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Waley, Arthur and Wilkinson, Robert, eds. Analects. By Confucius . Ware, Wordsworth Editions Limited (1996). Translated from Chinese (Traditional) [繁體字]

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Waley, Arthur and Wilkinson, Robert, eds. Tao Te Ching. By Li Er Lao Tzu . Ware, Wordsworth (1997). Translated from Chinese (Traditional) [繁體字]

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Wilkinson, Robert; Yuan, Shibing and Duyvendak, J. J. L., eds. Art of War - The Book of Lord Shang. By Wu Sun Tzu and Wei Shang Yang . Ware, Wordsworth Editions Limited (1998). Translated from Chinese (Traditional) [繁體字]

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Wilkinson, Robert (2013). Nishida Kitaro y la estetica de Max Klinger. In: Fernandez del Campo, Eva and Riviere, Henar eds. El arca de Babel: Teoría y práctica artística en el escenario transcultural. Lecturas historia del arte. Madrid: ABADA Editores, pp. 165–182.

Wilkinson, Robert (2012). 'The Tale of Genji' as a Buddhist parable: a meditation. In: Marchiano, Grazia ed. Labirinti della mente, Visioni del mondo: il lascito intellettuale di Elémire Zolla nel XXI secolo. Siena: Societa Bibliografica Toscana, pp. 261–274.

Wilkinson, Robert (2011). La créativité dans la peinture chinoise de tradition classique. In: Alexandre Journeau, Véronique ed. Le Surgissement Créateur: Jeu, Hasard ou Inconscient. L'Univers Esthétique. Paris: L'Harmattan.

Wilkinson, Bob (2010). On the western reception of Indian aesthetics: the grounds of difference. In: Sasaki, Ken-ichi ed. Asian Aesthetics. Kyoto: University of Kyoto Press, pp. 210–226.

Wilkinson, Robert (2010). Nishida on the beautiful and the good. International Yearbook of Aesthetics, 14 pp. 120–141.

Wilkinson, R (2009). Nishida and Western Philosophy. Aldershot: Ashgate.

Wilkinson, Robert (2009). Nishida, aesthetics and the limits of cultural borrowing. In: Braembussche, Antoon van den; Kimmerle, Heinz and Note, Nicole eds. Intercultural Aesthetics: A Worldview Perspective. Einstein Meets Magritte: An Interdisciplinary Reflection on Science, Nature, Art, Human Action and Society (9). Springer, pp. 69–86.

Wilkinson, R (2008). Reflections on China in the work of Leibniz, Wolff and Kant. Skepsis: A Journal for Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Research, 19(1-2) pp. 112–135.

Wilkinson, Robert (2007). Nishida's Zen aesthetic. In: Wilkinson, Robert ed. New Essays in Comparative Aesthetics. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Press, pp. 162–180.

Wilkinson, Robert (2003). On the Western reception of Indian Aesthetics. In: Sasaki, Ken-ichi and Otabe, Tanehisa eds. The Great Book of Aesthetics (CD-ROM). Tokyo: Japanese Society of Aesthetics.

Wilkinson, Robert (2001). Aesthetic Virtues in the Context of Nirvanic Values. In: Marchiano, Grazia and Milani, Raffaele eds. Frontiers of Transculturality in Contemporary Aesthetics. Turin, Italy: Trauben, pp. 91–105.

Wilkinson, Robert; Collinson, Diane and Plant, Kathryn (2000). Fifty Eastern Thinkers. Routledge key guides. London: Routledge.

Wilkinson, Robert (2000). Nishida and Santayana on Goethe: An Essay in Comparative Aesthetics. Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics, 23(1-2) pp. 31–52.

Brown, Stuart; Collinson, Diane and Wilkinson, Robert eds. (1998). One Hundred Twentieth Century Philosophers. London: Routledge.

Brown, Stuart; Collinson, Diane and Wilkinson, Robert eds. (1996). Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth Century Philosophers. London: Routledge.

Wilkinson, Robert and Collinson, Diane (1994). Thirty-five Oriental Philosophers. London: Routledge.


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