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Chowdhury, F.; Rashwan, T. L.; Papry, S. A.; Behazin, M.; Keech, P. G.; Mondal, P.; Sharma, J. and Krol, M. (2023). Measuring Key Parameters Governing Anion Transport Through Mx-80 Bentonite. In: Proceedings of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering Annual Conference 2021 (Walbridge, Scott; Nik-Bakht, Mazdak; Ng, Kelvin Tsun Wai; Shome, Manas; Alam, M. Shahria; el Damatty, Ashraf and Lovegrove, Gordon eds.), Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, Springer, Singapore, pp. 547–558.

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Fournie, T.; Rashwan, T. L.; Switzer, C. and Gerhard, J. I. (2023). Smouldering to treat PFAS in sewage sludge. Waste Management, 164 pp. 219–227.

Fournie, T.; Rashwan, T. L.; Switzer, C.; Grant, G. P. and Gerhard, J. I. (2022). Exploring PCDD/Fs and potentially toxic elements in sewage sludge during smouldering treatment. Journal of Environmental Management, 317, article no. 115384.

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Miry, Seyed Ziaedin; Zanoni, Marco A.B.; Rashwan, Tarek L.; Torero, José L. and Gerhard, Jason I. (2023). Investigation of applied smouldering in different conditions: The effect of oxygen mass flux. Fuel Processing Technology, 250

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Papry, Sifat Azad; Rashwan, Tarek L.; Mondal, Pulin; Behazin, Mehran; Keech, Peter G. and Krol, Magdalena (2023). Investigating bisulfide sorption onto bentonite through laboratory batch experiments. Applied Geochemistry(152), article no. 105626.

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Rashwan, Tarek L.; Zanoni, Marco A.B.; Wang, Jiahao; Torero, José L. and Gerhard, Jason I. (2023). Elucidating the characteristic energy balance evolution in applied smouldering systems. Energy, 273, article no. 127245.

Rashwan, Tarek L; Fournie, Taryn; Green, Megan; Duchesne, Alexandra L.; Brown, Joshua K.; Grant, Gavin P.; Torero, José L. and Gerhard, Jason I. (2023). Applied smouldering for co-waste management: Benefits and trade-offs. Fuel Processing Technology, 240, article no. 107542.

Rashwan, Tarek; Asad, Md. Abdullah; Molnar, Ian L.; Behazin, Mehran; Keech, Peter G. and Krol, Magdalena M. (2022). Exploring the governing transport mechanisms of corrosive agents in a Canadian deep geological repository. Science of The Total Environment, 828, article no. 153944.

Rashwan, Tarek L.; Fournie, Taryn; Torero, José L.; Grant, Gavin P. and Gerhard, Jason I. (2021). Scaling up self-sustained smouldering of sewage sludge for waste-to-energy. Waste Management, 135 pp. 298–308.

Rashwan, Tarek L.; Torero, José L. and Gerhard, Jason I. (2021). The improved energy efficiency of applied smouldering systems with increasing scale. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 177, article no. 121548.

Rashwan, Tarek; Gerhard, Jason I. and Grant, Gavin P. (2016). Application of self-sustaining smouldering combustion for the destruction of wastewater biosolids. Waste Management, 50 pp. 201–212.

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Song, Zeyang; Zanoni, Marco A.B. and Rashwan, Tarek L. (2023). Modelling oxygen-limited and self-sustained smoldering propagation: Thermochemical treatment of food waste in an inert porous medium. Chemical Engineering Journal, 468

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Torero, José L.; Gerhard, Jason I.; Martins, Marcio F.; Zanoni, Marco A.B.; Rashwan, Tarek L. and Brown, Joshua K. (2020). Processes defining smouldering combustion: Integrated review and synthesis. Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, 81, article no. 100869.


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