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Hultgren, Kristina and Nao, Marion (2022). Sociolinguistics and the Political Economy: Ways forward/Tracing the Causes of English as a Medium of Instruction through Process Tracing. In: Sociolinguistics Symposium 24 - Inside and Beyond Binaries, 13-16 Jul 2022, Ghent University, Belgium.

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Nao, Marion (2020). Insights into the Workings of an Epistemic Frame Trap. The Imperfect Cognitions Network.

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Nao, Marion (2018). [Book Review] Musolff, Andreas & Jörg Zinken (eds.) (2015, pb). Metaphor and Discourse. Journal of Language and Politics, 17(4) pp. 573–575.

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Nao, Marion (2013). 'The lady doth protest too much': The use of gendered idiom to unequal ends in interaction. In: The Lady Doth Protest: Mapping Feminist Movements, Moments and Mobilizations (FWSA), 21-23 Jun 2013, Nottingham University, Nottingham.

Nao, Marion (2013). The preallocation of student topic nomination and negotiated compliance in conversation-for-learning. Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice, 7(3) pp. 251–272.

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Nao, Marion (2012). 'What's in a frame?': Single play as collaborative action. In: Discourse, Communication, Conversation: An Anniversary Conference (DARG & CAMARG), 22-23 Mar 2012, Loughborough University, Loughborough.

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Nao, Marion (2011). We gotta talk about something, right?’: Topic as metacommunication in first-time encounters between teachers and students in a conversation lounge. In: Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice (ALAPP), 23-24 Jun 2011, Cardiff University, Cardiff.

Nao, Marion (2011). Signalling expectations on topic nomination in teacher-student interaction: Insights from a pragmatics of metacommunication. In: Invited talk at Language Education Research Seminar Series, 2011, Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh.

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Nao, Marion (2010). The foreign teacher in conversation: Cross-cultural reduction at the intersection of topic and didactic footing. In: Sociolinguistics Symposium 18, 1-4 Nov 2010, University of Southampton, Southampton.

Nao, Marion (2010). Navigating a ‘local’ conversational trajectory in a ‘globally’ framed institutional event: The pre-allocation of student topic nomination in L2 conversation-for-learning. In: 43rd Annual Meeting of the British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL), 9-11 Sep 2010, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen.

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Nao, Marion (2007). Constructing parity through topic negotiation in an L2 ‘conversation for learning’ activity. In: 17th International Conference on Pragmatics and Language Learning, 26-28 Mar 2007, University of Hawai’i at Manoa, Hawai’i.

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Gaskill, Marion (2004). Using focus group discussions for educational research. In: Selected Presentation Summaries of the 24th Annual Thailand TESOL International Conference, Thailand TESOL.

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Gaskill, Marion (2003). Investigating communicative stereotypes: learners’ perspectives on sociopragmatic norms. In: TUJ Applied Linguistics Colloquium 2003, 16 Feb 2003, Temple University, Tokyo.

Gaskill, Marion (2003). Raising pragmatic consciousness through ‘Oral Communication’. Studies in Linguistics and Language Teaching(14) pp. 71–92.

Gaskill, Marion (2003). Degrees of causality: Feminist language reform and linguistic determinism. Kanda University of International Studies Journal(15) pp. 353–366.

Gaskill, Marion (2003). The Self-Access Learning Centre Research Project. Studies in Linguistics and Language Teaching(14) pp. 262–269.


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