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Aldiss, Donald Tresham (1978). Granitic Rocks of Ophiolites. PhD thesis The Open University.

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Barker, Carol and Wield, David (1978). International firms in Tanzania. Utafiti, 3(2) pp. 316–341.

Booth, D. A. and Toates, F. M. (1978). No paradox in the control of energy intake. Nature, 275 pp. 146–147.

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Glatt, Max M (1978). Alcoholism and drug dependence. DSc thesis The Open University.

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Hill, David Roy (1978). Waveguide slot radiators. The Open University.

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Jordan, C. R. and Jordan, D. A. (1978). Lie rings of derivations of associative rings. Journal of the London Mathematical Society, 2(17) pp. 33–41.

Jordan, D.A. and Jordan, C. R. (1978). The Lie structure of a commutative ring with derivation. Journal of the London Mathematical Society, 2(18) pp. 39–49.

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Main, Roger Anthony (1978). Hypergraphic matroids. PhD thesis The Open University.

Mortimer, Nigel David (1978). The energy analysis of burner reactor power systems. PhD thesis The Open University.

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Noble, Frank (1978). Offa's Dyke re-viewed. The Open University.

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Paton, Rob (1978). Some problems of cooperative organization. Co-operatives Research Unit, Milton Keynes.

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Rechtman, Raul Mauricio (1978). Some Problems In Rigorous Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics. MPhil thesis The Open University.

Richardson, John T. E. (1978). A factor analysis of self-reported handedness. Neuropsychologia, 16(6) pp. 747–748.

Richardson, John T. E. (1978). Memory and intelligence following spontaneously arrested congenital hydrocephalus. British Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 17(3) pp. 261–267.

Richardson, John T. E. (1978). Memory for pictures and words, and the negative regency effect. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 47(3) pp. 967–970.

Richardson, John T. E. (1978). Mental imagery and memory: Coding ability or coding preference? Journal of Mental Imagery, 2(1) pp. 101–116.

Richardson, John T. E. (1978). Mental imagery and the distinction between primary and secondary memory. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 30(3) pp. 471–485.

Richardson, John T. E. (1978). Word-Order and Imagery in the Recall of Adjective-Noun Phrases. International Journal of Psychology, 13(3) pp. 179–184.

Richardson, John T. E. (1978). The effects of closed head injury upon memory. In: Practical Aspects of Memory (Gruneberg, M. M.; Morris, P. E. and Sykes, R. N. eds.), Academic Press, London.

Rickwood, Kenneth R (1978). Transversely electrically excited atmospheric and multi-atmospheric CO2 waveguide lasers. BPhil thesis The Open University.

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Smetherham, David (1978). Subject Identity And School Knowledge. MPhil thesis The Open University.

Smith, Pamela and Wield, David (1978). Frelimo concentrates on the practical side of science. Nature, 276(5690) pp. 751–752.

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Toates, F. M. (1978). A circadian rhythm of hoarding in the hamster. Animal Behaviour, 26 pp. 368–380.

Toates, F. M. (1978). A physiological control theory of the hunger- thirst interaction. In: Booth, D. A. ed. Hunger Models: Computable Theory of Feeding Control. London: Academic Press, pp. 347–373.

Toates, F. M. and Archer, J. (1978). A comparative review of motivational systems using classical control theory. Animal Behaviour, 26 pp. 368–380.

Toates, F. M. and O'Rourke, C. (1978). Computer simulation of male rat sexual behaviour. Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, 16(1) pp. 98–104.

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