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Larkin, Michael and Boden-Stuart, Zoë (2023). The dynamics of interpersonal trust: implications for care at times of psychological crisis. Philosophical Psychology (In Press).

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Reavey, Paula; Brown, Steven D.; Ravenhill, James P.; Boden-Stuart, Zoë and Ciarlo, Donna (2022). Choreographies of sexual safety and liminality: Forensic mental health and the limits of recovery. SSM - Mental Health, 2, article no. 100090.

Boden-Stuart, Zoë; McGlynn, Nick; Smith, Matt C; Jones, Helen and Hirani, Rita (2022). LGBTQ migration, social isolation and distress: Liberation, care and loneliness. Centre for Transforming Sexuality and Gender.

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Boden, Zoë V. R. and Larkin, Michael (2021). Moving from social networks to visual metaphors with the Relational Mapping Interview. In: Reavey, Paula ed. A Handbook of Visual Methods in Psychology [2nd Edition]. Routledge, pp. 358–375.

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Bögle, Sarah and Boden, Zoë (2019). ‘It was like a lightning bolt hitting my world’: Feeling shattered in a first crisis in psychosis. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 19(2) pp. 377–404.

Luderowski, Ana and Boden, Zoë VR (2019). Love and incomprehensibility: The hermeneutic labour of caring for and understanding a loved one with psychosis. Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine, 24(6) pp. 737–754.

Thompson, Jessica; Boden, Zoë VR; Newton, Elizabeth K; Fenton, Kelly; Hickman, Gareth and Larkin, Michael (2019). The experiences of inpatient nursing staff caring for young people with early psychosis. Journal of Research in Nursing, 24(1-2) pp. 75–85.

Boden, Zoë V.R. and Eatough, Virginia (2019). Parallel returns: feelings, temporality and narrative in the experience of guilt. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 17(1) pp. 36–52.

Kneale, Dylan; French, Robert; Spandler, Helen; Young, Ingrid; Purcell, Carrie; Boden, Zoë; Brown, Steve D.; Callwood, Dan; Carr, Sarah; Dymock, Alex; Eastham, Rachael; Gabb, Jacqui; Henley, Josie; Jones, Charlotte; McDermott, Elizabeth; Mkhwanazi, Nolwazi; Ravenhill, James; Reavey, Paula; Scott, Rachel; Smith, Clarissa; Smith, Matthew; Thomas, James and Tingay, Karen (2019). Conducting sexualities research: an outline of emergent issues and case studies from ten Wellcome-funded projects. Wellcome Open Research, 4, article no. 137.

Anderson, Katie; Reavey, Paula and Boden, Zoë (2019). ‘Never drop without your significant other, cause that way lies ruin’: The boundary work of couples who use MDMA together. International Journal of Drug Policy, 71 pp. 10–18.

Boden, Zoë; Larkin, Michael and Springham, Neil (2019). Using experience-based co-design to improve inpatient mental health spaces. In: McGrath, Laura and Reavey, Paula eds. The Handbook of Mental Health and Space Community and Clinical Applications. Routledge.

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Boden, Zoë V. R. (2018). Terror and Horror: Feelings, Intersubjectivity and ‘Understanding at the Edges’ in an Interview on a Suicide Attempt. In: Pompili, Maurizio ed. Phenomenology of Suicide. Cham: Springer, pp. 51–71.

Anderson, Katie; Reavey, Paula and Boden, Zoë (2018). An affective (re)balancing act? The liminal possibilities for heterosexual partners on MDMA. In: Juvonen, Tuula and Kolehmainen, Marjo eds. Affective Inequalities in Intimate Relationships. Routledge, pp. 19–33.

Scotcher, Alice and Boden, Zoë (2018). A Step Too Far for Teachers? The Psychologist, 31 pp. 2–7.

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Larkin, Michael; Boden, Zoë and Newton, Elizabeth (2017). If psychosis were cancer: a speculative comparison. Medical Humanities, 43 pp. 118–123.

Attard, Angelica; Larkin, Michael; Boden, Zoë and Jackson, Christopher (2017). Understanding Adaptation to First Episode Psychosis Through the Creation of Images. Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Mental Health, 4(1) pp. 73–88.

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Binnie, James and Boden, Zoë (2016). Non-attendance at psychological therapy appointments. Mental Health Review Journal, 21(3) pp. 231–248.

Benson, Outi; Gibson, Susanne; Boden, Zoë V.R. and Owen, Gareth (2016). Exhausted without trust and inherent worth: A model of the suicide process based on experiential accounts. Social Science & Medicine, 163 pp. 126–134.

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Hickman, Gareth; Newton, Elizabeth; Fenton, Kelly; Thompson, Jessica; Boden-Stuart, Zoë VR and Larkin, Michael (2015). The experiential impact of hospitalisation: Parents’ accounts of caring for young people with early psychosis. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 21(1) pp. 145–155.

Larkin, Michael; Boden, Zoë V. R. and Newton, Elizabeth (2015). On the Brink of Genuinely Collaborative Care: Experience-Based Co-Design in Mental Health. Qualitative Health Research, 25(11) pp. 1463–1476.

Benson, Outi; Boden, Zoë V. R. and Vitali, Diego (2015). Varieties of disgust in self-harm. In: Overton, Paul G.; Powell, Philip A. and Simpson, Jane eds. The Revolting Self: Perspectives on the Psychological, Social, and Clinical Implications of Self-Directed Disgust. Karnac Books, pp. 187–205.

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Gibson, Susanne; Boden, Zoe V. R.; Benson, Outi and Brand, Sarah L. (2014). The Impact of Participating in Suicide Research Online. Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, 44(4) pp. 372–383.

Boden, Zoë and Eatough, Virginia (2014). Understanding More Fully: A Multimodal Hermeneutic-Phenomenological Approach. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 11(2) pp. 160–177.

Fenton, Kelly; Larkin, Michael; Boden, Zoë V.R.; Thompson, Jessica; Hickman, Gareth and Newton, Elizabeth (2014). The experiential impact of hospitalisation in early psychosis: Service-user accounts of inpatient environments. Health & Place, 30 pp. 234–241.

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