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Ryan, S. G. and Elliott, L. (2006). The halo lithium plateau: Outstanding issues. In: Randich, S. and Pasquini, L. eds. Chemical Abundances and Mixing in Stars in the Milky Way and its Satellites. ESO Astrophysics Symposia (XXIV). Berlin: Springer, pp. 185–190.

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Aoki, W.; Honda, S.; Beers, T. C.; Takada-Hidai, M.; Iwamoto, N.; Tominaga, N.; Umeda, H.; Nomoto, K.; Norris, J. E. and Ryan, S. G. (2007). Spectroscopic studies of extremely metal-poor stars with the subaru high-dispersion spectrograph. IV. The alpha-element-enhanced metal-poor star bs 16934-002. Astrophysical Journal, 660(1) pp. 747–761.

Goswami, A.; Aoki, W.; Beers, T. C.; Christlieb, N.; Norris, J. E.; Ryan, S. G. and Tsangarides, S. (2006). A high-resolution spectral analysis of three carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 372(1) pp. 343–356.

Aoki, Wako; Bisterzo, Sara; Gallino, Roberto; Beers, Timothy C.; Norris, John E.; Ryan, Sean and Tsangarides, Stelios (2006). Carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars: Osmium and Iridium abundances in the neutron-capture-enhanced subgiants CS 31062-050 and LP 625-44. Astrophysical Journal Letters, 650(2) L127-L130.

Aoki, W.; Frebel, A.; Christlieb, N.; Norris, J. E.; Beers, T. C.; Minezaki, T.; Barklem, P. S.; Honda, S.; Takada-Hidai, M.; Asplund, M.; Ryan, S.G.; Tsangarides, S.; Eriksson, K.; Steinhauer, A.; Deliyannis, C. P.; Nomoto, K.; Fujimoto, M. Y.; Ando, H.; Yoshii, Y. and Kajino, T. (2006). He 1327-2326, an unevolved star with [Fe/H]<-5.0. I. A comprehensive abundance analysis. Astrophysical Journal, 639(2) pp. 897–917.

Honda, S.; Aoki, W.; Ishimaru, Y.; Wanajo, S. and Ryan, S. G. (2006). Neutron-capture elements in the very metal poor star HD 122563. Astrophysical Journal, 643(2) pp. 1180–1189.

Ryan, Sean G.; Aoki, Wako; Norris, John E. and Beers, Timothy C. (2005). The origins of two classes of carbon-enhanced, metal-poor stars. Astrophysical Journal, 635(1) pp. 349–354.

Aoki, Wako; Honda, Satoshi; Beers, Timothy C.; Kajino, Toshitaka; Ando, Hiroyasu; Norris, John E.; Ryan, Sean G.; Izumiura, Hideyuki; Sadakane, Kozo and Takada-Hidai, Masahide (2005). Spectroscopic studies of very metal-poor stars with the Subaru High Dispersion Spectrograph. III. Light neutron-capture elements. Astrophysical Journal, 632(1) pp. 611–637.

Gallino, R.; Delaude, D.; Husti, L.; Cristallo, S.; Straniero, O. and Ryan, S. (2005). Predictions of s-process lead in low-metallicity stars compared with spectroscopic observations. Nuclear Physics A, 758 pp. 485–488.

Ishimaru, Yuhri; Wanajo, Shinya; Aoki, Wako; Ryan, Sean and Prantzos, Nikos (2005). First enrichment of r-process elements in our Galaxy. Nuclear Physics A, 758 pp. 603–606.

Arnone, E.; Ryan, S. G.; Argast, D.; Norris, J. E. and Beers, T. C. (2005). Mg abundances in metal-poor halo stars as a tracer of early Galactic mixing. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 430(2) pp. 507–522.

Lucatello, S.; Tsangarides, S.; Beers, T. C.; Carretta, E.; Gratton, R. G. and Ryan, S. G. (2005). The binary frequency among carbon-enhanced, s-process-rich, metal-poor stars. Astrophysical Journal, 625(2) pp. 825–832.

Frebel, A.; Aoki, W.; Christlieb, N.; Ando, H.; Asplund, M.; Barklem, P. S.; Beers, T. C.; Eriksson, K.; Fechner, C.; Fujimoto, M. Y.; Honda, S.; Kajino, T.; Minezaki, T.; Nomoto, K.; Norris, J. E.; Ryan, S. G.; Takada-Hidal, M. T.; Tsangarides, S. and Yoshii, Y. (2005). Nucleosynthetic signatures of the first stars. Nature, 434(7035) pp. 871–873.

Ford, A.; Jeffries, R.D.; Smalley, B.; Ryan, S.G.; Aoki, W.; Kawanomoto, S.; James, D.J. and Barnes, J.R. (2002). Lithium 6104 Å in Population II stars. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 393 pp. 617–628.


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