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Butcher, Alan R.; Windmill, Richard; Corfe, Ian J.; Lim, Sungwoo; Jolis, Ester M.; Lukkari, Sari; Pankhurst, Matt J.; Barbee, Olivia A.; Coldwell, Beverley C.; Rodriguez, Nemesio Perez; White, Lee F.; Dunford, Alice and Anand, Mahesh (2023). Volcanic ash as a resource for future research on Earth and the Moon. Geology Today, 39(4) pp. 144–148.

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Lim, S.; Garbayo, A.; Reeve, S.; Lekuona, E.; Morse, A.; Le Toux, T.; Bowen, J. and Anand, M. (2021). Microwave Heating Demonstrator (MHD) payload – for fabricating construction components and extracting resources. In: Space Resources Week, 19-22 Apr 2021, Luxemburg (Online).

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Sawaryn, S. J.; Bustin, P.; Cain, M.; Crawford, I.; Lim, S.; Linossier, A. and Smith, D. (2018). Lunar Drilling – Challenges and Opportunities. In: Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, 24-26 Sep 2018, Dallas, Texas, USA.

Prabhu, V. L.; Lim, S.; Bowen, J.; Cowley, A.; Katrib, J.; Dodds, C. and Anand, M. (2018). Microwave Heating of Lunar Simulants JSC-1A and NU-LHT-3M: Experimental And Theoretical Analysis. In: European Lunar Symposium (ELS), 13-16 May 2018, Toulouse, France.

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Lim, Sungwoo; Buswell, Richard A.; Valentine, Philip J.; Piker, Daniel; Austin, Simon A. and De Kestelier, Xavier (2016). Modelling curved-layered printing paths for fabricating large-scale construction components. Additive Manufacturing, 12(B) pp. 216–230.

Mueller, Robert P.; Howe, Scott; Kochmann, Dennis; Ali, Hisham; Andersen, Christian; Burgoyne, Hayden; Chambers, Wesley; Clinton, Raymond; De Kestellier, Xavier; Ebelt, Keye; Gerner, Shai; Hofmann, Douglas; Hogstrom, Kristina; Ilves, Erika; Jerves, Alex; Keenan, Ryan; Keravala, Jim; Khoshnevis, Behrokh; Lim, Sungwoo; Metzger, Philip; Meza, Lucas; Nakamura, Takashi; Nelson, Andrew; Partridge, Harry; Pettit, Donald; Pyle, Rod; Reiners, Eric; Shapiro, Andrew; Singer, Russell; Tan, Wei-Lin; Vazquez, Noel; Wilcox, Brian and Zelhofer, Alex (2016). Automated Additive Construction (AAC) for Earth and Space Using In-situ Resources. In: Proceedings of the Fifteenth Biennial ASCE Aerospace Division International Conference on Engineering, Science, Construction, and Operations in Challenging Environments (Earth & Space 2016), American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, Virginia, USA.

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Lim, Sungwoo; Anand, Mahesh; Cowley, Aidan; Crawford, Ian; Doule, Ondrej; Harkness, Patrick; Kanamori, Hiroshi; Maurer, Matthias; Montano, Giuseppe; Osborne, Barnaby; Patrick, Richard; Rousek, Tomas; Taylor, Lawrence and Vibha, Vibha (2015). 3D Printing on the Moon: Challenges and Opportunities. In: International Symposium on Moon 2020 - 2030: A new era of coordinated human and robotic exploration, 15-16 Dec 2015, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

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Anand, Mahesh and Lim, Sungwoo (2014). Water in and on the Moon: recent discoveries and future prospects. In: EU-Korea Conference on Science and Technology (EKC )2014, 23-25 Jul 2014, Vienna, Austria.

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Lee, Ji-Hyun; Park, Hyoung-June; Lim, Sungwoo and Kim, Sun-Joong (2013). A formal approach to the study of the evolution and commonality of patterns. Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design, 40(1) pp. 23–42.

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Le, T. T.; Austin, S. A.; Lim, S.; Buswell, R. A.; Law, R.; Gibb, A. G. F. and Thorpe, T. (2012). Hardened properties for high-performance printing concrete. Cement and Concrete Research Journal, 42(3) pp. 558–566.

Lim, S.; Buswell, R. A.; Le, T. T.; Austin, S. A.; Gibb, A. G. F. and Thorpe, T. (2012). Developments in construction-scale additive manufacturing processes. Automation in Construction, 21(1) pp. 262–268.

Le, T. T.; Austin, S. A.; Lim, S.; Buswell, R. A.; Gibb, A. G. F. and Thorpe, A. (2012). Mix design and fresh properties for high-performance printing concrete. RILEM Materials & Structures, 45(8) pp. 1221–1232.

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Le, T. T.; Austin, S. A.; Lim, S.; Buswell, R. A.; Gibb, A. G. F. and Thorpe, A. (2011). High-performance printing concrete for freeform building components. In: fib Symposium Prague 2011, Concrete engineering for excellence and efficiency, 8-10 Jun 2011, Prague, Czech Republic.

Lim, Sungwoo; Buswell, Richard; Le, Thanh; Wackrow, Rene; Austin, Simon Austin; Gibb, Alistair and Thorpe, Tony (2011). Development of a viable concrete printing process. In: 28th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC2011), 29 Jun - 2 Jul 2011, Seoul, South Korea, pp. 665–670.

Choi, Youngok; Cooper, Rachel; Lim, Sungwoo and Evans, Martyn (2011). The relationship between national policy support programmes in the UK and South Korea 1940s – 2000s. Design Issues, 27(1) pp. 70–82.

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Choi, Youngok; Cooper, Rachel; Lim, Sungwoo and Evans, Martyn (2010). National support for design, the development of propositional models. Design Management Review, 21(4) pp. 60–69.

Lee, Ji-Hyun; Park, Hyoung-June; Lim, Sungwoo; Kim, Sun-Joong; Jung, Haelee and Whiting, Mark (2010). A formal approach for the interpretation of cultural content(s): evolution of a Korean traditional pattern, bosangwhamun. In: 15th International Conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia CAADRIA, 7-10 Apr 2010, Hong Kong, pp. 19–28.

McKay, Alison; Chase, Scott; Garner, Steven; Jowers, Iestyn; Prats, Miquel; Hogg, David; Chau, Hau Hing; de Pennington, Alan; Earl, Christopher and Lim, Sungwoo (2010). Design synthesis and shape generation. In: Inns, Tom ed. Designing for the 21st Century, Volume 2. Ashgate Publishing Ltd, pp. 304–321.

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Prats, Miquel; Lim, Sungwoo; Jowers, Iestyn; Garner, Steve W. and Chase, Scott (2009). Transforming shape in design: observations from studies of sketching. Design Studies, 30(5) pp. 503–520.

Choi, Youngok; Cooper, Rachel and Lim, Sungwoo (2009). Driving innovation through national business support programs in design: a study of the UK and South Korea design policy. In: EURAM 9th Annual Conference, 11-14 May 2009, Liverpool.

Lim, Sungwoo; Le, Thanh; Webster, John; Buswell, Richard; Austin, Simon; Gibb, Alistair and Thorpe, Tony (2009). Fabricating construction components using layer manufacturing technology. In: Global Innovation in Construction Conference 2009 (GICC’09), 13-16 Sep 2009, Loughborough University.

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Lim, Sungwoo; Prats, Miquel; Chase, S. and Garner, Steve (2008). Categorisation of designs according to preference values for shape rules. In: Third International conference on Design, Computing and Cognition (DCC08), 23-25 Jun 2008, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA.

Jowers, I.; Prats, M.; Lim, S.; Mckay, A.; Garner, S. and Chase, S. (2008). Supporting reinterpretation in computer-aided conceptual design. In: Fifth Eurographics Workshop on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling, 11-13 Jun 2008, Annecy, France, pp. 151–158.

Lim, S.; Chase, S.; Garner, S. and Prats, M. (2008). Sketching in design: formalising a transformational process. In: Computer Aided Architectural Design and Research in Asia (CAADRIA'08), 9-12 Apr 2008, Chiang Mai, Thailand, pp. 472–478.

Prats, Miquel; Lim, Sungwoo and Jowers, Iestyn (2008). Describing shape transformations in design sketches. In: Design Computing and Cognition DCC’08 workshop on Informing computational support for conceptual design: lessons learned from sketching studies, 21 Jun 2008, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, pp. 5–8.

Lim, Sungwoo; Prats, Miquel; Jowers, Iestyn; Chase, Scott; Garner, Steven and McKay, Alison (2008). Shape exploration in design: formalising and supporting a transformational process. International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC), 6(4) pp. 415–433.

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Choi, Young Ok; Cooper, Rachel and Lim, Sungwoo (2007). Dancing with design – a study of the national design policy and design support programmes in South Korea. In: EAD (EURopean Academy of Design) 7th Design Conference: Dancing with Disorder, Discourse & Disaster, 11-13 Apr 2007, Izmir, Turkey, Izmir University of Economics, pp. 118–128.

Prieto, P. A.; Wright, D. K.; Qin, S. F. and Lim, S. W. (2007). A novel desktop computer-aided design system for early form design developments. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B, Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 221(7) pp. 277–288.

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Khan, Usman; Terchi, Abdelaziz; Lim, Sungwoo; Wright, David and Qin, Sheng-Feng (2006). 3D Freeform Surfaces from Planar Sketches using Neural Networks. In: Neural Information Processing, 13th International Conference, ICONIP 2006, Part II, 3-6 Oct 2006, Hong Kong, China, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, pp. 651–660.

Khan, Usman; Terchi, Abdelaziz; Lim, Sungwoo; Wright, David and Qin, Sheng Feng (2006). Neural network model optimisation for 3D freeform surfaces from sketched curves. In: 6th International Conference on Recent Advances in Soft Computing (RASC 2006), 10-12 Jul 2006, Canterbury.

Choi, Y.; Cooper, R.; Hands, D. and Lim, S. (2006). The influence of design on global competitiveness. In: EURAM (EURopean Academy of Management) 6th Annual Conference, 16-20 May 2006, Oslo, Norway, EURAM.

Khan, Usman; Terchi, Abdelaziz; Lim, Sungwoo; Wright, David and Qin, Sheng-Feng (2006). Freeform surface induction from projected planar curves via neural networks. In: ESANN 2006, 26-28 Apr 2006, Bruges, Belgium.

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Qin, S. F.; Sun, Guangmin; Wright, D. K.; Lim, S.; Khan, U. and Mao, C. (2005). 2D Sketch based recognition of 3D freeform shapes by using the RBF Neural Network. In: Proceedings of EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modelling pp. 119–126.

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Lim, S.; Qin, S. F.; Prieto, P.; Wright, D. and Shackleton, J. (2004). A study of sketching behaviour to support free-form surface modelling from on-line sketching. Design studies, 25(4) pp. 393–413.

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Lim, Sungwoo; Duffy, Alex H. B. and Lee, Byungsuk (2001). Intelligent computational sketching support for conceptual design. In: 13th International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED'01), 21-23 Aug 2001, Glasgow, pp. 453–460.

Lim, Sungwoo; Duffy, Alex H. B. and Lee, Byungsuk (2001). Shape matching and clustering in design. In: 13th International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED'01), 21-23 Aug 2001, Glasgow, pp. 163–170.

Lim, S.; Lee, B. S. and Duffy, A. H. B. (2001). Incremental modelling of ambiguous geometric ideas (I-MAGI). International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Engineering, 15(2) pp. 93–108.

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Stevenson, David A.; Duffy, Alex H.B. and Lim, Sungwoo (1999). Supporting designer intention in sketching activities. In: 12th International Conference on Engineering Design, ICED'99, 24-26 Aug 1999, Munich.


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