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Wragg, J.; Benda, J.; Mašin, Z.; Armstrong, G.S.J.; Clarke, D.D.A.; Brown, A.C.; Ballance, C.; Harvey, A.G.; Houfek, K.; Sunderland, A.; Plummer, M.; Gorfinkiel, J.D. and van der Hart, H. (2020). Atomic and molecular suite of R-matrix codes for ultrafast dynamics in strong laser fields and electron/positron scattering. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1412(7), article no. 072017.

Benda, Jakub; Gorfinkiel, Jimena; Mašin, Zdeněk; Armstrong, G. S. J.; Brown, A. C.; Clarke, D. D. A.; van der Hart, H. W. and Wragg, J. (2020). Perturbative and nonperturbative photoionization of H2 and H2O using the molecular ℝ-matrix-with-time method. Physical Review A, 102(5), article no. 052826.

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Regeta, Khrystyna; Allan, Michael; Mašin, Zdeněk and Gorfinkiel, Jimena D. (2016). Absolute cross sections for electronic excitation of pyrimidine by electron impact. Journal of Chemical Physics, 144(2), article no. 024302.

Regeta, Khrystyna; Allan, Michael; Winstead, Carl; McKoy, Vincent; Mašin, Zdeněk and Gorfinkiel, Jimena D. (2016). Resonance effects in elastic cross sections for electron scattering on pyrimidine: Experiment and theory. Journal of Chemical Physics, 144(2), article no. 024301.

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Brambila, Danilo S; Harvey, Alex G; Mašin, Zdeněk; Gorfinkiel, Jimena D. and Smirnova, Olga (2015). The role of multichannel effects in the photoionization of the NO2 molecule: an ab initio R- matrix study. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 48(24), article no. 245101.

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Sieradzka, A.; Blanco, F.; Fuss, M. C.; Mašin, Z.; Gorfinkiel, J. D. and García, G. (2014). Electron scattering from pyridine. Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 118(33) pp. 6657–6663.

Mašin, Zdeněk and Gorfinkiel, Jimena D. (2014). Resonance formation in low energy electron scattering from uracil. European Physical Journal D, 68(5), article no. 112.

Sanz, A. G.; Fuss, M. C.; Blanco, F.; Mašin, Zdeněk; Gorfinkiel, Jimena D.; Carelli, F.; Sebastianelli, F.; Gianturco, F. A. and García, G. (2014). Electron scattering cross section calculations for polar molecules over a broad energy range. Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 83(B) pp. 57–67.

Brunger, M. J.; Buckman, S. J.; Palihawadana, P.; Jones, D. B.; Chiari, L.; Pettifer, Z.; da Silva, G. B.; Lopes, M. C. A.; Duque, H. V.; Mašin, Z.; Gorfinkiel, J. D.; Garcia, G.; Hoshino, M.; Tanaka, H. and Limão-Vieira, P. (2014). Recent progress in electron scattering from atoms and molecules. AIP Conference Proceedings, 1588, article no. 71.

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Sanz, A. G.; Fuss, M. C.; Blanco, F.; Mašin, Z.; Gorfinkiel, J. D.; McEachran, R. P.; Brunger, M. J. and García, G. (2013). Cross-section calculations for positron scattering from pyrimidine over an energy range from 0.1 to 10000 eV. Physical Review A, 88(6), article no. 062704.

Palihawadana, P.; Sullivan, J. P.; Buckman, S. J.; Mašin, Z.; Gorfinkiel, J. D.; Blanco, F.; García, G. and Brunger, M. J. (2013). A joint theoretical and experimental study for elastic electron scattering from 1,4-dioxane. Journal of Chemical Physics, 139(1)

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Mašin, Zdeněk and Gorfinkiel, Jimena D. (2012). Shape and core excited resonances in electron collisions with diazines. Journal of Chemical Physics, 137(20), article no. 204312.

Mašin, Zdeněk; Gorfinkiel, Jimena; Jones, Darryl B.; Bellm, Susan M. and Brunger, Michael J. (2012). Elastic and inelastic cross sections for low-energy electron collisions with pyrimidine. Journal of Chemical Physics, 136(14), article no. 144310.

Carr, J. M.; Galiatsatos, P. G.; Gorfinkiel, J. D.; Harvey, A. G.; Lysaght, M. A.; Madden, D.; Mašin, Z.; Plummer, M.; Tennyson, J. and Varambhia, H. N. (2012). UKRmol: a low-energy electron- and positron-molecule scattering suite. The European Physical Journal D, 66(3), article no. 58.

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