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Carter, Ruth and Kirkup, Gill (1990). Women in Engineering: A Good Place to Be? London: Macmillan Education.

Hartley, Jean; Jacobson, Dan; Klandermans, Bert and Van Vuuren, Tinka (1990). Job Insecurity: Coping with Jobs at Risk. London: Sage Publications Ltd.

Hawkridge, David; Jaworski, John and McMahon, Harry (1990). Computers in Third World schools. London: Macmillan.

Herbert, Trevor and Myers, Arnold (1990). Catalogue of the European Wind and Percussion Instruments in the Cyfarthfa Castle Museum Collection. Merthyr Tydfil: Cyfarthfa Castle Museum and Art Gallery.

Ison, Raymond L. (1990). Teaching threatens sustainable agriculture. Gatekeeper Series (21). London: IIED.

Paton, Rob and Hooker, Carolyn (1990). Developing managers in voluntary organisations: Management and training development: A Handbook. Sheffield, U.K.: The Training Agency, HMSO.

Toates, F. M. (1990). Obsessional Thoughts and Behaviour. Wellingborough: Thorsons.

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Englander, David; Norman, Diana; O'Day, Rosemary and Owens, William eds. (1990). Culture and Belief in Europe 1450-1600: An Anthology of Sources. Oxford, U.K.: John Wiley and Sons Ltd.

Hampson, Peter J.; Marks, David F. and Richardson, J. T. E. eds. (1990). Imagery: Current Developments. London: Routledge.

Laurence, Anne; Owens, W. R. and Sim, Stuart eds. (1990). John Bunyan and his England 1628-88. London: The Hambledon Press.

Roth, Ilona ed. (1990). Introduction to Psychology: Vol 1. London: Psychology Press.

Roth, Ilona ed. (1990). Introduction to Psychology Vol 2. London: Psychology Press.

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Clark, Elisabeth (1990). Research and common sense. In: Horne, E. ed. The Ward Sister’s Survival Guide. The Professional developments series. London: Austen Cornish, pp. 284–289.

Clark, Elisabeth (1990). Research awareness: Its importance in practice. In: Horne, E. ed. The Ward Sister’s Survival Guide. The Professional developments series. London: Austen Cornish, pp. 279–283.

Cornforth, Chris (1990). Worker co-operatives: Temporary phenomenon or growing trend. In: Széll, György and Lammers, Cornelis J. eds. International Handbook of Participation in Organizations. UK: Oxford University Press.

Evans, Jessica (1990). A feminist interest in the mind/body problem. In: Camerawork ed. Silent Health: Women, Health and Representation. London: Camerawork, pp. 11–16.

Green, A. J. K. and Gilhooly, K. J. (1990). Statistical computing : individual differences in learning at microscopic and macroscopic levels. In: Gilhooly, K. J.; Keane, M. T. G.; Logie, R. H. and Erdos, G. eds. Lines of Thinking: Reflections on the Psychology of Thought, Volume 2. Chichester, UK: John Wiley and Sons Ltd, pp. 73–98.

Green, Alison and Barnard, Philip (1990). Graphical and iconic interfacing : the role of icon distinctiveness and fixed or variable screen locations. In: Diaper, D.; Gilmore, D.; Cockton, G. and Shackel, B. eds. INTERACT '90 Proceedings of the IFIP TC13 Third Interational Conference on Human-Computer Interaction. Oxford, U.K.: North Holland/Elsevier Science & Technology, pp. 457–462.

Hanlon, Joseph (1990). Impact of Sanctions on SADCC. In: Hanlon, Joseph ed. South Africa: The Sanctions Report - Documents and Statistics. UK: James Currey.

Hawkridge, David (1990). Software for schools: some British reviews in the late eighties. In: Boyd-Barrett, O. and Scanlon, E. eds. Computers and learning. Wokingham, England: Addison-Wesley.

Hawkridge, David (1990). Creative games and computers in Third World schools. In: Boyd-Barrett, Oliver and Scanlon, Eileen eds. Computers and learning. Wokingham, England: Addison-Wesley.

Hawkridge, David (1990). Computers in Third-World secondary schools: The Ministry's viewpoint. In: Hirschbuhl, John J. and Konet, Rose M. eds. Computers in education. Dushkin.

Holland, Simon and Elsom-Cook, Mark (1990). Architecture of a knowledge-based music tutor. In: Elsom-Cook, Mark ed. Guided Discovery Tutoring. London: Paul Chapman, pp. 70–103.

Kaplinsky, R. (1990). Technology Transfer, Adaptation and Generation: A Framework for Evaluation. In: Chatterji, M. ed. Technology Transfer in Developing Countries. London: Macmillan.

Kaplinsky, Raphael (1990). Technological Revolution and the Restructuring of Trade and Production - Some Implications for Western Middle powers and the Newly Industrializing Countries. In: Pratt, Cranford ed. Middle Power Internationalism: The North-South Dimension. Kingston: Queens University Press, pp. 108–142.

Kaplinsky, Raphael (1990). Is and what is post-fordism? In: Schulze, P. W. and Willman, J. eds. Economic and Social Policy in Europe, Volume Occasional. London: Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

Kellaher, Leonie; Peace, Sheila and Willcocks, Dianne (1990). Triangulating data. In: Peace, Sheila M. ed. Researching Social Gerontology: Concepts, Methods and Issues. London: Sage, pp. 115–128.

Knowles, Frank and Kukulska-Hulme, Agnes (1990). Modern Studies of Modern Languages. In: Miall, David S. ed. Humanities and the Computer: New Directions. Oxford: Clarendon Press, pp. 171–182.

Owens, W. R. (1990). Antichrist must be pulled down: Bunyan and the millennium. In: Laurence, Anne; Owens, W. R. and Sim, Stuart eds. John Bunyan and his England 1628-1688. London: The Hambledon Press, pp. 77–104.

Owens, W. R. (1990). The reception of The Pilgrim's Progress in England. In: Os van, M and Schute, G. J. eds. Bunyan in England and Abroad. Amsterdam: VU University Press, pp. 91–104.

Paton, Rob (1990). Distance learning and management education - developments and prospects in the UK. In: Watts, Ronald Lampman and Greenberg, Jeff eds. Post-secondary Education: Preparation for the World of Work. Aldershot, U.K. and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: Dartmouth Publishing Company Limited, pp. 151–162.

Richardson, John T. E. (1990). Imagery and memory in brain-damaged patients. In: Hampson, P. J.; Marks, D. F. and Richardson, J. T. E. eds. Imagery: Current Developments. London: Routledge.

Rosewell, Jonathan (1990). Dynamic stability of a single-species population in a divided and ephemeral environment. In: Shorrocks, Bryan and Swingland, Ian R. eds. Living in a patchy environment. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, pp. 63–74.

Roth, Ilona (1990). What is Psychology? In: Roth, Ilona ed. Introduction to Psychology, Volume 1. Hove: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates with the Open University, pp. 2–25.

Roth, Ilona (1990). Autism. In: Roth, Ilona ed. Introduction to Psychology, Volume 2. Hove: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates with The Open University, pp. 772–819.

Toates, F. (1990). Biological perspectives. In: Roth, I. ed. Introduction to Psychology, Volume 1. Hove: Lawrence Erlbaum, pp. 191–249.

Toates, F. and Slack, I. (1990). Behaviourism and its consequences. In: Roth, I. ed. Introduction to Psychology, Volume 1. Hove: Lawrence Erlbaum, pp. 250–313.

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Abbott, T.M.C.; Shafter, A.W.; Wood, J.H.; Tomaney, A.B. and Haswell, Carole (1990). DO Leonis: a new eclipsing cataclysmic variable. Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 102 pp. 558–564.

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Hawkridge, David (1990). Computers in Third World schools: the example of China. British Journal of Educational Technology, 21(1) pp. 4–20.

Hawkridge, David (1990). The role of new media in the knowledge explosion. International Journal of Educational Development, 10(2-3) pp. 205–210.

Henzi, S. P.; Dyson, M. L. and Deenik, A. (1990). The relationship between altitude and group size in mountain baboons (Papio cynocephalus ursinus). International Journal of Primatology, 11(4) pp. 319–325.

Herbert, Trevor (1990). The repertory of a Victorian provincial brass band. Popular Music, 9(1) pp. 117–132.

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Yamagata, Naoko (1990). Aisima pareipon - A moral judgement by the poet? Parola del Passato, 45 pp. 420–430.

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Cornforth, Chris (1990). Conceptions of management in voluntary and non-profit organizations. In: Conference of the Association of Voluntary Action Scholars, 1990.

Dooley, Laurence S. and Evans, W. Alun (1990). A modern review of audio synthesis techniques for marine and bridge simulator systems. In: International Conference on Marine Simulation and Ship Manoeuvrability (MARSIM and ICSM'90), 4-7 Jun 1990, Tokyo.

Hawkridge, David (1990). Economics, education and computers in Third World schools. In: Seventh International Conference on Technology and Education, Mar 1990, Brussels.

Hawkridge, David (1990). Computers in Third-World Secondary Schools: The Ministry's Viewpoint. In: World Conference on Computers in Education, Jul 1990, Sydney.

Hawkridge, David (1990). Opening up open learning. In: 400th Anniversary Seminar of the University of Helsinki, Sep 1990, Helsinki.

May, Jon; Böcker, Martin; Barnard, Philip J. and Green, Alison J. K. (1990). Characterising structural and dynamic aspects of the interpretation of visual interface objects. In: ESPRIT '90: proceedings of the Annual ESPRIT Conference, Brussels, November 2-15, 1990, Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 819–834.

McConway, Kevin (1990). Sixteen years of statistics at a distance. In: Third International Conference on Teaching Statistics, 19-24 Aug 1990, Dunedin, New Zealand.

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Anderson, Eleanor (1990). The implications of recent research on cohesion for teacher education in reading. PhD thesis The Open University.

Ash, Richard David (1990). Interstellar dust from primitive meteorites : a carbon and nitrogen isotope study. PhD thesis The Open University.

Bryson, Christine Anne (1990). Riot and its control in Liverpool, 1815-1860. MPhil thesis The Open University.

Butler, Gillian (1990). Anxiety and subjective risk. PhD thesis The Open University.

Cheng, Peter C-H (1990). Modelling Scientific Discovery. PhD thesis The Open University.

Deem, Rosemary (1990). Women and leisure : a sociological investigation. PhD thesis The Open University.

Doherty, John G (1990). The development of cross curricular software for primary schools. The Open University.

Fitzpatrick, Janine (1990). A comparative European study of provision for second language learners. The Open University.

Gungor, Salih (1990). Fatigue studies in Al-Mg-Si alloys. PhD thesis The Open University.

Jackson, David Hart (1990). Charnockite formation in southern India. PhD thesis The Open University.

James, Mary Elizabeth (1990). Studies in school-focused evaluation and pupil-centred assessment. PhD thesis The Open University.

Kangis, Peter (1990). Law making in the E.E.C. : an exploratory model. BPhil thesis The Open University.

Lane, Thomas Howard (1990). A Theoretical Study of Silylamides. PhD thesis The Open University.

Lockwood, Frederick George (1990). Activities in distance learning texts. PhD thesis The Open University.

Marrs, Deborah Jane (1990). "Macrocycles, macrobicycles: a study". PhD thesis The Open University.

Newman, Janet (1990). Sex education and social change : perspectives on the 1960s. PhD thesis The Open University.

Nuttall, Simon (1990). Nostrum: Constraint Directed Diagnosis. PhD thesis The Open University.

Scanlon, Eileen (1990). Modelling physics problem solving. PhD thesis The Open University.

Stone, Ernest Arthur (1990). A new partnership for our schools. The Open University.

Swann, Philip Howard (1990). Theory and practice of computer assisted language learning. PhD thesis The Open University.

Swinburne, Nicola Helga Margaret (1990). The extinction of the rudist bivalves. PhD thesis The Open University.

Tunna, John (1990). Fatigue design of railway vehicles for track induced random forces. PhD thesis The Open University.

Wall, Douglas C (1990). The Liverpool libraries of Thomas Shelmerdine, built c.1890-1913. The Open University.

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Crow, Ben and Lindquist, Alan (1990). Development of the Rivers Ganges and Brahmaputra: the Difficulty of Negotiating a New Line. DPP Working Paper 19; Development Policy and Practice Research Group, Faculty of Technology, The Open University.

Hawkridge, David (ed.) (1990). Evaluating the World Bank project to develop the television universities and new polytechnics of the People's Republic of China. British Council, for State Education Commission, Beijing, and the World Bank, Washington DC.

Potter, Stephen (1990). The Sierra Set Rolls On: company subsidies to motoring continue to have major, unacknowledged, transport policy effects. Energy and Environment Research Unit Reports 64; Energy and Environment Research Unit, Open University, Milton Keynes.

Richardson, J. T. E. (2016) Cognitive psychology in a wider context. in J. Sloboda (Ed.), The Teaching of Cognitive Psychology. Report to the Scientific Affairs Board of the British Psychological Society on a Workshop on the Teaching of Cognitive Psychology. Keele: University of Keele, Department of Psychology.

Woodhouse, Philip and Ndiaye, Ibrahima (1990). Structural Adjustment and Irrigated Food Farming in Africa: The 'Disengagement' of the State in The Senegal River Valley. DPP Working Paper 20; Development Policy and Practice Research Group, Faculty of Technology, The Open University.


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