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Qin, Rongshan (2023). Using electropulsing to control the surface quality of casts. Materials Science Forum, 1106 pp. 87–91.

Yang, Yang; Qin, Rongshan; Dong, Yalin; Wang, Jian and Ye, Chang (2023). Crystal plasticity modeling of electropulsing induced plasticity in metals. International Journal of Plasticity, 171, article no. 103828.

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Aksenova, Krestina; Gromov, Victor; Ivanov, Yurii; Qin, Rongshan and Vashchuk, Ekaterina (2022). Structural Phase Transformation of Rail Steel in Compression. Metals, 12(11), article no. 1985.

Qin, Rongshan and Bhagurkar, Ashutosh (2022). Effect of pulsating solidification on the surface properties of conductive materials. Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 478(2261), article no. 20210726.

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Qin, Rongshan (2020). Artificial intelligence and new materials. In: Guo, Yike ed. Artificial intelligence and development of future society. Beijing: Scientific and Technical documentation Press, pp. 305–314.

Qin, Rongshan (2020). Computation of Electropulse-driven Regeneration of Magnetic Heterogeneous Materials. In: 2019 PhotonIcs & Electromagnetics Research Symposium - Spring (PIERS-Spring), pp. 1185–1189.

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Yuriev, A. A.; Gromov, V. E.; Grishunin, V. A.; Ivanov, Yu. F.; Qin, R. S. and Semin, A. P. (2018). Stages and Fracture Mechanisms of Lamellar Pearlite of 100-m-Long Differentially Hardened Rails Under Long-Term Operation Conditions. Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English Letters), 31(12) pp. 1356–1360.

Zhao, Yan; He, Binyan; Saillet, Sébastien; Domain, Christophe; Le Delliou, Patrick; Perez, Michel and Qin, Rongshan (2018). Anti-aging treatment of nuclear power plant steel. Materials Science and Engineering: A, 735 pp. 73–80.

Qin, Rongshan (2018). Computation of Electromagnetic Field and Complex Materials Interaction. Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium, 2017(Spring) pp. 862–867.

Ivanov, Yurii F. I; Gromov, Victor E.; Konovalov, Konovalov; Kormyshev, Vassily E.; Qin, Rongshan and Semina, Olga A (2018). Phase Composition and Defect Substructure of Strengthening Layer Surfaced on Low Alloyed Steel. Journal of Metastable and Nanocrystalline Materials, 30 pp. 28–33.

Qin, Rongshan; Luo, Yongkun; Elliott-Bowman, Bernadette and Omoigiade, Osamudiamen (2018). Fabrication of nanostructured pearlite steel wires using electropulsing. Materials Science and Technology, 34 pp. 29–34.

Lyu, Peisheng; Wang, Wanlin; Long, Xukai; Zhang, Kaixuan; Gao, Erzhuo and Qin, Rongshan (2018). Study of the Effect of Mold Corner Shape on the Initial Solidification Behavior of Molten Steel Using Mold Simulator. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, 49(1) pp. 78–88.

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Nikonenko, Elena; Shergaeva, Lyubov’; Popova, Natalya; Koneva, Nina; Qin, Rongshan; Gromov, Victor and Fedorischeva, Marina (2017). Orientation and faulted structure of γ′-phases in lanthanum-alloyed Ni-Al-Cr superalloy. In: AIP Conference Proceedings, AIP Publishing, 1909, article no. 020149.

Nikonenko, Elena; Popova, Natalya; Koneva, Nina; Qin, Rongshan and Gromov, Victor (2017). Orientation of nickel-based alloy after thermal treatment. In: AIP Conference Proceedings (Panin, Victor E.; Psakhie, Sergey G. and Fomin, Vasily M. eds.), AIP Publishing, 1909, article no. 020148.

Gromov, V. E.; Ivanov, Yu. F.; Qin, R. S.; Peregudov, O. A.; Aksenova, K. V. and Semina, O. A. (2017). Degradation of structure and properties of rail surface layer at long-term operation. Materials Science and Technology, 33(12) pp. 1473–1478.

Zhao, Y.; Ma, M.T.; Qin, R.; Ling, Y.C; Wang, G.Y; Wan, X.M; Gu, H.R and Liu, Y.G. (2017). A fabrication history based strain-fatigue model for prediction of crack initiation in a radial loading wheel. Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures, 40(11) pp. 1882–1892.

Omoigiade, Osamudiamen; Haldar, Arunansu and Qin, Rongshan (2017). Characterisation of electric current treated austenite using misorientation angle distributions in martensite. Materials Science and Technology, 33(12) pp. 1432–1441.

Qin, Rongshan; Tang, Guoyi and Gromov, Victor (2017). Manufacturing of materials using external fields. Materials Science and Technology, 33(12) pp. 1397–1398.

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Qin, Rongshan (2016). Computation of breakup limit under external field. In: UK Consortium on Mesoscale Engineering Sciences 2016 Workshop, 12-13 Dec 2016, University College London, UK.

Elliott-Bowman, Bernadette; Cook, Alexander C.; Brown, Peter; Dye, David and Qin, Rongshan (2016). Altering the Microstructure of Pearlitic Steel Using Pulsed Electric Current. Advanced Materials Research, 1139 pp. 3–6.

Qin, Rongshan (2016). Modelling of phase separation under electropulsing processing. In: THERMEC 2016, 29 May - 3 Jun 2016, Graz, Australia.

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Zhao, Yan; Qin, Rongshan; Chen, Dengfu; Wan, Xinming; Li, Yang and Ma, Mingtu (2015). A three dimensional cellular automata model for dendrite growth in non-equilibrium solidification of binary alloy. Steel Research International, 86(12) pp. 1490–1497.

Lu, W. J.; Zhang, X. F. and Qin, R. S. (2015). Stability of precipitates under electropulsing in 316L stainless steel. Materials Science and Technology, 31(13a) pp. 1530–1535.

Rahnama, Alireza and Qin, Rongshan (2015). Modelling the microstructure of polycrystalline austenite-martensite steels. In: Proceedings of the 3rd World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME 2015), ICME, pp. 147–154.

Elliott-Bowman, B. and Qin, R. (2015). The effects of electropulsing on metallic materials. In: Coval, H.H. and Gromov, B.E. eds. Modern Trends in Modification of Structure and Properties of Materials. TOMCK Publishing House HTO, pp. 165–193.

Elliott-Bowman, B.; Cook, A. C.; Brown, P.; Dye, D. and Qin, R. S. (2015). Altering the microstructure of pearlitic steel using pulsed electric current. In: Sustainable Materials Science and Technology, 15-17 Jul 2015, Paris.

Arif, Tansel and Qin, Rongshan (2015). Smoothed particle hydrodynamics model for van der Walls fluid. In: 24th International Conference on Discrete Simulation of Fluid Dynamics, 13-17 Jul 2015, Edinburgh, p. 87.

Qin, Rongshan (2015). On the electric-current-driven microstructural evolution. In: PIERS 2015 in Prague Abstracts, The Electromagnetics Academy.

Qin, R. S. and Bhowmik, A. (2015). Computational thermodynamics in electric current metallurgy. Materials Science and Technology, 31(13a) pp. 1560–1563.

Luo, Yong-Kun and Qin, Rong-Shan (2015). Computation of five-dimensional grain boundary energy. Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English Letters), 28(5) pp. 634–640.

Lu, W.J.; Zhang, X.F. and Qin, Rongshan (2015). κ-carbide hardening in a low-density high-Al high-Mn multiphase steel. Materials Letters, 138 pp. 96–99.

Rahnama, A. and Qin, R. S. (2015). Modelling the microstructure of martensitic steels. Computational Materials Science, 96(A) pp. 102–107.

Qin, R. S. (2015). Critical assessment 8: Outstanding issues in electropulsing processing. Materials Science and Technology, 31(2) pp. 203–206.

Zhang, X. F.; Lu, W.J. and Qin, R. S. (2015). Oriented sulphides induced by electric current in medium carbon steel. Philosophical Magazine Letters, 95(2) pp. 101–109.

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Luo, Yongkun and Qin, Rongshan (2014). Surface energy and its anisotropy of hexagonal close-packed metals. Surface Science, 630 pp. 195–201.

Zhang, X. F.; Lu, W.J. and Qin, R. S. (2014). Morphology and distribution control of MnS inclusions in molten steel by electropulsing. Materials Research Innovations, 18(S4) pp. 244–248.

Qin, R. S.; Rahnama, A.; Lu, W.J.; Zhang, X. F. and Elliott-Bowman, B. (2014). Electropulsed steels. Materials Science and Technology, 30(9) pp. 1040–1044.

Luo, Y. K. and Qin, R. S. (2014). Description of surface energy anisotropy for BCC metals. Advanced Materials Research, 922 pp. 446–451.

Zhao, Y.; Chen, D. F.; Long, M. J.; Shen, J. L. and Qin, R. S. (2014). Two-dimensional heat transfer model for secondary cooling of continuously cast beam blanks. Ironmaking & Steelmaking, 41(5) pp. 377–386.

Qin, R. S. (2014). Microstructure computation for phase transition in steels. Materials Science Forum, 783-786 pp. 2176–2181.

Elliott-Bowman, B.; Cook, A. C.; Brown, P. and Qin, R. S. (2014). Electrothermomechanical processing of high carbon steels. Advanced Materials Research, 922 pp. 132–136.

Lu, Wen Jun and Qin, Rong Shan (2014). Effects of electropulsing on the microstructure evolution of 316L stainless steel. Advanced Materials Research, 922 pp. 441–445.

Zhao, Yan; Chen, Dengfu; Long, Mujun; Arif, Tansel T. and Qin, Rongshan (2014). A three-dimensional cellular automata model for dendrite growth with various crystallographic orientations during solidification. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, 45(2) pp. 719–725.

Arif, Tansel T. and Qin, Rong Shan (2014). A phase-field model for the formation of martensite and bainite. Advanced Materials Research, 922 pp. 31–36.

Lu, W.J.; Zhang, X. F. and Qin, R. S. (2014). Electropulsing-induced strengthening of steel at high temperature. Philosophical Magazine Letters, 94(11) pp. 688–695.

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Arif, T. T. and Qin, R. S. (2013). A phase-field model for bainitic transformation. Computational Materials Science, 77 pp. 230–235.

Zhang, X. F.; Lu, W. J. and Qin, R. S. (2013). Removal of MnS inclusions in molten steel using electropulsing. Scripta Materialia, 69(6) pp. 453–456.

Qin, Rongshan and Tan, Xu (2013). Phase-field simulation of the thermomechanical processing of steels. International Journal of Metallurgical Engineering, 2(1) pp. 35–39.


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