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Earle, Rod (2021). Doing Time for Convict Criminology. In: Ross, Jeffrey Ian and Vianello, Francesca eds. Convict Criminology for the Future. UK: Routledge.

Earle, Rod (2021). Exploring narrative, convictions and autoethnography as a convict criminologist. Tijdschrift over Cultuur & Criminaliteit [Journal of Culture and Crime], 2020(3) pp. 80–96.

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Phillips, Coretta; Earle, Rod; Parmar, Alpa and Smith, Daniel (2020). Dear British criminology: Where has all the race and racism gone? Theoretical Criminology, 24(3) pp. 427–446.

Parmar, Alpa; Earle, Rod and Phillips, Coretta (2020). Race matters in criminology: Introduction to the Special Issue. Theoretical Criminology, 24(3) pp. 421–426.

2019To Top

Earle, Rod and Mehigan, James (2019). Open universities, close prisons: critical arguments for the future. In: Earle, Rod and Mehigan, James eds. Degrees of Freedom: The Open University in Prison. UK: Policy Press.

Earle, Rod (2019). Narrative Convictions, Conviction Narratives: The Prospects of Convict Criminology. In: Fleetwood, Jennifer; Presser, Lois; Sandberg, Sveinung and Ugelvik, Thomas eds. The Emerald Handbook of Narrative Criminology. Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishing Limited, pp. 63–86.

2018To Top

Earle, Rod (2018). Being inside: Masculine imaginaries, prison interiors. In: Maycock, Matthew W. and Hunt, Kate eds. New Perspectives on Prison Masculinities. Studies of prison and penology. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 43–64.

2017To Top

Earle, Rod (2017). Anti-racist criminology? In: Amatrudo, Anthony ed. Social Censure and Critical Criminology: After Sumner. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 115–138.

2016To Top

Earle, Rod (2016). Convict Criminology - Inside and Out. New Horizons in Criminology. UK: Policy Press.

Earle, Rod (2016). Race, Ethnicity, Multiculture and Prison Life. In: Jewkes, Yvonne; Bennett, Jamie and Crewe, Ben eds. Handbook on Prisons (2nd edition). Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 568–585.

2015To Top

Drake, Deborah H.; Earle, Rod and Sloan, Jennifer eds. (2015). The Palgrave Handbook of Prison Ethnography. Palgrave Studies in Prisons and Penology. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Earle, Rod and Phillips, Coretta (2015). Prison ethnography at the threshold of race, reflexivity and difference. In: Earle, Rod; Drake, Deborah and Sloan, Jennifer eds. The Palgrave Handbook of Prison Ethnography. Basingstoke: Palgrave, pp. 230–251.

Earle, Rod and Drake, Deborah H. (2015). Men, Masculinity and Crime. In: Brooks, Carolyn and Schissell, Bernard eds. Marginality and Condemnation - A Critical Introduction to Criminology (3rd ed). Fernwood Publishing, pp. 350–370.

Drake, Deborah H.; Darke, Sacha and Earle, Rod (2015). Prison Life, Sociology of: Recent Perspectives from the United Kingdom. In: Wright, J. ed. International Encyclopaedia of Social and Behavioural Sciences (2nd ed). Oxford: Elsevier, pp. 924–929.

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Ross, Jeffrey Ian; Darke, Sacha; Aresti, Andreas; Newbold, Greg and Earle, Rod (2014). Developing convict criminology beyond North America. International Criminal Justice Review, 24(2) pp. 121–133.

Earle, Rod (2014). Telling and showing with criminology. British Society of Criminology Newsletter, 75 pp. 11–13.

2013To Top

Earle, Rod (2013). Inside white: racism, ethnicity and social relations in English prisons. In: Phillips, Coretta and Webster, Colin eds. New Direction in Race Ethnicity and Crime. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 160–177.

Earle, Rod (2013). Law, Leadership and management. In: MacKian, Sara and Simons, Joan eds. Leading, Managing, Caring: understanding leadership and management in health and social care. England: Routledge, pp. 479–500.

Drake, Deborah H. and Earle, Rod (2013). On the inside: prison ethnography around the globe. Criminal Justice Matters, 91(1) pp. 12–13.

Earle, Rod (2013). Review. Enforcing the Convict Code: Violence and Prison Culture, by R. Trammell. The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 52(1) pp. 115–119.

Earle, Rod (2013). Book review. Prisoners' Rights: Principles and Practice. Criminology and Criminal Justice, 13(5) pp. 635–637.

2012To Top

Earle, Rod and Wakefield, Alison (2012). Restorative justice and the right to move on: toward deinstitutionalising the stigma of a criminal conviction. In: Gavrielides, Theo ed. Rights and Restoration within Youth Justice. Canada: de Sitter.

Earle, Rod and Phillips, Coretta (2012). Digesting men? Ethnicity, gender and food: perspectives from a 'prison ethnography'. Theoretical Criminology, 16(2) pp. 141–156.

2011To Top

Earle, Rod (2011). Prison and university: a tale of two institutions? In: British Society of Criminology, 4-6 Jul 2011, Newcastle, UK, pp. 20–37.

Phillips, Coretta and Earle, Rod (2011). Cultural diversity, ethnicity and race relations in prison. In: Crewe, Ben and Bennett, Jamie eds. The Prisoner. Abingdon,: Routledge, pp. 117–130.

2010To Top

Earle, Rod and Phillips, Coretta (2010). Con-viviality and beyond – identity, ethnicity and social relations in a young mens prison. In: Wetherell, Margaret ed. Identity in the 21st Century: New Trends in Changing Times. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave.

2009To Top

Earle, Rod (2009). Review. 'Out There/in Here: Masculinity, Violence and Prisoning'. By Elizabeth Comack. British Journal of Criminology, 49(6) pp. 922–924.

Taylor, Wayne; Earle, Rod and Hester, Richard eds. (2009). Youth Justice Handbook - Theory, Policy and Practice. Cullompton: Willan.

Earle, Rod (2009). Living in a box: young men’s prison identities. In: Taylor, Wayne; Earle, Rod and Hester, Richard eds. Youth Justice Handbook: Theory, Policy and Practice. Cullompton, UK: Willan.

2008To Top

Earle, Rod (2008). Referral Orders. In: Goldson, Barry ed. The Youth Justice Dictionary. Abingdon: Willan Publishing.

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Earle, Rod (2005). The Referral Order. In: Bateman, Tim and Pitts, John eds. The Russell House Companion to Youth Justice. Dorset: Russell House Publishing, pp. 101–105.

Earle, Rod (2005). Book review 'Comparative Criminal Justice' by Frances Pakes. Criminology and Criminal Justice, 5(1) pp. 103–105.

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Newburn, Tim; Crawford, Adam; Earle, Rod; Goldie, Shelagh; Hale, Chris; Hallam, Angela; Masters, Guy; Netten, Ann; Saunders, Robin; Sharpe, Karen and Uglow, Steve (2002). The Introduction of Referral Orders into the Youth Justice System: Final report. Home Office.

Earle, Rod; Newburn, Tim and Crawford, Adam (2002). Referral Orders: Some Reflections on Policy Transfer and 'What Works'. Youth Justice, 2(3) pp. 141–150.

2001To Top

Newburn, Tim; Crawford, Adam; Earle, Rod; Goldie, Shelagh; Hale, Chris; Masters, Guy; Netten, Ann; Saunders, Robin; Sharpe, Karen and Uglow, Steve (2001). The introduction of referral orders into the youth justice system: first interim report. Home Office.


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