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Feige, J.; Airo, A.; Berger, D.; Brückner, D.; Gärtner, A.; Genge, M.; Leya, I.; Habibi Marekani, F.; Hecht, L.; Klingner, N.; Lachner, J.; Li, X.; Merchel, S.; Nissen, J.; Patzer, A. B. C.; Peterson, S.; Schropp, A.; Sager, C.; Suttle, M. D.; Trappitsch, R. and Weinhold, J. (2024). Transport of dust across the Solar System: Constraints on the spatial origin of individual micrometeorites from cosmic-ray exposure. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 382(2273), article no. 20230197.

Russell, Sara S.; King, Ashley J.; Bates, Helena C.; Almeida, Natasha V.; Greenwood, Richard C.; Daly, Luke; Joy, Katherine H.; Rowe, Jim; Salge, Tobias; Smith, Caroline L.; Grindrod, P.; Boazman, S.; Bond, L.; Bond, V.; Casey, C.; Dickeson, Z.; Ensor, G.; Farrelly, S.; Godfrey, P.; Hallis, L. J.; Ihász, M. B.; Kirk, D.; Jackson, L.; Lee, M. R.; Mayne, B.; McMullan, S.; Mounsey, A.; Mounsey, S. E.; Mounsey, S.; Motaghian, S.; Naqvi, S.; O'Brien, Á.; Pickersgill, A.; Skilton, D.; Spencer, I.; Stephen, N. R.; Suttle, F.; Suttle, M. D.; Tartese, R.; Weir, C.; Wilcock, Cathryn; Wilcock, Hannah and Wilcock, Rob (2024). Recovery and curation of the Winchcombe (CM2) meteorite. Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 59(5) pp. 973–987.

Greenwood, R. C.; Findlay, R.; Martins, R.; Steele, R. C. J.; Shaw, K. M. M.; Morton, E.; Savage, P. S.; Murphy, M. E.; Rehkämper, M.; Franchi, I. A.; Elliott, T.; Suttle, M. D.; King, A. J.; Anand, M.; Malley, J.; Howard, K. T.; Zhao, X.; Johnson, D.; Liu, M.‐C.; McCain, K. A. and Stephen, N. R. (2024). The formation and aqueous alteration of CM2 chondrites and their relationship to CO3 chondrites: A fresh isotopic (O, Cd, Cr, Si, Te, Ti, and Zn) perspective from the Winchcombe CM2 fall. Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 59(5) pp. 1170–1193.

Daly, Luke; Suttle, Martin D.; Lee, Martin R.; Bridges, John; Hicks, Leon; Martin, Pierre‐Etienne M. C.; Floyd, Cameron J.; Jenkins, Laura E.; Salge, Tobias; King, Ashley J.; Almeida, Natasha V.; Johnson, Diane; Trimby, Patrick W.; Mansour, Haithem; Wadsworth, Fabian B.; Rollinson, Gavyn; Genge, Matthew J.; Darling, James; Bagot, Paul A. J.; White, Lee F.; Stephen, Natasha R.; Mitchell, Jennifer T.; Griffin, Sammy; Willcocks, Francesca M.; Jones, Rhian; Piazolo, Sandra; Einsle, Joshua F.; Macente, Alice; Hallis, Lydia J.; O'Brien, Aine; Schofield, Paul F.; Russell, Sara S.; Bates, Helena; Smith, Caroline; Franchi, Ian; Forman, Lucy V.; Bland, Phil A.; Westmoreland, David; Anderson, Iain; Taylor, Richard; Montgomery, Mark; Parsons, Mark; Vasseur, Jérémie; van Ginneken, Matthias; Wozniakiewicz, Penelope J.; Burchell, Mark J.; Hallatt, Daniel; Alesbrook, Luke S.; Spathis, Vassilia; Worden, Richard; Behnsen, Julie and Black, Kate (2024). Brecciation at the grain scale within the lithologies of the Winchcombe Mighei‐like carbonaceous chondrite. Meteoritics & Planetary Science (early access).

Walton, Craig R.; Rigley, Jessica K.; Lipp, Alexander; Law, Robert; Suttle, Martin D.; Schönbächler, Maria; Wyatt, Mark and Shorttle, Oliver (2024). Cosmic dust fertilization of glacial prebiotic chemistry on early Earth. Nature Astronomy (early access).

van Ginneken, Matthias; Wozniakiewicz, Penelope J.; Brownlee, Donald E.; Debaille, Vinciane; Della Corte, Vincenzo; Delauche, Lucie; Duprat, Jean; Engrand, Cecile; Folco, Luigi; Fries, Marc; Gattacceca, Jérôme; Genge, Matthew J.; Goderis, Steven; Gounelle, Matthieu; Harvey, Ralph P.; Jonker, Guido; Krämer Ruggiu, Lisa; Larsen, Jon; Lever, James H.; Noguchi, Takaaki; Peterson, Scott; Rochette, Pierre; Rojas, Julien; Rotundi, Alessandra; Rudraswami, N. G.; Suttle, Martin; Taylor, Susan; Van Maldeghem, Flore and Zolensky, Michael (2024). Micrometeorite collections: a review and their current status. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 382(2273), article no. 20230195.

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Suttle, M. D.; King, A. J.; Harrison, C. S.; Chan, Q. H. S.; Greshake, A.; Bartoschewitz, R.; Tomkins, A. G.; Salge, T.; Schofield, P. F. and Russell, S. S. (2023). The mineralogy and alteration history of the Yamato-type (CY) carbonaceous chondrites. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 361 pp. 245–264.

Ma, Chi; Hu, Jinping; Suttle, Martin D.; Guan, Yunbin; Sharp, Thomas G.; Asimow, Paul D.; Steinhardt, Paul J. and Bindi, Luca (2023). Al‐Cu‐Fe alloys in the solar system: Going inside a Khatyrka‐like micrometeorite (KT01) from the Nubian desert, Sudan. Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 58(11) pp. 1642–1653.

Suttle, M.D.; Campanale, F.; Folco, L.; Tavazzani, L.; Meier, M.M.M.; Miller, C.G.; Hughes, G.; Genge, M.J.; Salge, T.; Spratt, J. and Anand, M. (2023). Fossil micrometeorites from Monte dei Corvi: Searching for dust from the Veritas asteroid family and the utility of micrometeorites as a palaeoclimate proxy. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 355 pp. 75–88.

Suttle, M. D.; Daly, L.; Jones, R. H.; Jenkins, L.; Van Ginneken, M.; Mitchell, J. T.; Bridges, J. C.; Hicks, L. J.; Johnson, D.; Rollinson, G.; Taylor, R.; Genge, M. J.; Schröder, C.; Trimby, P.; Mansour, H.; Piazolo, S.; Bonsall, E.; Salge, T.; Heard, R.; Findlay, R.; King, A. J.; Bates, H. C.; Lee, M. R.; Stephen, N. R.; Willcocks, F. M.; Greenwood, R C.; Franchi, I. A.; Russell, S. S.; Harrison, C. S.; Schofield, P. F.; Almeida, N. V.; Floyd, C.; Martin, P.‐E.; Joy, K. H.; Wozniakiewicz, P. J.; Hallatt, D.; Burchell, M. J.; Alesbrook, L. S.; Spathis, V.; Cornwell, L. T. and Dignam, A. (2023). The Winchcombe meteorite—A regolith breccia from a rubble pile CM chondrite asteroid. Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 59(5) pp. 1043–1067.

Froh, Victoria; Bose, Maitrayee; Suttle, Martin D.; Nava, Jacopo; Folco, Luigi; Williams, Lynda B. and Castillo-Rogez, Julie (2023). Water-rich C-type asteroids as early solar system carbonate factories. Icarus, 391, article no. 115300.

Genge, Matthew J.; Alesbrook, Luke; Almeida, Natasha V.; Bates, Helena C.; Bland, Phil A.; Boyd, Mark R.; Burchell, Mark J.; Collins, Gareth S.; Cornwell, Luke T.; Daly, Luke; Devillepoix, Hadrien A. R.; van Ginneken, Matthias; Greshake, Ansgar; Hallatt, Daniel; Hamann, Christopher; Hecht, Lutz; Jenkins, Laura E.; Johnson, Diane; Jones, Rosie; King, Ashley J.; Mansour, Haithem; McMullan, Sarah; Mitchell, Jennifer T.; Rollinson, Gavyn; Russell, Sara S.; Schröder, Christian; Stephen, Natasha R.; Suttle, Martin D.; Tandy, Jon D.; Trimby, Patrick; Sansom, Eleanor K.; Spathis, Vassilia; Willcocks, Francesca M. and Wozniakiewicz, Penelope J. (2023). The fusion crust of the Winchcombe meteorite: A preserved record of atmospheric entry processes. Meteoritics & Planetary Science (Early access).

McMullan, Sarah; Vida, Denis; Devillepoix, Hadrien A. R.; Rowe, Jim; Daly, Luke; King, Ashley J.; Cupák, Martin; Howie, Robert M.; Sansom, Eleanor K.; Shober, Patrick; Towner, Martin C.; Anderson, Seamus; McFadden, Luke; Horák, Jana; Smedley, Andrew R. D.; Joy, Katherine H.; Shuttleworth, Alan; Colas, Francois; Zanda, Brigitte; O'Brien, Áine C.; McMullan, Ian; Shaw, Clive; Suttle, Adam; Suttle, Martin D.; Young, John S.; Campbell‐Burns, Peter; Kacerek, Richard; Bassom, Richard; Bosley, Steve; Fleet, Richard; Jones, Dave; McIntyre, Mark; James, Nick; Robson, Derek; Dickinson, Paul; Bland, Philip A. and Collins, Gareth S. (2023). The Winchcombe fireball—That lucky survivor. Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 59(5) pp. 927–947.

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Suttle, M.D.; Folco, L.; Dionnet, Z.; Van Ginneken, M.; Di Rocco, T.; Pack, A.; Scheel, M. and Rotundi, A. (2022). Isotopically Heavy Micrometeorites—Fragments of CY Chondrite or a New Hydrous Parent Body? Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 127(8), article no. e2021JE007154.

Russell, Sara S; Salge, Tobias; King, Ashley; Daly, Luke; Joy, Katherine; Bates, Helena; Almeida, Natasha V; Suttle, Martin and Schofield, Paul (2022). The Winchcombe CM2 Meteorite Fall: Curation and Preliminary Analysis. Microscopy and Microanalysis, 28(S1) pp. 2732–2733.

Dionnet, Zélia; Aléon‐Toppani, Alice and (2022). Multiscale correlated analysis of the Aguas Zarcas CM chondrite. Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 57(5) pp. 965–988.

Suttle, M.D.; King, A.J.; Ramkissoon, N.K.; Bonato, E.; Franchi, I.A.; Malley, J.; Schofield, P.F.; Najorka, J.; Salge, T. and Russell, S.S. (2022). Alteration conditions on the CM and CV parent bodies – Insights from hydrothermal experiments with the CO chondrite Kainsaz. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 318 pp. 83–111.

Folco, L.; Carone, L.; D'Orazio, M.; Cordier, C.; Suttle, M. D.; van Ginneken, M. and Masotta, M. (2022). Microscopic impactor debris at Kamil Crater (Egypt): the origin of the Fe-Ni oxide spherules. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (Early Access).

King, Ashley J.; Daly, Luke; Rowe, James; Joy, Katherine H.; Greenwood, Richard C.; Devillepoix, Hadrien A. R.; Suttle, Martin D.; Chan, Queenie H. S.; Russell, Sara S.; Bates, Helena C.; Bryson, James F. J.; Clay, Patricia L.; Vida, Denis; Lee, Martin R.; O’Brien, Áine; Hallis, Lydia J.; Stephen, Natasha R.; Tartèse, Romain; Sansom, Eleanor K.; Towner, Martin C.; Cupak, Martin; Shober, Patrick M.; Bland, Phil A.; Findlay, Ross; Franchi, Ian A.; Verchovsky, Alexander B.; Abernethy, Feargus A. J.; Grady, Monica M.; Floyd, Cameron J.; Van Ginneken, Matthias; Bridges, John; Hicks, Leon J.; Jones, Rhian H.; Mitchell, Jennifer T.; Genge, Matthew J.; Jenkins, Laura; Martin, Pierre-Etienne; Sephton, Mark A.; Watson, Jonathan S.; Salge, Tobias; Shirley, Katherine A.; Curtis, Rowan J.; Warren, Tristram J.; Bowles, Neil E.; Stuart, Finlay M.; Di Nicola, Luigia; Györe, Domokos; Boyce, Adrian J.; Shaw, Kathryn M. M.; Elliott, Tim; Steele, Robert C. J.; Povinec, Pavel; Laubenstein, Matthias; Sanderson, David; Cresswell, Alan; Jull, Anthony J. T.; Sýkora, Ivan; Sridhar, Sanjana; Harrison, Richard J.; Willcocks, Francesca M.; Harrison, Catherine S.; Hallatt, Daniel; Wozniakiewicz, Penny J.; Burchell, Mark J.; Alesbrook, Luke S.; Dignam, Aishling; Almeida, Natasha V.; Smith, Caroline L.; Clark, Brett; Humphreys-Williams, Emma R.; Schofield, Paul F.; Cornwell, Luke T.; Spathis, Vassilia; Morgan, Geraint H.; Perkins, Mark J.; Kacerek, Richard; Campbell-Burns, Peter; Colas, Francois; Zanda, Brigitte; Vernazza, Pierre; Bouley, Sylvain; Jeanne, Simon; Hankey, Mike; Collins, Gareth S.; Young, John S.; Shaw, Clive; Horak, Jana; Jones, Dave; James, Nick; Bosley, Steve; Shuttleworth, Alan; Dickinson, Paul; McMullan, Ian; Robson, Derek; Smedley, Andrew R. D.; Stanley, Ben; Bassom, Richard; McIntyre, Mark; Suttle, Adam A.; Fleet, Richard; Bastiaens, Luc; Ihász, Míra B.; McMullan, Sarah; Boazman, Sarah J.; Dickeson, Zach I.; Grindrod, Peter M.; Pickersgill, Annemarie E.; Weir, Colin J.; Suttle, Fiona M.; Farrelly, Sarah; Spencer, Ieun; Naqvi, Sheeraz; Mayne, Ben; Skilton, Dan; Kirk, Dan; Mounsey, Ann; Mounsey, Sally E.; Mounsey, Sarah; Godfrey, Pamela; Bond, Lachlan; Bond, Victoria; Wilcock, Cathryn; Wilcock, Hannah and Wilcock, Rob (2022). The Winchcombe meteorite, a unique and pristine witness from the outer solar system. Science Advances, 8(46), article no. eabq392.


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