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Hardwick, Lorna (2018). The poetics of cultural memory: WWI refractions of ancient peace. Classical Receptions Journal, 10(4) pp. 393–414.

Hardwick, Lorna (2011). Fuzzy connections: classical texts and modern poetry in English. In: Parker, Jan and Mathews, Timothy eds. Tradition,Translation,Trauma: The Classic and the Modern. Classical Presences. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 39–60.

Hardwick, Lorna (2011). Antigone's journey: from Athens to Edinburgh via Athens and Tbilisi. In: Mee, Erin B. and Foley, Helene P. eds. Antigone on the Contemporary World Stage. Classical Presences. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 392–406.

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Hardwick, Lorna (2010). Lysistratas on the modern stage. In: Stuttard, David ed. Looking at Lysistrata. London: Duckworth, pp. 80–89.

Hardwick, Lorna (2009). Is 'the Frail Silken Line' worth more than 'a Fart in a Bearskin'? or, how translation practice matters in poetry and drama. In: Harrison, S. J. ed. Living Classics: Greece and Rome in Contemporary Poetry in English. Classical presences. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 172–193.

Hardwick, Lorna (2009). Can (modern) poets do classical drama? The case of Ted Hughes. In: Rees, Roger ed. Ted Hughes and the Classics. Classical Presences. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, pp. 39–61.

Hardwick, Lorna (2008). Translated Classics: Vibrant Hybrids or Shattered Icons? In: lianeri, Alexandra and Zajko, Vanda eds. Translation and the Classics: Identity as Change in the History of Culture. Classical Presences. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, pp. 341–366.

Hardwick, Lorna (2007). Decolonising the mind?: Controversial productions of Greek Drama in late Twentieth-Century Britain and Ireland. In: Stray, Christopher ed. Remaking the Classics: literature, genre and media in Britain 1800-2000. London, UK: Duckworth, pp. 89–105.

Hardwick, Lorna (2007). Shades of multi-lingualism and multi-vocalism in modern performances of Greek tragedy in post-colonial contexts. In: Hardwick, Lorna and Gillespie, Carol eds. Classics in Post-Colonial Worlds. Classical Presences. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 305–338.

Hardwick, Lorna (2007). Translating greek tragedy to the modern stage. Theatre Journal, 59(3) pp. 358–361.

Hardwick, Lorna (2007). Singing across the faultlines: cultural shifts in twentieth century receptions of Homer. In: Graziosi, Barbara and Greenwood, Emily eds. Homer in the 20th Century: Between World Literature and the Western Canon. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, pp. 47–71.

Hardwick, Lorna (2007). Contests and Continuities in Classical Traditions: African Migrations in Greek Drama. In: Hilton, John and Gosling, Anne eds. Alma Parens Originalis? The Receptions of Classical Literature and Thought in Africa, Europe, the United States, and Cuba. Oxford, UK: Peter Lang, pp. 43–72.

Hardwick, Lorna (2007). Text and Performance in Ancient Greek Plays on the Modern Stage: The Case of Aristophanes 'Ecclesiazusai'. In: Vivilakis, I. ed. Stephanos: Tribute to Walter Puchner. Athens: Ergo Editions, pp. 493–500.

Hardwick, Lorna (2006). Post-colonial studies. In: Kallendorf, Craig ed. A Companion to the Classical Tradition. Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World. Oxford, UK: Blackwell, pp. 312–327.

Hardwick, Lorna (2006). Remodelling receptions: Greek drama as diaspora in performance. In: Martindale, C. and Thomas, R. eds. Classics and the uses of reception. Classical Receptions. Oxford, UK: Blackwell, pp. 204–215.

Hardwick, Lorna (2006). Staging Sophocles in post-colonial contexts. In: Shiafkalis, Nicos ed. The Influence of Sophocles on Contemporary Theatre. Nicosia: International Theatre Institute, pp. 258–276.

Hardwick, Lorna (2005). Staging Agamemnon: the languages of translation. In: Macintosh, F.; Michelakis, P.; Hall, E. and Taplin, O. eds. Agamemnon in Performance 458 BC to AD 2004. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, pp. 207–222.

Hardwick, Lorna (2005). Refiguring Classical Texts: Aspects of the Postcolonial Condition. In: Goff, Barbara ed. Classics and Colonialism. London, UK: Duckworth, pp. 107–117.

Hardwick, Lorna (2005). The comic in the tragic: parody and critique in modern productions of Euripides’ Hecuba. Documenta (Special issue: The Performance of the Comic - eds Kolk, M. and Decreus, F.)), 23(3) pp. 306–315.

Hardwick, Lorna (2004). Shards and suckers: modern receptions of homer. In: Fowler, Robert ed. The Cambridge companion to homer. The Cambridge Companion. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 344–362.

Hardwick, Lorna (2004). Translating words, Translating Cultures. Classical Inter/Faces. London, U.K.: Duckworth.

Hardwick, Lorna (2004). Greek drama and anti-colonialism: de-colonising classics. In: Hall, E.; Macintosh, F. and Wrigley, A. eds. Dionysus since 69: Greek tragedy at the dawn of the third millennium. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, pp. 219–242.

Hardwick, Lorna (2003). Reception Studies. Greece and Rome: New Surveys in the Classics (33). Oxford, U.K.: Oxford University Press.

Hardwick, Lorna (2001). Who owns the plays?: Issues in the translation and performance of Greek drama on the modern stage. Eirene (Studia Graeca et Latina, Theatralia)(XXXVll, Th) pp. 23–29.

Hardwick, Lorna (2000). Theatres of the mind: Greek tragedy in women's writings in English in the nineteenth century. In: Hardwick, Lorna; Easterling, P.E.; Ireland, S.; Lowe, N. and Macintosh, F. eds. Theatre Ancient and Modern. Milton Keynes, U.K.: Dept of Classical Studies, The Open University, pp. 68–81.

Hardwick, Lorna (1999). Placing Prometheus. In: Hardwick, Lorna ed. Tony Harrison's Poetry, Drama and Film: The Classical Dimension. Milton Keynes, U.K.: Dept of Classical Studies, the Open University, pp. 1–15.


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