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Barnes, J. R.; Standing, M. R.; Haswell, C. A.; Staab, D.; Doherty, J. P. J.; Waller-Bridge, M.; Fossati, L.; Soto, M.; Anglada-Escudé, G.; Llama, J.; McCune, C. and Lewis, F. W. (2023). DMPP-4: Candidate sub-Neptune mass planets orbiting a naked-eye star. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society [Early Access].

Baycroft, Thomas A; Triaud, Amaury H M J; Faria, João; Correia, Alexandre C M and Standing, Matthew R (2023). Improving circumbinary planet detections by fitting their binary’s apsidal precession. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 521(2) pp. 1871–1879.

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Coleman, Gavin A L; Nelson, Richard P; Triaud, Amaury H M J and Standing, Matthew R. (2023). Constraining the formation history of the TOI-1338/BEBOP-1 circumbinary planetary system. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 527(1) pp. 414–427.

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Swayne, M I; Maxted, P F L; Triaud, A H M J; Sousa, S G; Deline, A; Ehrenreich, D; Hoyer, S; Olofsson, G; Boisse, I; Duck, A; Gill, S; Martin, D; McCormac, J; Persson, C M; Santerne, A; Sebastian, D; Standing, M R; Acuña, L; Alibert, Y; Alonso, R; Anglada, G; Bárczy, T; Barrado Navascues, D; Barros, S C C; Baumjohann, W; Baycroft, T A; Beck, M; Beck, T; Benz, W; Billot, N; Bonfils, X; Borsato, L; Bourrier, V; Brandeker, A; Broeg, C; Carmona, A; Charnoz, S; Collier Cameron, A; Cortés-Zuleta, P; Csizmadia, Sz; Cubillos, P E; Davies, M B; Deleuil, M; Delfosse, X; Delrez, L; Demangeon, O D S; Demory, B -O; Dransfield, G; Erikson, A; Fortier, A; Forveille, T; Fossati, L; Fridlund, M; Gandolfi, D; Gillon, M; Güdel, M; Günther, M N; Hara, N; Hébrard, G; Heidari, N; Hellier, C; Helling, Ch; Isaak, K G; Kerschbaum, F; Kiefer, F; Kiss, L L; Kunovac, V; Lalitha, S; Lam, K W F; Laskar, J; Lecavelier des Etangs, A; Lendl, M; Magrin, D; Marafatto, L; Martioli, E; Miller, N J; Mordasini, C; Moutou, C; Nascimbeni, V; Ottensamer, R; Pagano, I; Pallé, E; Peter, G; Piazza, D; Piotto, G; Pollacco, D; Queloz, D; Ragazzoni, R; Rando, N; Rauer, H; Ribas, I; Santos, N C; Scandariato, G; Ségransan, D; Simon, A E; Smith, A M S; Southworth, R; Stalport, M; Szabó, Gy M; Thomas, N; Udry, S; Ulmer, B; Van Grootel, V; Venturini, J; Walton, N A; Willett, E and Wilson, T G (2024). The EBLM Project– XI. Mass, radius, and effective temperature measurements for 23 M-dwarf companions to solar-type stars observed with CHEOPS. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 528(4) pp. 5703–5722.

Standing, Matthew R.; Sairam, Lalitha; Martin, David V.; Triaud, Amaury H. M. J.; Correia, Alexandre C. M.; Coleman, Gavin A. L.; Baycroft, Thomas A.; Kunovac, Vedad; Boisse, Isabelle; Cameron, Andrew Collier; Dransfield, Georgina; Faria, João P.; Gillon, Michaël; Hara, Nathan C.; Hellier, Coel; Howard, Jonathan; Lane, Ellie; Mardling, Rosemary; Maxted, Pierre F. L.; Miller, Nicola J.; Nelson, Richard P.; Orosz, Jerome A.; Pepe, Franscesco; Santerne, Alexandre; Sebastian, Daniel; Udry, Stéphane and Welsh, William F. (2023). Radial-velocity discovery of a second planet in the TOI-1338/BEBOP-1 circumbinary system. Nature Astronomy, 7 pp. 702–714.

Sairam, Lalitha; Triaud, Amaury H M J; Baycroft, Thomas A; Orosz, Jerome; Boisse, Isabelle; Heidari, Neda; Sebastian, Daniel; Dransfield, Georgina; Martin, David V; Santerne, Alexandre and Standing, Matthew R. (2023). New methods for radial-velocity measurements of double-lined binaries, and detection of a circumbinary planet orbiting TIC 172900988. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 527(2) pp. 2261–2278.


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