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Carlisle, Ysanne (2011). Complexity dynamics: managerialism and undesirable emergence in healthcare organisations. Journal of Medical Marketing, 11(4) pp. 284–293.

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McMillan, Elizabeth and Carlisle, Ysanne (2007). Strategy as Order Emerging from Chaos: A Public Sector Experience. Long Range Planning, 40(6) pp. 574–593.

2006To Top

Carlisle, Ysanne and McMillan, Elizabeth (2006). Guest editors introduction to special issue 'Complexity and Innovation'. Emergence: Complexity and Organization, 8(1) vi-ix.

2005To Top

Carlisle, Ysanne and Faulkner, David (2005). The strategy of reputation. Strategic Change, 14(8) pp. 413–422.

Faulkner, David; Carlisle, Ysanne M. and Viney, Howard P. (2005). Changing corporate attitudes towards environmental policy. Management of Environmental Quality, 16(5) pp. 476–489.

Carlisle, Y. and McMillan, E. (2005). Complexity and innovation. In: Complexity, Science and Society Conference, 11-14 Sep 2005, Liverpool, UK.

2004To Top

Carlisle, Ysanne and Baden-Fuller, Charles (2004). Re-applying beliefs: an analysis of change in the oil industry. Organization Studies, 25(6) pp. 987–1019.

2003To Top

McMillan, Elizabeth and Carlisle, Ysanne (2003). Complexity, strategic thinking and organisational change. In: 17th Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference, 2-5 Dec 2003, Freemantle, Western Australia, Australia.

2002To Top

Carlisle, Ysanne and McMillan, Elizabeth (2002). Thinking differently about strategy: comparing paradigms. In: 16th Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference, 4-7 Dec 2002, Beechworth, Victoria , Australia.

2001To Top

Carlisle, Ysanne (2001). Strategic thinking and knowledge management. In: Little, Stephen; Quintas, Paul and Ray, Tim eds. Managing knowledge: an essential reader. Sage Publications Ltd, pp. 122–138.

1999To Top

Carlisle, Ysanne and Dean, Alison (1999). Design as knowledge integration capability. Creativity and Innovation Management, 8(2) pp. 112–121.

Carlisle, Ysanne and Baden-Fuller, Charles (1999). Punctuated and continuous change: The UK water industry. British Journal of Management, 10(s1) pp. 3–19.

Baden-Fuller, C.; McNamara, P.; Daniel, E. M.; Kretschmer, M.; Tomkin, N.; Carlisle, Y.; Howell, J.; Fransman, M. and Dean, A. (1999). The development and exploitation of knowledge in complex projects. In: 19th Strategic Management Society Annual International Conference: Winning Strategies in a Deconstructing World, 3-6 Oct 1999, Berlin, Germany.

Carlisle, Y.; Fuller, C. B. and Dean, A. (1999). Radical and incremental change in the UK water industry. In: Strategic Management Society Annual Conference: Tailoring Strategy - One Size Does Not Fit All, 1-4 Nov 1998, Orlando, USA.

1996To Top

Carlisle, Ysanne and Manning, David J. (1996). The domain of professional business ethics. Organization, 3(3) pp. 341–360.

Carlisle, Y. M and Manning, D. J. (1996). The ideology of technology and the birth of the global economy. Technology in Society, 18(1) pp. 61–77.

1995To Top

Manning, David and Carlisle, Ysanne (1995). The ideologies of modern politics. Political Studies, 43(3) pp. 482–496.

1994To Top

Carlisle, Ysanne and Manning, David J. (1994). The concept of ideology and work motivation. Organization Studies, 15(5) pp. 683–703.

Carlisle, Ysanne (1994). Towards a more unified theory of international business. In: 20th Annual Proceedings of the Academy of International Business, Apr 1994, Reading, UK.


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