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Kramarova, Eugeniya P.; Lyahmun, Dmitry N.; Tarasenko, Dmitry V.; Korlyukov, Alexander A.; Dorovatovskii, Pavel V.; Shmigol, Tatiana A.; Bylikin, Sergey Yu.; Baukov, Yuri I. and Negrebetsky, Vadim V. (2024). An expedient synthesis of a picolinamide-based betain bearing a 3-sulfonatopropyl substituent. Mendeleev Communications, 34(1) pp. 126–128.

Kramarova, Eugenia P.; Lyakhmun, Dmitry N.; Tarasenko, Dmitry V.; Borisevich, Sophia S.; Khamitov, Edward M.; Yusupova, Alfia R.; Korlyukov, Alexander A.; Romanenko, Alexander R.; Shmigol, Tatiana A.; Bylikin, Sergey Y.; Baukov, Yuri I. and Negrebetsky, Vadim V. (2023). Reaction of Picolinamides with Ketones Producing a New Type of Heterocyclic Salts with an Imidazolidin-4-One Ring. Molecules, 29(1), article no. 206.

Edge, Tony; James, Matt; Pipe, Colin; Bylikin, Sergey; Field, Jen and Euerby, Melvin (2022). An Assessment of Stationary Phase Selectivity in SFC. LCGC North America, 40(s6) pp. 9–22.

Negrebetskiy, Vadim V.; Korlyukov, Alexander A.; Bylikin, Sergey Yu; Tarasenko, Dmitry V.; Kramarova, Eugenija P.; Bassindale, Alan R.; Taylor, Peter G. and Baukov, Yuri I. (2022). Halogen exchange in complexes of hexacoordinate tin (LnCH2)2SnX2 and (LnCH2)2SnY2 containing lactamomethyl n-membered C,O-chelate ligands LnCH2 (n = 5–7; X, Y = Cl, Br, I). Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, article no. 122163.

Nikolin, Alexey A.; Korlyukov, Alexander A.; Kramarova, Eugenia P.; Romanenko, Alexandr R.; Arkhipov, Dmitry E.; Tarasenko, Dmitry V.; Bylikin, Sergey Yu.; Baukov, Yuri I. and Negrebetsky, Vadim V. (2022). Synthesis and structure of (O → Si)-chelate fluorosilane, a novel complex of pentacoordinate silicon with N-acetylvaline. Mendeleev Communications, 32(1) pp. 37–38.

Vorobyev, Stepan V.; Primerova, Olga V.; Bylikin, Sergey Yu. and Koshelev, Vladimir N. (2021). Lactamomethylation of alkylphenols: synthesis and quantum-chemical study of the reaction pathway. Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 14(11), article no. 103424.

Negrebetsky, Vad.V; Korlyukov, A.A; Bylikin, Sergey; Kramarova, E.P and Baukov, Yul (2020). Synthesis, molecular and crystal structure, and stereochemical non-rigidity of (O→Ge)-Bischelate bis[1-(2-oxoperhydroazepinyl)methyl]bromogermanium iodide and triflate. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 916, article no. 121244.

Nikolin, Alexey A.; Kramarova, Eugenia P.; Shipov, Alexander G.; Baukov, Yuri I.; Negrebetsky, Vadim V.; Arkhipov, Dmitry E.; Korlyukov, Alexander A.; Lagunin, Alexey A.; Bylikin, Sergey Yu.; Bassindale, Alan R. and Taylor, Peter G. (2016). N,N-bis-(dimethylfluorosilylmethyl)amides of N-organosulfonylproline and sarcosine: synthesis, structure, stereodynamic behaviour and in silico studies. RSC Advances, 2016(79) pp. 75315–75327.

Kalashnikova, Natalia A.; Bylikin, Sergey Yu.; Korlyukov, Aleksander A.; Shipov, Aleksander G.; Baukov, Yuri I.; Taylor, Peter G. and Bassindale, Alan R. (2012). Cationic complexes of silicon and germanium with (O,S)-chelate ligands. Dalton transactions, 2012(41) pp. 12681–12682.

Nikolin, Alexei A.; Kramarova, Evgeniya P.; Shipov, Aleksander G.; Baukov, Yuri I.; Negrebetsky, Vadim V.; Korlyukov, Alexander A.; Arkhipov, Dmitry E.; Bowden, Allen; Bylikin, Sergey. Yu; Bassindale, Alan R. and Taylor, Peter G. (2012). Synthesis, structures, and stereodynamic behavior of novel pentacoordinate fluorosilanes: fluorosilyl derivatives of proline. Organometallics, 31(14) pp. 4988–4997.

Nikolin, A. A.; Arkhipov, D. E.; Shipov, A. G.; Kramarova, E. P.; Koval'chuk, N. A.; Korlyukov, A. A.; Negrebetsky, V. V.; Baukov, Yu. I.; Bassindale, Alan; Taylor, P. G.; Bowden, A. and Bylikin, S. Yu. (2012). Pentacoordinated chlorosilanes with C,O-chelate ligands derived from N-methyl-N'-organosulfonyl-prolinamides. Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, 47(12) pp. 1565–1583.


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