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Hammersley, Martyn (1977). School learning: the cultural resources required by pupils to answer a teacher's question. In: Woods, Peter and Hammersley, Martyn eds. School Experience: Explorations in the Sociology of Education. London: Croom Helm, pp. 57–86.

Hawkridge, David G. (1977). Communication and Education in Open Learning Systems. In: Lerner, Daniel and Nelson, Lyle M. eds. Communication Research - a Half Century Appraisal. Honolulu, Hawaii: The University Press of Hawaii, pp. 70–103.

Kaplinsky, Raphael and Chisti, S (1977). Technical Change and the Multinational Corporations: Some British Multinationals in Kenya and India. In: Germidis, D ed. Transfer of Technology by Multinational Corporations. Development Centre Studies. Paris: OECD.

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Barker, C. E.; Bhagavan, M. R.; Collande, M.; Wield, D. V. and Coulson, A. C (1977). The structure and balance of industrial production in Tanzania. Utafiti, 2(1) pp. 81–98.

Hawkridge, David (1977). Satellites and education: prospects and problems. Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, 30(4) pp. 147–154.

Henry, Jane (1977). The course tutor and project work. Teaching at a Distance, 9 pp. 1–12.

Little, L.T.; White, G. J. and Riley, P.W. (1977). Time variations of interstellar water masers: strong sources in HII regions. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 180 pp. 639–656.

Potter, Stephen (1977). People First in Transport Planning. Town and Country Planning, 45(2) pp. 76–81.

Potter, Stephen (1977). A motor or a mortgage? New Society, 40(768) p. 609.

Richardson, John T. E. (1977). Lexical derivation. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, 6(4) pp. 319–336.

Richardson, John T. E. (1977). A test of finite-state theories of memory. British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 30(1) pp. 73–78.

Thomas, Ray and Potter, Stephen (1977). Landscape with pedestrian figures. Built Environment Quarterly, 3(4) pp. 286–290.

Toates, F. M. (1977). Gerbil drinking patterms. Animal Behaviour, 25 p. 782.

White, Glenn and Ricketts, Martin J. (1977). A deep search for X-ray emission from radio quasars with Ariel V. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 181 pp. 435–440.

White, Glenn J. and Ricketts, Martin J. (1977). An improved position for the X-ray source 3U0527-05. Astrophysical Letters, 18(2) pp. 79–81.

Wield, D. V. and Gillam, E. (1977). Deformation behaviour of Cu-Zn-Si alloys close to their martensitic translormation temperature. Acta Metallurgica, 25(7) pp. 725–733.

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Baker, Michael Charles William (1977). Geochronology and volcanology of Upper Cenozoic volcanic activity in North Chile and South-West Bolivia. PhD thesis The Open University.

Birks, John Leonard (1977). Radioactivity of the environment resulting from the medical use of radioactive materials. PhD thesis The Open University.

Breffit, Ian Michael (1977). Operating system simulations for parallel processes and parallel processors. PhD thesis The Open University.

Cooper, Derek John (1977). Applications of control theory to diagnosis and treatment. PhD thesis The Open University.

Naylor, Geoffrey Robert Stewart (1977). X ray and microelectrode studies of glycerinated rabbit psoas muscle. PhD thesis The Open University.

Potter, Stephen (1977). The transport assumptions underlying the design of Britain's new towns. PhD thesis The Open University.

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Hawkridge, D. G. (1977). The University of Mid-America: an Open University view. The Open University, for the National Institute of Education, Washington DC.

Vale, Robert (1977). Low Cost Thermal Upgrading of an Existing House. ATG paper 2; Alternative Technology Group, The Open University.

Vale, Robert (1977). Smallholdings and food production: An Alternative Strategy for U.K. Agriculture. ATG paper 1; Alternative Technology Group, The Open University.


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