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Alderton, Tony; Bloor, Michael; Kahveci, Erol; Lane, Tony; Sampson, Helen; Thomas, Michelle; Winchester, Nik; Wu, Bin and Zhao, Minghua (2004). The Global Seafarer: Living and Working Conditions in Globalized Industry. Geneva: ILO.

Winchester, Nik and Alderton, Tony (2003). Flag State Audit 2003. Cardiff: Seafarers International Research Centre (SIRC), Cardiff University.

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Alderton, Tony and Winchester, Nik (2002). Internationale Regulierung und die Praxis von Flagenstaaten. Eine global vergleichende Analyse.

[International regulation and the practice of flag states: A global comparative analysis].
In: Gerstenberger, Heide and Welke, Ulrich eds. Seefahrt im Zeichen der Globalisierung. Münster: Westfälisches Dampfboot, pp. 180–196.

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Bailey, Nick; Winchester, Nik and Ellis, Neil (2023). What is your intention? Tacit knowledge and community-based learning for collision avoidance in the global maritime industry. Journal of Vocational Education & Training (Early Access).

Bell, Emma; Winchester, Nik and Wray-Bliss, Edward (2021). Enchantment in Business Ethics Research. Journal of Business Ethics, 174 pp. 251–262.

Anner, Mark; Greer, Ian; Hauptmeier, Marco; Lillie, Nathan and Winchester, Nik (2014). Determinantes industriais da solidariedade transnacional: política intersindical global em três setores. Estudos Avançados, 28(81) pp. 229–250.

Anner, Mark; Greer, Ian; Hauptmeier, Marco; Lillie, Nathan and Winchester, Nik (2006). The industrial determinants of transnational solidarity: global interunion politics in three sectors. European Journal of Industrial Relations, 12(1) pp. 7–27.

Winchester, N. (2003). Open registers, zelfregulering en criminaliteit. Justitiele Verkenningen (Criminaliteit op zee), 2003/2 pp. 71–85.

Alderton, Tony and Winchester, Nik (2002). Globalisation and de-regulation in the maritime industry. Marine Policy, 26(1) pp. 35–43.

Alderton, Tony and Winchester, Nik (2002). Flag states and safety: 1997-1999. Maritime Policy & Management, 29(2) pp. 151–162.

Alderton, Tony and Winchester, Nik (2002). Regulation, representation and the flag market. Journal for Maritime Research, 4(1) pp. 89–105.

Winchester, Nik (1999). Speed as metaphysics. History of the Human Sciences, 12(3) pp. 159–166.

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Winchester, Nik (2016). Toward an ethics of inter-organisational collaboration. In: 30th Annual British Academy of Management Conference 2016 (BAM2016), 06-08 Sep 2016, Newcastle University.

Smolovic-Jones, S.; Smolovic Jones, O.; Winchester, N. and Grint, K. (2014). Theorising moral-collaborative leadership, or, direction-less-than-domination: Gramsci and beyond. In: 13th International Studying Leadership Conference, 14-16 Dec 2014, The Copenhagen Business School.

Winchester, Nik James and Bailey, Nicholas (2012). The return of cultural dopes? Cultural explanations and the problem of agency. In: BAM 2012: Management Research Revisted: Prospects for Theory and Practice, 11-13 Sep 2012, Cardiff, UK.

Winchester, Nik and Bailey, Nicholas (2010). Making sense of global social justice. In: British Sociological Association Annual Conference, 7-9 Apr 2010, Glasgow Caledonian University.

Emberson, Caroline; Gould, Nick; Hearne, Pam; Huxham, Chris; Knight, Louise; Vangen, Siv and Winchester, Nik (2009). Teaching collaboration: Theory, principles and practices using games and simulations. In: British Academy of Management Annual Conference, 15-17 Sep 2009, Brighton, University of Brighton.

Vangen, Siv and Winchester, Nik (2007). An exploration of culture in cross-national collaborations. In: British Academy of Management annuan conference, 11-13 Sep 2007, Warwick.

Vangen, Siv and Winchester, Nik (2007). Managing culture in cross-national collaborations. In: EURAM annual conference, 16-18 May 2007, Paris.

Anner, M.; Greer, I.; Hauptmeier, M.; Lillie, N. and Winchester, N. (2005). Transnational worker strategies in the global automobile, textile/garment and seafarer industry. In: 2005 IIRA Annual Conference, 6-9 Jan 2005.

Winchester, Nik (2005). Global regulation of seafarer certification. In: Proceedings of the Seafarers International Research Centre’s Fourth International Symposium, pp. 7–27.

Anner, Mark; Greer, Ian; Hauptmeier, Marco; Lillie, Nathan and Winchester, Nik (2004). Industrial determinants of transnational solidarity: global union politics in shipping, autos and apparel. In: Union Renewal in an International Economy, 14-15 May 2004, Brussels.

Winchester, N. and Lillie, N. (2004). Seafarers, regulation and the practice of sovereignty. In: Work, Employment and Society Conference, 1-3 Sep 2004, University of Manchester.

Winchester, Nik (2003). Regulation and sovereign privilege: international regulation in the maritime industry. In: Review of International Political Economy Conference on Global Regulation, 29-31 May 2003, University of Sussex.

Alderton, Tony and Winchester, Nik (2001). Flag state conformance: a comparative global analysis. In: Globalisierung und Seefahrt Conference, 22-23 Jun 2001, University of Bremen.

Winchester, Nik (2001). Dropping out of the network: seafarers, international regulation and the exercise of sovereignty. In: Networks and Transformations, International Conference organised by The Global Studies Association, 2-4 Jul 2001, Manchester, UK.

Alderton, Tony and Winchester, Nik (2001). The flag state audit. In: Proceedings of SIRC'S Second Symposium, pp. 91–110.

Winchester, Nik (1999). Weber, progress and the fin de siècle. In: British Sociological Association Max Weber Conference, 12-14 Sep 1999, University of Derby.

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Winchester, N.; Sampson, H. and Shelly, T. (2006). An Analysis of Crewing Levels: Findings from the SIRC Global Labour Market Survey. Seafarers International Research Centre (SIRC), Cardiff.


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