Juvenile Newts. PhD thesis The Open University.

Blandford, Ann (1991). Design, decisions and dialogue. PhD thesis The Open University.

Borbaruah, Moheswar (1991). Models for Coordination and Reactivity at Silicon. PhD thesis The Open University.

Devi, Roshni (1991). Modelling arithmetic strategies. PhD thesis The Open University.

Diffey, Keith Russell (1991). The teacher appraisal interview. PhD thesis The Open University.

French, Michael C (1991). Lead poisoning in swans Cygnus olor. PhD thesis The Open University.

Gill, Kapul Dev (1991). A STUDY OF MACHINE VISION IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY. BPhil thesis The Open University.

Gough-Yates, Kevin (1991). The European Filmmaker in Exile in Britain 1933-1945. PhD thesis The Open University.

Hallam, Keith Richard (1991). Carbon deposition on transition metal- and uranium-oxides. PhD thesis The Open University.

Hedges, Clive (1991). Sub state nationalism and socialism : the case of Northern Ireland. PhD thesis The Open University.

Holden, Roger Nigel (1991). Stott & Sons : architects of the Lancashire cotton mill. The Open University.

Howorth, Craig (1991). Sound Propagation Over Rigid Porous Layers. PhD thesis The Open University.

Inger, Simon (1991). Metamorphism and granite genesis in the Langtang region, north-central Nepal. PhD thesis The Open University.

Melville, Charles Edwin Brian (1991). Metascientific aspects of topoi of spaces. MPhil thesis The Open University.

Moyse, Roderick (1991). Multiple Viewpoints for Tutoring Systems. PhD thesis The Open University.

Olivieri, David (1991). Design and testing of a concentrator wind turbine. PhD thesis The Open University.

Roberts, Francis Charles (1991). Social structures, epistemology and personal identity. PhD thesis The Open University.

Scholey, Andrew Belton (1991). Immunological investigations into synaptic plasticity. PhD thesis The Open University.

Shepperd, Martin John (1991). System architecture metrics: an evaluation. PhD thesis The Open University.

Stec, Iwan (1991). Light-induced degradation of collagen model peptides. PhD thesis The Open University.

Thompson, Martin (1991). Matrix Effects in Differential Scanning Calorimetry. PhD thesis The Open University.

Watson, Philip (1991). Quantum mechanics in phase space. MPhil thesis The Open University.

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Furbank, P. N.; Owens, W. R. and Coulson, A. J., eds. A Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain. By Daniel Defoe (1724). New Haven, Yale University Press (1991).

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Amin, Nick and Moyo, Nelson (1991). Development and Crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Critical Comment. DPP Joint Working Paper 1; Development Policy and Practice Research Group, Faculty of Technology, The Open University.

Bromley, J. and Sackinger, E. (1991). Neural-Network and k-Nearest-neighbor Classifiers. AT&T Bell Laboratories.

Ginwala, Frene; Mackintosh, Maureen and Massey, Doreen (1991). Gender and Economic Policy in A Democratic South Africa. DPP Working Paper 21; Development Policy and Practice Research Group, Faculty of Technology, The Open University.

Peake, Stephen and Hope, Chris (1991). Transport policy analysis: an energy analogy. University of Cambridge, Management Studies Group, Cambridge.

Wield, David (1991). Forging the Links: Evaluation of SAREC support to research development in engineering and sciences in Mozambique. Swedish Agency for Research Cooperation with Developing Countries, Stockholm, Sweden.


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