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Hawkridge, D. G. (1972). A summary of the instructional system used by the Open University in Great Britain in 1971. In: Duggan, K. and Waniewicz, I. eds. Educational communications and the new technologies [The Ontario Round Table, October 1971: report]. Ontario: Ontario Educational Communications Authority.

Hawkridge, David (1972). Do universities communicate? In: Public lecture at the University of Warwick, Feb 1972, Coventry, UK.

Hawkridge, David (1972). Why independent learning? In: National Council for Educational Technology on individual learning systems in higher education, Mar 1972, [Not known].

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Hawkridge, David G. (1972). Applications of Educational Technology at The Open University. AV Communication Review, 20(1) pp. 5–15.

Hawkridge, David G. (1972). A.P.U. Occupational Interests Guide: Intermediate Version. In: Buros, Oscar Krisen ed. The Seventh Mental Measurements Yearbook, Volume 2. Highland Park, New Jersey: The Gryphon Press, pp. 1401–1402.

Hawkridge, David G. (1972). Connolly Occupational Interests Questionnaire. In: Buros, Oscar Krisen ed. The Seventh Mental Measurements Yearbook, Volume 2. Highland Park, New Jersey: The Gryphon Press, pp. 1409–1410.

Hawkridge, David G. (1972). Application of the Systems Approach to Teaching & Learning. In: Frontiers in Course Development: System and Collaboration in University Teaching (Good, Harold M. and Trotter, Bernard eds.), pp. 12–31.

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Panksepp, J.; Toates, F. M. and Oatley, K. (1972). Extinction induced drinking in hungry rats. Animal Behaviour, 20(3) pp. 493–498.

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Richardson, John T. E. (1972). Nonparametric indexes of sensitivity and response bias. Psychological Bulletin, 78(6) pp. 429–432.

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Schramm, W.; Hawkridge, D. G. and Howe, H. H. (1972). An Everyman's University for Israel. The Rothschild Foundation.

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Toates, F. M. (1972). Studies on the control of accommodation and convergence. Measurement and Control, 5(2) pp. 58–61.

Toates, F. M. (1972). A Model of an Autonomic Effector Control Loop. Measurement and Control, 5(9) pp. 354–357.

Toates, F. M. (1972). Accommodation function of the human eye. Physiological Reviews, 52(4) pp. 828–863.

Toates, F. M. and Oatley, K. (1972). Inhibition of ad libitum eating by salt injections and water deprivation. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 24(2) pp. 215–224.

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Wield, D. V. and Gillam, E. (1972). Shape memory effect and pseudoelasticity in Cu-Zn-Si alloys. Scripta Metallurgica, 6(12) pp. 1157–1160.


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