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Yurt, Oznur; Metehan Feridun, Sorkun and Juliana, Hsuan (2023). Modularization of the Front-End Logistics Services in e-Fulfillment. Journal of Business Logistics, 44(4) pp. 583–608.

Kars-Unluoglu, Selen; Guneri Cangarli, Burcu; Yurt, Oznur and Gencer, Mehmet (2023). Migrants as “dissonant harmony-seekers” and migrant life in “foam”. Journal of Global Mobility, 11(1) pp. 125–144.

Sorkun, Metehan Feridun; Yurt, Oznur and Hsuan, Juliana (2022). Service modularity in e-learning programs: an analysis from the perceived usefulness perspective. International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 42(5) pp. 637–660.

Gurbuz, Mustafa Cagri; Yurt, Oznur; Ozdemir, Sena; Sena, Vania and Yu, Wantao (2022). Global supply chains risks and COVID-19: Supply chain structure as a mitigating strategy for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Journal of Business Research, 155(Part B), article no. 113407.

Tabaklar, Tunca; Sorkun, Metehan Feridun; Yurt, Oznur and Yu, Wantao (2021). Exploring the microfoundations of dynamic capabilities for social innovation in a humanitarian aid supply network setting. Industrial Marketing Management, 96 pp. 147–162.

Yurt, Oznur; Kato, Laszlo; Jarmai, Karoly and Aglamaz, Ebru (2019). Analysis and optimisation of an olive oil supply chain: a case from Turkey. International Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Management and Informatics, 5(1) pp. 59–79.

Bal, M.; Ozpeynirci, O. and Yurt, O. (2019). International Cooperation on Airborne Forest Fire-Fighting: Opportunities for Turkey and Greece. International Journal of Ecology & Development, 34(1) pp. 61–74.

Yildirim, Cansu; Sevil Oflaç, Bengu and Yurt, Oznur (2018). The doer effect of failure and recovery in multi-agent cases: service supply chain perspective. Journal of Service Theory and Practice, 28(3) pp. 274–297.

Yurt, Oznur and Karabas, Ismail (2016). Internationalisation process of a worldwide leading company - Get More Electronics: a teaching case study. International Journal of Teaching and Case Studies, 7(1) pp. 1–14.

Gocer, Aysu; Yumurtaci, Isik Ozge; Yurt, Oznur and Baltacioglu, Tuncdan (2015). A new framework for supply chain risk management through supply chain management capability. Journal of Administrative Sciences-Yonetim Bilimleri Dergisi, 13(26) pp. 151–174.

Andiç, Esen; Yurt, Oznur and Baltacıoğlu, Tunçdan (2012). Green supply chains: Efforts and potential applications for the Turkish market. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 58 pp. 50–68.

Mena, Carlos; Adenso-Diaz, B. and Yurt, Oznur (2011). The causes of food waste in the supplier–retailer interface: Evidences from the UK and Spain. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 55(6) pp. 648–658.

Christopher, Martin; Mena, Carlos; Khan, Omera and Yurt, Oznur (2011). Approaches to managing global sourcing risk. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 16(2) pp. 67–81.

Demirbag Kaplan, Melike; Yurt, Oznur; Guneri, Burcu and Kurtulus, Kemal (2010). Branding places: applying brand personality concept to cities. European Journal of Marketing, 44(9/10) pp. 1286–1304.

Yurt, Oznur; D. Kaplan, Melike; Yumurtaci, Işık Özge and Baltacioğlu, Tunçdan (2010). Brand elevation in supply chains. İktisat İşletme ve Finans, 25(291) pp. 79–94.

Guneri, Burcu; Yurt, Oznur and Kaplan, Melike Demirbag (2009). The Influence of Children on Family Purchasing Decisions in Turkey. Asian Journal of Marketing, 3 pp. 20–32.

Ozcam Adivar, Burcu and Yurt, Oznur (2009). Line‐haul optimization of OFLT Inc. Journal of Advances in Management Research, 6(2) pp. 206–219.

Baltacioglu, Tuncdan; Ada, Erhan; Kaplan, Melike D.; Yurt, Oznur and Cem Kaplan, Y. (2007). A New Framework for Service Supply Chains. The Service Industries Journal, 27(2) pp. 105–124.

Var, Turgut; Kaplan, Melike Demirbag and Yurt, Oznur (2006). Challenges and Opportunities of Developing Wine Tourism in a Small Community in Turkey. e-Review of Tourism Research (eRTR), 4(1) pp. 9–18.

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Liu, Qi; Yu, Wantao and Yurt, Oznur (2022). Entrepreneurial orientation, supply chain viability, and financial performance: A conceptual framework. In: 29th EurOMA Conference 2022: Brilliance in resilience: operations and supply chain management's role in achieving a sustainable future, 1-6 Jul 2022, Berlin, Germany.

Opiyo, M.; Yurt, O.; Mukami, M.; Orina, P.; Yu, W.; Yuce, B. and Jensen, J. (2022). Exploring digital supply chain solutions for improving farmed fish distribution in Kenya. In: LRN (Logistics Research Network) 2022, 7-9 Sep 2022, Birmingham, U.K..


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