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Ptasińska, S.; Mason, N. J.; Hunniford, C. A.; McCullough, R. W.; Denifl, A.; Mauracher, A. and Scheier, P. (2010). Desorption of small ionic fragments from oligonucleotides induced by low energy carbon ions. European Physical Journal D - Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 60(1) pp. 59–63.

Dampc, Marcin; Mielewska, Brygida; Siggel-King, Michele R.F.; King, George C.; Sivaraman, Bhalamurugan; Ptasińska, Sylwia; Mason, Nigel and Zubek, Mariusz (2010). Threshold photoelectron studies of isoxazole over the energy range 9.9-30 eV. Chemical Physics, 367(2-3) pp. 75–79.

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Bazin, Marc; Ptasińska, Sylwia; Bass, Andrew D. and Sanche, Leon (2009). Electron induced dissociation in condensed-phase nitromethane I: desorption of ionic fragments. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 11(10) pp. 1610–1618.

Ptasińska, Sylwia; Bahnev, Blagovest; Stypczynska, Agnieszka; Bowden, Mark; Braithwaite, Nicholas St.J. and Mason, Nigel J. (2009). The effect of a cold atmospheric pressure plasma jet on DNA. In: XXVI International Conference on Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Collisions, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 22-28 Jul 2009, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.

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Probst, Michael; Injan, Natcha; Denifl, Stephan; Zappa, Fabio; Mahr, Ingo; Beikircher, Manuel; Ptasińska, Sylwia; Limtrakul, Jumras; Mark, Tilmann D; Mauracher, Andreas and Scheier, Paul (2008). Calculation of processes relevant to reactions between nucleic acids and free electrons. Chemical Engineering Communications, 195(11) pp. 1371–1381.

Sivaraman, B.; Ptasińska, S.; Jheeta, S. and Mason, N. J. (2008). Electron irradiation of solid nitrous oxide. Chemical Physics Letters, 460(1-3) pp. 108–111.

Sulzer, P.; Rondino, F.; Ptasinska, S.; Illenberger, E.; Mark, T. D. and Scheier, P. (2008). Probing trinitrotoluene (TNT) by low-energy electrons: Strong fragmentation following attachment of electrons near 0 eV. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 272(2-3) pp. 149–153.

Abouaf, Robert; Ptasinska, Sylwia and Teillet-Billy, Dominique (2008). Low energy electron impact on gas phase 5-nitrouracil. Chemical Physics Letters, 455 pp. 169–173.

Bernigaud, Virgile; Cederquist, Henrik; Haag, Nicole; Holm, Anne I. S.; Huber, Bernd A.; Hvelplund, Preben; Kadhane, Umesh; Larsen, Mikkel Koefoed; Manil, Bruno; Nielsen, Steen Brøndsted; Panja, Subhasis; Ptasińska, Sylwia; Rangama, Jimmy; Reinhed, Peter; Schmidt, Henning T.; Streletskii, Alexey V.; Støchkel, Kristian; Worm, Esben S. and Zettergren, Henning (2008). Electron capture-induced dissociation of AK dipeptide dications: Influence of ion velocity, crown-ether complexation and collision gas. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 276(2-3) pp. 77–81.

Ptasińska, Sylwia; Alizadeh, Elahe; Sulzer, Philipp; Abouaf, Robert; Mason, Nigel J.; Märk, Tilmann D. and Scheier, Paul (2008). Negative ion formation by low energy electron attachment to gas-phase 5-nitrouracil. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 277(1-3) pp. 291–295.

Ptasinska, S.; Bass, A. D. and Sanche, L. (2008). Low energy electron attachment to condensed formic acid. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 115(1) 012018.

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Ptasinska, Sylwia and Sanche, Leon (2007). Low energy electron stimulated desorption of ions from whole human blood. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 263(2-3) pp. 179–184.

Sulzer, Philipp; Mauracher, Andreas; Denifl, Stephan; Zappa, Fabio; Ptasinska, Sylwia; Beikircher, Manuel; Bacher, Arntaud; Wendt, Nina; Aleem, Abid; Rondino, Flaminia; Matejcik, Stefan; Probst, Michael; Mark, Tilmann D. and Scheier, Paul (2007). Identification of isomers of nitrotoluene via free electron attachment. Analytical Chemistry, 79(17) pp. 6585–6591.

Ptasinska, Sylwia and Sanche, Leon (2007). Dissociative electron attachment to hydrated single DNA strands. Physical Review E, 75 031915.

Ptasinska, Sylwia and Sanche, Leon (2007). Dissociative electron attachment to abasic DNA. Physical chemistry chemical physics, 9 pp. 1730–1735.

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Ptasinska, Sylwia and Sanche, Leon (2006). On the mechanism of anion desorption from DNA induced by low energy electrons. Journal of Chemical Physics, 125(14) pp. 144713–1.

Ptasinska, Sylwia; Denifl, Stephan; Gohlke, Sascha; Scheier, Paul; Illenberger, Eugen and Märk, Tilmann D (2006). Decomposition of thymidine by low-energy electrons: Implications for the molecular mechanisms of single-strand breaks in DNA. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 45(12) pp. 1893–1896.

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Ptasinska, Sylwia; Denifl, Stephan; Grill, Verena; Märk, Tilmann D.; Illenberger, Eugen and Scheier, Paul. (2005). Bond- and site-selective loss of H- from pyrimidine bases. Physical Review Letters, 95(9) 093201-1-093201-4.

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Ptasinska, S.; Denifl, S.; Scheier, P. and Märk, T. D. (2004). Inelastic electron interaction (attachment/ionization) with deoxyribose. Journal of Chemical Physics, 120(18) pp. 8505–8511.


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