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Bertuzzi, Stefano; Brandtner, Thomas; Cook, Lisa; Cunningham, Patrick; Foster, Ian; Freeman, Richard; Gutierrez-Cortines, Cristina; Holland, Michael; Hope, Cynthia; Kirrane, Declan; Koizumi, Kei; Kotsis, Gabrielle; Krzyzanowska, Anna; Kuroda, Masahiro; Lane, Julia; Little, Stephen; Lium, Erik; Oar, Luis Martin; Reeve, Neville; Robinson, David; Samors, Robert; Sedwick, Susan; Seligman, Richard; Silverman, Bernard; Smith, Toby; Valdez, Bill; van Nes, Pieter; Wilcox, Robb; Wood, John and Zatloukal, Kurt (2011). EU/U.S. Roadmap to measuring the results of investments in science: the Bellagio Statement: a report following the “EU/US Science of Science Policy” Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center Workshop, 27 June – 30 June 2011. ISC Intelligence, Brussels.

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Corfield, Alison; Paton, Rob and Little, Stephen (2013). Does knowledge management work in NGOs? - a longitudinal study. International Journal of Public Administration, 36(3) pp. 179–188.

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Grieco, Margaret; Little, Stephen and Macdonald, Kenneth (2003). Introduction: the silent revolution: electronic data exchange, metadata and metagovernance. European Spatial Research and Policy, 10(2) pp. 5–7.

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Kale, Dinar; Little, Stephen and Hinton, Matt (2011). Reconfiguration of knowledge management practices in new product development- The case of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. In: Grant, Kenneth A. ed. Case Studies in Knowledge Management Research. Reading, UK: Academic Publishing International Ltd, pp. 102–119.

Kirlidog, Melih and Little, Stephen (2010). Regional-national ICT Strategies. In: Kamel, Sherif ed. E-strategies for Technological Diffusion and Adoption: National ICT Approaches for Socioeconomic Development. IGI Global, pp. 63–87.

Kale, Dinar and Little, Stephen (2006). Knowledge generation in developing countries. In: Janardhan, Rao N. ed. Knowledge Based Economy - Country Perspectives. Economy. Hyderabad, India: ICFAI Publications.

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Little, Stephen (2012). Sustaining a brand through proactive repair: the case of Manchester. In: Go, Frank and Govers, Robert eds. International Place Branding Yearbook 2012: Smart Growth and Sustainability. Basingstoke: Palgrave-macmillan, pp. 103–118.

Little, Stephen (2010). In the shadow of Bangalore – place branding and identity for Chennai. In: Go, Frank and Govers, Robert eds. International Place Branding Yearbook 2010: Place Branding in the New Age of Innovation. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Little, Stephen (2009). CERN through the looking glass: narrative, meta-narrative and strategy in a twenty-first century organisation. In: APROS 13 Stream 4: Strategy and Change: Living with Maps, Masks and Mirrors!, 6-9 Dec 2009, Monterrey, Mexico.

Little, Stephen and Lemmetyinen, Arja (2009). Regional identity and regional development: the role of narratives in the European Capital of Culture Programme. In: 3rd Central European Conference in Regional Science, 6-9 Oct 2009, Kosice, Slovakia.

Little, Stephen (2008). Liverpool '08 – brand and contestation. In: Malikova, L. and Sirak, M. eds. Regional and Urban Regeneration in European Peripheries: What Role for Culture? Bratislava: Institute of Public Policy, pp. 44–50.

Little, S. E. (2008). Open performance management: the Internet and electronic observability. In: Holloway, J. and Thorpe, R. eds. Performance Management: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 149–159.

Little, Stephen (2007). Models of development: finding relevance for Africa in China's experience of development. In: Kitissou, Marcel ed. Africa in China's Global Strategy. African Renaissance Book Series (1). London: Adonis and Abbey, pp. 182–197.

Little, Stephen and Hine, Julian (2007). Changing track: repositioning the Irish and Australian railways in the national consciousness. In: Lurdos, Michele and Misrahi-Barak, Judith eds. Les Carnets du Cerpac, Volume 4. Montpellier: Service des Publications, Université Paul Valéry - Montpellier III, pp. 77–92.

Little, Stephen (2006). Meeting the information challenge: exploring partnerships with Africa. In: Grieco, Margaret; Colle, Royal and Ndulo, Muna eds. Meeting the Information Challenge: the Experience of Africa. Uxbridge, UK: Cambridge Scholars Press, pp. 137–153.

Little, Stephen (2006). Twin Towers and Amoy Gardens: mobilities, risks and choices. In: Sheller, Mimi and Urry, John eds. Mobile Technologies of the City. Networked Cities. London: Routledge.

Little, Stephen and Grieco, Margaret (2006). Electronic stepping stones: a mosaic metaphor for the production and re-distribution of communicative skill in an electric mode. In: Clegg, Stewart and Kornberger, Martin eds. Space, Organizations and Management Theory. Advances in Organization Studies (17). Copenhagen Business School Press, pp. 174–182.

Little, Steve; Holmes, Len and Go, Frank (2006). The skill of travel: networks into neighbourhoods. European Spatial Research and Policy, 13(1) pp. 9–22.

Little, Stephen (2005). Managing knowledge in a global context. In: Little, Stephen; Quintas, Paul and Ray, Tim eds. Managing knowledge : an essential reader. London, UK: Sage, pp. 368–389.

Little, Stephen (2005). Remittance and recovery: a paradigm for ad-hoc inclusion through ICTs. In: Development Studies Association Annual Conference 2005: Connecting People and Places: Challenges and Opportunities for Development, 7-9 Sep 2005, Milton Keynes, UK.

Little, Stephen and Clegg, Stewart (2005). Recovering experience, confirming identity, voicing resistance: The Braceros. Critical Perspectives on International Business, 1(2-3) pp. 123–136.

Little, Stephen E. (2005). Virtual proximity and diasporic identity. In: Regional Studies Association International Conference 2005: Regional Growth Agendas, 28-31 May 2005, Aalborg, Denmark.

Little, S.E. and Grieco, M.S. (2003). From Bletchley Park to the NSA: scientific management and “surveillance society” in the Cold War and beyond. In: Critical Management Studies 3 Conference, Stream 9: Cold War and Management, 7-9 Jul 2003, Lancaster University, UK.

Little, Stephen (2003). Electronic stepping stones: a mosaic metaphor for the production and re-distribution of skill in electronic mode. In: 19th EGOS Colloquium: Organization Analysis Informing Social and Global Development, 5-7 Jul 2003, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Little, Stephen (2002). Distributed globalization: identity, virtuality and adjacency. In: Holmes, L.; Hosking, D-M. and Grieco, M. eds. Organising in the Information Age: distributed technology, distributed leadership, distributed identity, distributed discourse. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate Publishing, pp. 105–124.

Little, Stephen; Holmes, Len and Grieco, Margaret (2001). Calling up culture: information spaces and information flows as the virtual dynamics of inclusion and exclusion. Information Technology & People, 14(4) pp. 353–367.

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Reitsma, Geert and Little, Stephen E. (2010). Creating desert islands – Abu Dhabi. In: Go, Frank and Govers, Robert eds. International Place Branding Yearbook 2010: Place Branding in the New Age of Innovation. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 77–87.

Ray, Tim and Little, Steve (2001). Communication and context: collective tacit knowledge and practice in Japan's workplace ba. Creativity and Innovation Management, 10(3) pp. 154–164.

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Tao, Keiko; Little, Stephen and Go, Frank (2009). Change and continuity: hotel-supplier relationships in Japan. In: Advances in Tourism Marketing Conference Marketing Innovations for Sustainable Destinations: Operations, Interactions, Experiences, 6-9 Sep 2009, Bournemouth, UK.


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