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Brown, Katherine E.; Lucassen, Mathijs F. G.; Núñez-García, Alicia; Rimes, Katharine A.; Wallace, Louise M. and Samra, Rajvinder (2024). An online intervention to support the mental wellbeing of sexual and gender minority young people in England: Co-design of ‘Oneself'. JMIR formative research (in press).

Gondek, Tomasz M; Kiejna, Andrzej; Cichoń, Ewelina; Kokoszka, Andrezej; Bobrov, Alexey; de Girolamo, Giovanni; Lecic-Tosevski, Dusica; Mankovsky, Boris; Müssig, Karsten; Wölwer, Wolfgang; Lloyd, Cathy; Sartorius, Norman and Nouwen, Arie (2024). Anxiety disorders as predictors of suicidality in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus: Findings of a study in six European countries. Psychiatria Polska, 58(1) pp. 7–24.

Ndetei, David M.; Mutiso, Victoria; Musyimi, Christine; Nyamai, Pascalyne; Lloyd, Cathy and Sartorius, Norman (2024). Association of type 2 diabetes with family history of diabetes, diabetes biomarkers, mental and physical disorders in a Kenyan setting. Scientific Reports, 14, article no. 11037 (2024).

Waterhouse, Philippa and Moller, Naomi (2024). Creating an online educational resource to support learners navigate their studies alongside work and/or family. The International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 25(1) pp. 226–239.

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Bevan Jones, Rhys; Hussain, Faris; Shameem Agha, Sharifah; Weavers, Bryony; Lucassen, Mathijs; Merry, Sally; Stallard, Paul; Simpson, Sharon Anne and Rice, Frances (2023). Digital technologies to support adolescents with depression and anxiety: review. BJPsych Advances, 29(4) pp. 239–263.

Garcia, C.; Grant, E.; Treharne, G.; Arahanga-Doyle, H.; Lucassen, Mathijs; Scarf, D.; Taumoepeau, M.; Veale, J. and Rapsey, C. (2023). ‘We’ll be okay together’: navigating challenges as queer university students in Aotearoa New Zealand. Kōtuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online (Early access).

Garcia, C.; Grant, E.; Treharne, G.J.; Arahanga-Doyle, H.; Lucassen, Mathijs; Scarf, D.; Taumoepeau, M.; Veale, J. and Rapsey, C. (2023). ‘Is it worth potentially dealing with someone who won't get it?’: LGBTQA+ university students’ perspectives on mental health care. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand (Early access).

Guntupalli, Aravinda; Lucassen, Mathijs; Fenaughty, John; Fleming, Theresa; Peiris-John, Roshini; Farrant, Bridget and Clark, Terryann (2023). Wellbeing and healthcare access for sexuality and gender minority secondary school students with long-term health conditions. Children and Youth Services Review, 155, article no. 107281.

Harkin, Lydia; Stuart, Avelie; Stevenson, Clifford; Talbot, Catherine; Daly, Rosie; Park, Miriam Sang‐Ah; Katz, Dmitri; Gooch, Daniel and Price, Blaine (2023). Being cut off from social identity resources has shaped loneliness during the coronavirus pandemic: A longitudinal interview study with medically vulnerable older adults from the United Kingdom. Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology, 34(1)

Litwin, Leah; Hankey, Jeffrey; Lucassen, Mathijs; Shepherd, Matthew; Singoorie, Chelsea and Bohr, Yvonne (2023). Reflections on SPARX, a self-administered e-intervention for depression, for Inuit youth in Nunavut. Journal of Rural Mental Health, 47(1) pp. 41–50.

Lloyd, Cathy; Musyimi, Christine; Mutiso, Victoria and Ndetei, David (2023). Individual and community experiences and the use of language in understanding diabetes and depression in rural Kenya. Global Public Health, 18(1), article no. 2049841.

Weng, Geng; Jiang, Yinan; Hong, Xia; Zhao, Weignag; Ren, Jie; Lloyd, Cathy; Sartorius, Norman and Wei, Jing (2023). Help-seeking during 1-year follow-up in Chinese patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus comorbid major depressive disorder. Frontiers in Endocrinology, 14, article no. 1266183.

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Alderson, P.; Bellsham-Revell, H.; Brierley, J.; Dedieu, N.; Heath, J.; Johnson, M.; Johnson, S.; Katsatis, A.; Kazim, R.; King, L.; Mendizabal, R.; Sutcliffe, K.; Trowell, J.; Vigneswaren, T.; Wellesley, H. and Wray, J. (2022). Children's informed, signified and voluntary consent to heart surgery: Professionals’ practical perspectives. Nursing Ethics, 29(4) pp. 1078–1090.

Clark, Terryann C.; Ball, Jude; Fenaughty, John; Drayton, Bradley; Fleming, Theresa; Rivera-Rodriguez, Claudia; Le Grice, Jade; Peiris-John, Roshini; Bavin, Lynda-Maree; Schwencke, Ariel; Sutcliffe, Kylie; Lewycka, Sonia; Lucassen, Mathijs; Waa, Anaru; Greaves, Lara M. and Crengle, Sue (2022). Indigenous adolescent health in Aotearoa New Zealand: Trends, policy and advancing equity for rangatahi Māori, 2001–2019. The Lancet Regional Health-Western Pacific, 28, article no. 100554.

Lucassen, M.; Fleming, T.; Shepherd, M.; Stasiak, K. and Merry, S. (2022). Playing anxiety and depression away: Serious games for mental health problems in children and adolescents. In: Bennett, Sophie; Myles-Hooton, Pamela; Schleider, Jessica and Shafran, Roz eds. Oxford Guide to Brief and Low Intensity Interventions for Children and Young People. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 273–279.

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Stevens, Emma; Price, Elizabeth and Walker, Liz (2021). Dressings and dignity in community nursing. British Journal of Community Nursing, 26(11) pp. 526–531.

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