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Barois, Christèle; Newcombe, Suzanne and Wujastyk, Dagmar (2022). Introduction to The Usman Report (1923): Translations of Regional Submissions. In: Wujastyk, Dagmar and Barois, Christèle eds. Usman Report (1923) – First Translations of Regional Submissions. eJournal of Indian Medicine, Supplement 4, IX-XXXI.

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Harvey, Sarah and Newcombe, Suzanne (2021). Gender and Contemporary Millennial Movements. In Crossley, James and Lockhart, Alastair eds. Critical Dictionary of Apocalyptic and Millenarian Movements. CenSAMM.

Harvey, Sarah and Newcombe, Suzanne eds. (2013). Prophecy in the New Millennium: When Prophecies Persist. Routledge Inform Series on Minority Religions and Spiritual Movements. Farnham: Ashgate Publishing.

Harvey, Sarah and Newcombe, Suzanne (2010). Religious prophecies: the next end of the world. Sociology Review, 19(2) pp. 8–11.

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Newcombe, Suzanne and Harvey, Sarah (2024). Balancing pragmatism and precision. In: Thomas, Aled and Graham-Hyde, Edward eds. 'Cult’ Rhetoric in the 21st Century: Deconstructing the Study of New Religious Movements. London: Bloomsbury Academic, pp. 21–39.

Newcombe, Suzanne (2024). Working with a Body: Flexible Conceptual Models in Contemporary Yoga. In: Barker, Eileen and Harvey, Sarah Jane eds. Health and Healing in Minority Religions. Routledge (In Press).

Newcombe, Suzanne (2024). Tradition, the Guru, Authorship in the Creation of B.K.S. Iyengar’s Light on Prāṇāyāma. In: Hanky, Henriette; Jacobsen, Knut A. and Keul, István eds. Embodied Reception: South Asian Spiritualities in Contemporary Contexts. The Study of Religion in a Global Context. Sheffield: Equinox (In Press).

Newcombe, Suzanne; Harvey, Sarah; Cooper, Jane; Forrester, Ruby; Banks, Jo and Shah, Shannon (2023). Cults and Online Violent Extremism. Reports; GNET, London.

Newcombe, Suzanne and Harvey, Sarah (2021). Inform. Censamm, Critical Dictionary of Apocalyptic and Millenarian Movements..

Newcombe, Suzanne and Steidinger, Silke (2021). Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU). In Crossley, James and Lockhart, Alastair eds. Critical Dictionary of Apocalyptic and Millenarian Movements CenSAMM.

Newcombe, Suzanne (2021). Yoga and meditation as a health intervention. In: Newcombe, Suzanne and O'Brien-Kop, Karen eds. Routledge Handbook of Yoga and Meditation Studies. Abingdon: Routledge.

Newcombe, Suzanne and Deslippe, Phillip (2021). Anglophone Yoga and Meditation Outside of India. In: Newcombe, Suzanne and O'Brien-Kop, Karen eds. Routledge Handbook of Yoga and Meditation Studies. Abingdon: Routledge.

Newcombe, Suzanne (2020). Yoga in Europe. In: Jacobson, Knut and Sardella, Ferdinando eds. Handbook of Hinduism in Europe. Leiden: Brill, pp. 555–587.

Newcombe, Suzanne (2020). Certain Beliefs and Uncertain Evidence: the Case of Shugden. In: Francis, Matthew and Knott, Kim eds. Minority Religions and Uncertainty. Routledge-Inform Series on Minority Religions and Spiritual Movements. Routledge, pp. 22–43.

Newcombe, Suzanne and van Eck Duymaer van Twist, Amanda (2018). "Trust Me, You Can't Trust Them": Stigmatised Knowledge in Cults and Conspiracies. In: Dyrendal, Asbjørn; Robertson, David G. and Asprem, Egil eds. Handbook of Conspiracy Theory and Contemporary Religion. Leiden: Brill, pp. 152–179.

Newcombe, Suzanne (2018). Spaces of Yoga – Towards a Non-Essentialist Understanding of Yoga. In: Baier, Karl; Maas, Philipp André and Preisendanz, Karin eds. Yoga in Transformation: Historical and Contemporary Perspective. Wiener Forum für Theologie und Religionswissenschaft. Göttingen: V&R University Press, pp. 551–573.

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Newcombe, Suzanne (2014). Cults: history, beliefs, practices. In: Muck, Terry C.; Netland, Harold A. and McDermott, Gerald R. eds. Handbook of Religion: A Christian Engagement with Traditions, Teachings, and Practices. Grand Rapids, MI, USA: Baker Academic, pp. 568–572.

Newcombe, Suzanne (2014). The institutionalization of the yoga tradition: ''gurus'' B. K. S. Iyengar and Yogini Sunita in Britain. In: Singleton, Mark and Goldberg, Ellen eds. Gurus of Modern Yoga. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 147–167.

Newcombe, Suzanne (2013). Magic and yoga: the role of subcultures in transcultural exchange. In: Hauser, Beatrix ed. Yoga Traveling: Bodily Practice in Transcultural Perspective. Transcultural research ? Heidelberg studies on Asia and Europe in a global context. Cham: Springer, pp. 57–79.

Newcombe, Suzanne (2012). Religious education in the United Kingdom. In: Davis, Derek and Miroshnikova, Elena eds. The Routledge International Handbook of Religious Education. Routledge International Handbooks of Education. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 367–382.

Newcombe, Suzanne (2012). Global hybrids? 'Eastern traditions' of health and wellness in the West. In: Nair-Venugopal, Shanta ed. The Gaze of the West and Framings of the East. Frontiers of Globalization. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 202–217.

Newcombe, Suzanne and Shterin, Marat (2011). Grossbritannien | United Kingdom. In: Schäfer, Danny and Schwarzer, Corinna eds. Religiöse Intoleranz und Diskriminierung in ausgewählten Ländern Europas - Teil II. Religious Intolerance and Discrimination in selected European Countries - Part II. Religion - Staat - Gesellschaft: Zeitschrift fur Glaubensformen und Weltanscauguungen. Journal for the study of beliefs and worldviews, 2 (12/1). Munster, Germany: LIT Verlag, pp. 29–52.

Newcombe, Suzanne and Barker, Eileen (2010). Financing of churches and religious societies in England. In: Moravčíková, Michaela and Valová, Eleonóra eds. Financing of Churches and Religious Societies in the 21st Century. Bratislava, Slovakia: Institute for State-Church Relations, pp. 29–52.

Newcombe, Suzanne (2009). The Development of Modern Yoga: A Survey of the Field. Religion Compass, 3(6) pp. 986–1002.

Newcombe, Suzanne (2008). Ayurvedic Medicine in Britain and the Epistemology of Practicing Medicine in "Good Faith". In: Wujastyk, Dagmar and Smith, Frederick M. eds. Modern and Global Ayurveda: Pluralism and Paradigms. Health Studies / Asian Studies. Albany, USA: State University of New York Press, pp. 257–284.

Newcombe, Suzanne (2007). Stretching for Health and Well-Being: Yoga and Women in Britain, 1960–1980. Asian Medicine: Tradition and Modernity, 3(1) 37- 63.

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O’Brien-Kop, Karen and Newcombe, Suzanne (2021). Reframing Yoga and Meditation Studies. In: Newcombe, Suzanne and O'Brien-Kop, Karen eds. Routledge Handbook of Yoga and Meditation Studies. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 3–12.

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Shah, Shanon; Cooper, Jane and Newcombe, Suzanne (2023). Occult Beliefs and the Far Right: The Case of the Order of Nine Angles. Studies in Conflict and Terrorism (Early access).

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Wujastyk, Dagmar; Newcombe, Suzanne and Barois, Christèle (2017). Transmutations: Rejuvenation, Longevity, and Immortality Practices in South and Inner Asia. History of Science in South Asia, 5(2) i-xvii.


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