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Cross, Nigel (2018). Expertise in Professional Design. In: Ericsson, K. Anders; Hoffman, Robert R.; Kozbelt, Aaron and Williams, A. Mark eds. Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance (2nd ed). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 372–388.

Cross, Nigel (2018). Developing design as a discipline. Journal of Engineering Design, 29(12) pp. 691–708.

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Cross, Nigel (2010). Understanding design thinking. In: Guerrini, Luca ed. Notes on Doctoral Research in Design: Contributions from the Politecnico di Milano. Serie di architettura e design. Strumenti. Milan: FrancoAngeli, pp. 19–38.

Cross, Nigel (2010). Design Thinking as a Form of Intelligence. In: Interpreting Design Thinking (Dorst, Kees and Stewart, Susan eds.), Design Thinking Research Symposia, Design, Architecture & Building, University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia, pp. 99–106.

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Cross, Nigel (2007). From a design science to a design discipline: understanding designerly ways of knowing and thinking. In: Michel, Ralf ed. Design Research Now: Essays and Selected Projects. Basel: Birkhauser, pp. 41–54.

Lloyd, Peter; McDonnell, Janet and Cross, Nigel (2007). Analysing design behaviour: The design thinking research symposia series. In: Proceedings of 2nd International Association of Design Research Societies (IASDR) Conference, 12-15 Nov 2007, Hong Kong.

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Cross, Nigel (2006). Designerly Ways of Knowing. London: Springer-Verlag.

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Cross, Nigel (2002). The nature and nurture of design ability. In: Owen-Jackson, Gwyneth ed. Design and Technology in Secondary Schools. Routledge.

Cross, Nigel (2002). Creative cognition in design: processes of exceptional designers. In: Hewett, Tom and Kavanagh, Terence eds. Creativity and cognition. New York, USA: ACM Press, pp. 14–19.

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Cross, Nigel (2001). Design cognition: results from protocol and other empirical studies of design activity. In: Eastman, C.; Newstatter, W. and McCracken, M. eds. Design knowing and learning: cognition in design education. Oxford, UK: Elsevier, pp. 79–103.

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Cross, Nigel (1996). The Method in Their Madness: Understanding how designers think. In: Valedictory Speech, 8 Nov 1996, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology.

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Cross, Nigel (1992). Research in Design Thinking. In: Cross, Nigel; Dorst, Kees and Roozenburg, Norbert eds. Research in Design Thinking. Delft, the Netherlands: Delft University Press, pp. 3–10.

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Cross, Nigel (1982). Designerly ways of knowing. Design Studies, 3(4) pp. 221–227.

Cross, Nigel (1982). Designerly Ways of Knowing. Design Education Research Note 9; Design Education Research Programme, Design Discipline, The Open University.

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Cross, Nigel and Nathenson, Michael (1981). Cognitive Styles in Learning and Designing. Design Education Research Note 6; Design Education Research Programme, Design Discipline, The Open University.

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