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Leo, J. R. O.; Pirfo Barroso, S.; Fitzpatrick, M. E.; Wang, M. and Zhou, Z. (2019). Microstructure, tensile and creep properties of an austenitic ODS 316L steel. Materials Science and Engineering: A, 749 pp. 158–165.

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Kleber, X. and Pirfo Barroso, S. (2010). Investigation of shot-peened austenitic stainless steel 304L by means of magnetic Barkhausen noise. Materials Science and Engineering A, 527(21-22) pp. 6046–6052.

Pirfo Barroso, S.; Horváth, M. and Horváth, Á. (2010). Magnetic measurements for evaluation of radiation damage on nuclear reactor materials. Nuclear Engineering and Design, 240(4) pp. 722–725.

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Debarberis, L.; Acosta, B.; Zeman, A.; Pirfo, S.; Moretto, P.; Chernobaeva, A. and Nikolaev, A. (2007). Ductile-to-brittle transition temperature of thermally segregated WWER-1000 base metal. International Journal of Microstructure and Materials Properties, 2(3/4) pp. 326–338.

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Acosta, Beatriz; Debrarberis, Luigui; Pirfo, Soraia; Sevini, F.; Kryukov, A.; Chernobaeva, A.; Gillemot, F. and Brumovsky, M. (2005). WWER-1000 base metal reference steel and its characterisation. Nuclear Engineering and Design, 235(17-19) pp. 1951–1959.

Pirfo Barroso, Soraia ed. (2005). Embrittlement and Mechanistic Interpretation of Reactor Pressure Vessel and Internal Materials. EUR / European Commission, 21835 (EN). Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities.

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Debarberis, L.; Acosta, B.; Sevini, F.; Pirfo, S.; Hyde, J. M.; Hutchings, Michael and Ortner, S. (2004). Studies of radiation embrittlement of model alloys by positron annihilation, thermo-electric and magnetic measurements. NDT & E International, 37(1) pp. 19–22.

Giustino, Manna; Pirfo, Soraia; Debarberis, Lugi; Castello, Paolo and Hurst, Roger (2004). Hydrogen attack characterisation by magnetic measurements. International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics, 19(1-4) pp. 597–599.

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Pirfo, S.; Szielasko, K.; Altpeter, I. and Dobmann, G. (2003). Dynamic magnetostriction for material characterisation of micro structure states of degraded structural steel. In: Nondestructive Characterization of Materials XI: Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium, 24-28 Jun 2002, Berlin, germany.

Pirfo, S.; Debarberis, L.; Acosta, B. and Sevini, F. (2003). Magnetic and Barkhausen signal responses applied on sub-sized Charpy specimens to characterise irradiation effects. In: 11th International Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics, 12-14 May 2003, Versaille, France.

2001To Top

Czoboly, E.; Horvath, M.; Uri, G.; Barroso, S. and Debarberis, L. (2001). Barkhausen and micromagnetic measurements and analysis in irradiated specimens. In: 3rd International conference on Barkhausen noise and micromagnetic testing, 2-3 Jul 2001, Tampere University of Technology, Finland.

Pirfo, S.; Debarberis, L.; Acosta, B. and Sevini, F. (2001). Micromagnetic testing of model alloys specimens evaluating irradiation effects. In: 3rd International Conference on NDE, 14-16 Nov 2001, Seville, Spain.

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Gillemot, F.; Gillemot, L.; Uri, G.; Horvath, M. and Pirfo Barroso, Soraia (2000). Low temperature ageing of thick walled steel vessels. In: Ninth International Conference on Pressure Vessel Technology ICPVT-9, 9-14 Apr 2000, Sydney, Australia.

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Pirfo B., S. and Gillemot, F. (1999). Nondestructive characterisation of structural steel ageing. In: Joint EC-IAEA Specialists Meeting on NDT Methods for Monitoring Degradation, 10-12 Mar 1999, Petten, The Netherlands.

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Pellionisz, P.; Gillemot, F.; Goswami, G. L.; Jha, S. K. and Pirfo, S. (1997). Investigation of nuclear reactor steel by magneto-acoustic emission method. In: Trends in NDE Science & Technology; 14th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing, 8-13 Dec 1996, New Delhi, India.

Martins, Geraldo de P.; Terra, Jose L.; Di Lorenzo, Roberto; Pirfo, Soraia B. and Mansur, Tanius R. (1997). Elaboration and verification of a PTS model. In: IAEA Specialist’s Meeting on Methodology for Pressurized Thermal Shock Evaluation, 5-8 May 1997, Esztergom, Hungary.

Gillemot, F.; Oszwald, F.; Gillemot, L.; Uri, G. and Pirfo Barroso, Soraia (1997). Synergetic effects of irradiation and thermal embrittlement. In: IAEA Specialist’s Meeting on Irradiation Effects and Mitigation, 15-19 Sep 1997, Vladimir, Russia.

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Pirfo Barroso, S. (1996). Nondestructive testing methods for ageing evaluation of aircraft structure. In: 20 Th. Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences - ICAS, 8-13 Sep 1996, Sorrento, Italy.

Pirfo Barroso, Soraia; Pozsgay, G.; Gillemot, F. and Uri, G. (1996). Evaluation ageing of aircraft parts by non-destructive testing. In: XI Hungarian Days of Aeronautical Sciences, 5-7 Jun 1996, Budapest, Hungary.


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