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Toates, F. M. and Halliday, T. eds. (1980). Analysis of motivational processes. London: Academic Press.

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Hammersley, Martyn (1980). Putting competence in action: Some sociological notes on a model of classroom interaction. In: French, Peter and MacLure, Margaret eds. Adult-Child Conversation. London: Croom Helm, pp. 47–58.

Hammersley, Martyn (1980). On interactionist empiricism. In: Woods, Peter ed. Pupil Strategies: Explorations in the Sociology of the School. London: Croom Helm, pp. 198–213.

Hammersley, Martyn and Turner, Glenn (1980). Conformist pupils? In: Woods, Peter ed. Pupil Strategies: Explorations in the Sociology of the School. London: Croom Helm, pp. 29–49.

Toates, F. M. (1980). A systems approach to sexual behaviour. In: Toates, F. M. and Halliday, T. R. eds. Analysis of Motivational Processes. London: Academic Press, pp. 319–338.

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Chew, E. I. and Richardson, J. T. E. (1980). The relationship between perceptual and memorial psychophysics. Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society, 16(1) pp. 25–26.

Ghiaci, Golshad and Richardson, John T. E. (1980). The Effects of Dramatic Play upon Cognitive Structure and Development. The Journal of Genetic Psychology, 136(1) pp. 77–83.

Hammersley, Martyn (1980). Classroom ethnography. Educational Analysis, 2(2) pp. 47–74.

Jordan, Camilla R. (1980). On the group ring of a free product with amalgamation. Glasgow Mathematical Journal, 21 pp. 135–138.

Kaplinsky, Raphael (1980). Radical Technical Change and Manufactured Export Growth Strategies. Vierteljahresberichte de Entwicklungslanderforschung

Kaplinsky, Raphael (1980). Capitalist Accumulation in the Periphery: The Kenyan Case Re-Examined. Review of African Political Economy, 7(17) 83 -105.

Lapper, Richard and Johnson, Hazel (1980). El Salvador: background to the struggle. Race and Class, 22(1) pp. 63–75.

Packer, I. J and Ison, R. L. (1980). Stabilization of aeolian sands in the Braidwood area. Journal of the Soil Conservation Service of New South Wales., 36(2) pp. 90–99.

Richardson, John T. E. (1980). Concreteness, imagery, and semantic categorization. Journal of Mental Imagery, 4 pp. 51–58.

Richardson, John T. E. (1980). Mental imagery and stimulus concreteness. Journal of Mental Imagery, 4 pp. 87–97.

Richardson, John T. E. (1980). Problems and models of small-group teaching. Psychology Teaching, 8 pp. 22–25.

Richardson, John T. E.; Ainsley, Heather M.; Copsey, Sarah and Watkins, Stuart A. (1980). The role of tactual information in the recall of concrete objects. Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society, 16(1) pp. 57–58.

Richardson, John T. E.; Greaves, Deborah E. and Smith, Margaret M. C. (1980). Does articulatory suppression eliminate the phonemic similarity effect in short-term recall? Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society, 16(6) pp. 417–420.

Richardson, John T. E. and Johnson, Paul B. (1980). Models of anagram solution. Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society, 16(4) pp. 247–250.

Rowan-Robinson, M.; Phillips, T. G. and White, G. (1980). A survey of nearby galaxies for CO. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 82(3) pp. 381–384.

Ugochukwu, Francoise (1980). Igbo et Kanuri: deux ethnies, deux contes, un visage d’amitié. Peuples Noirs Peuples Africains(16) pp. 59–67.

Walker, Colin (1980). More on Tridentea Haw. Asclepiadaceae, 20 pp. 7–10.

White, G. J.; Watt, G. D.; Beckman, J. E.; Rose, W. B. and van Vliet, A. H. F. (1980). Observations of the J = 2→1 transitions of 12C16O and 12C18O towards galactic H II regions. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 84(1-2) pp. 212–215.

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Martin, Keith (1980). Future trends in car design. In: British Association of Young Scientists, 9 Jul 1980, National Motor Museum, Beaulieu, UK.

White, G. J. and Macdonald, G. H. (1980). Time variations of interstellar water masers in HII regions. In: Interstellar Molecules, 6-10 Aug 1979, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada, p. 593.

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Beale, Richard (1980). Ion flux assays on central nervous system cells in culture. PhD thesis The Open University.

Brewer, Robert Charles (1980). The Reorganisation of The National Health Service, 1965-74. MPhil thesis The Open University.

Comerford, F. J. (1980). Non Conforming Uses: Socio-Geographic Study. MPhil thesis The Open University.

Jackson, Arnold Terence (1980). The Prospects For Coal Gasification. MPhil thesis The Open University.

Millar, Roderick David Gartley (1980). EXPERIENCE AND SOLIPSISM. The Open University.

Murray, G (1980). The technical aspects of petroleum exploration and drilling. BPhil thesis The Open University.

Stanley, Michael (1980). The chemical work of Thomas Graham. PhD thesis The Open University.

Weerapperuma, D (1980). Surface properties of poly(bisphenol-A carbonate). PhD thesis The Open University.

Wilson, Jane Lockhart (1980). Assessment of pupil nurses. The Open University.


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