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Wisniewski, Tomasz; Polasik, Michal; Kotkowski, Radoslaw and Moro, Andre (2024). Switching from Cash to Cashless Payments during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond. International Journal of Central Banking (Early access).

Lei, Xun and Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr (2024). Democracy and Stock Market Returns. Journal of Financial Research (Early access).

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Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr and Jackson, Peter M. (2021). Government debt expansion and stock returns. International Journal of Finance and Economics, 26(4) pp. 5017–5030.

Omar, Ayman M. A.; Lambe, Brendan J. and Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr (2021). Perceptions of the threat to national security and the stock market. Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization, 186 pp. 504–522.

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Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr; Lambe, Brendan John and Dias, Alexandra (2020). The Influence of General Strikes against Government on Stock Market Behavior. Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 67(1) pp. 72–99.

Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr; Lambe, Brendan John and Shrestha, Keshab (2020). Do Stock Market Fluctuations Affect Suicide Rates? Journal of Financial Research, 43(4) pp. 737–765.

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Omar, Ayman M.A.; Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr and Yekini, Liafisu Sina (2019). Psychopathic Traits of Corporate Leadership as Predictors of Future Stock Returns. European Financial Management, 25(5) pp. 1196–1228.

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Moro, Andrea; Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr and Mantovani, Guido Massimiliano (2017). Does a manager’s gender matter when accessing credit? Evidence from European data. Journal of Banking and Finance, 80 pp. 119–134.

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Yekini, Liafisu Sina; Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr and Millo, Yuval (2016). Market reaction to positiveness of annual report narratives. British Accounting Review, 48(4) pp. 415–430.

Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr (2016). Is there a link between politics and stock returns? A literature survey. International Review of Financial Analysis, 47 pp. 15–23.

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Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr and Lambe, Brendan John (2015). Does economic policy uncertainty drive CDS spreads? International Review of Financial Analysis, 42 pp. 447–458.

Białkowski, Jędrzej; Bohl, Martin T.; Stephan, Patrick M. and Wisniewski, Tomasz P. (2015). The gold price in times of crisis. International Review of Financial Analysis, 41 pp. 329–339.

Polasik, Michal; Piotrowska, Anna Iwona; Wisniewski, Tomasz; Kotowski, Radoslaw and Lightfoot, Geoffrey (2015). Price Fluctuations and the Use of Bitcoin: An Empirical Inquiry. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 20(1) pp. 9–49.

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Wisniewski, Tomasz P. and Pathan, Saima K. (2014). Political environment and foreign direct investment: Evidence from OECD countries. European Journal of Political Economy, 36 pp. 13–23.

Lightfoot, Geoffrey and Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr (2014). Information asymmetry and power in a surveillance society. Information and Organization, 24(4) pp. 214–235.

Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr and Moro, Andrea (2014). When EU Leaders Speak, the Markets Listen. European Accounting Review, 23(4) pp. 519–551.

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Białkowski, Jędrzej; Bohl, Martin T.; Kaufmann, Philipp and Wisniewski, Tomasz P. (2013). Do mutual fund managers exploit the Ramadan anomaly? Evidence from Turkey. Emerging Markets Review, 15 pp. 211–232.

Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr and Lambe, Brendan (2013). The role of media in the credit crunch: The case of the banking sector. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 85 pp. 163–175.

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Pikoulakis, Emmanuel V. and Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr (2012). Another look at the uncovered interest rate parity: Have we missed the fundamentals? Economics Letters, 116(3) pp. 476–479.

Bialkowski, Jedrzej; Etebari, Ahmad and Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr (2012). Fast profits: Investor sentiment and stock returns during Ramadan. Journal of Banking and Finance, 36(3) pp. 835–845.

Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr; Lightfoot, Geoffrey and Lilley, Simon (2012). Speculating on presidential success: exploring the link between price-earnings ratio and approval ratings. Journal of Economics and Finance, 36(1) pp. 106–122.

Polasik, Michal; Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr and Lightfoot, Geoffrey (2012). Modelling customers’ intentions to use contactless cards. International Journal of Banking, Accounting and Finance, 4(3) pp. 203–231.

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Polasik, Michael and Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr (2009). Empirical analysis of internet banking adoption in Poland. International Journal of Bank Marketing, 27(1) pp. 32–52.

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Białkowski, Jędrzej; Gottschalk, Katrin and Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr (2008). Stock market volatility around national elections. Journal of Banking and Finance, 32(9) pp. 1941–1953.

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Gilbert, Aaron; Tourani-Rad, Alireza and Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr (2007). Insiders and the Law: The Impact of Regulatory Change on Insider Trading. Management International Review, 47(5) pp. 745–765.

Bialkowski, Jedrzej; Gottschalk, Katrin and Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr (2007). Political orientation of government and stock market returns. Applied Financial Economics Letters, 3(4) pp. 269–273.

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Gilbert, Aaron; Tourani-Rad, Alireza and Wisniewski, Tomasz (2006). Do Insiders Crowd out Analysts? Finance Research Letters, 3(1) pp. 40–48.

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Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr and Bohl, Martin T. (2005). The Information Content of Registered Insider Trading under Lax Law Enforcement. International Review of Law and Economics, 25(2) pp. 169–185.

Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr (2005). Insiders' Market Timing and Real Activity: Evidence from an Emerging Market. In: Motamen-Samadian, S. ed. Risk Management in Emerging Markets. Centre for the Study of Emerging Markets Series. Palgrave MacMillan, pp. 71–89.

Gilbert, A.; Tourani-Rad, A. and Wisniewski, T. P. (2005). The impact of regulatory change on insider trading profitability: some early evidence from New Zealand. In: Hirschey, Mark; John, Kose and Makhija, Anil K. eds. Corporate Governance: A Global Perspective. Advances in Financial Economics, 11. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp. 113–130.

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