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Encarnação, João M.; Rosa, Luis; Rodrigues, Rogério; Pedro, Luisa; da Silva, Frederico Aires; Gonçalves, João and Ferreira, Guilherme N.M. (2007). Piezoelectric biosensors for biorecognition analysis: Application to the kinetic study of HIV-1 Vif protein binding to recombinant antibodies. Journal of Biotechnology, 132(2) pp. 142–148.

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Ferreira, Guilherme N.M.; Encarnação, João M.; Rosa, Luis; Rodrigues, Rogério; Breyner, Roberta; Barrento, Sara; Pedro, Luisa; Aires da Silva, Frederico and Gonçalves, João (2007). Recombinant single-chain variable fragment and single domain antibody piezoimmunosensors for detection of HIV1 virion infectivity factor. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 23(3) pp. 384–392.

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Lesnik, Jake; Antes, Travis; Kim, Jeewon; Griner, Erin and Pedro, Luisa (2016). Registered report: Melanoma exosomes educate bone marrow progenitor cells toward a pro-metastatic phenotype through MET. eLife, 5, article no. e07383.

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Muliaditan, Tamara; Caron, Jonathan; Okesola, Mary; Opzoomer, James W.; Kosti, Paris; Georgouli, Mirella; Gordon, Peter; Lall, Sharanpreet; Kuzeva, Desislava M.; Pedro, Luisa; Shields, Jacqueline D.; Gillett, Cheryl E.; Diebold, Sandra S.; Sanz-Moreno, Victoria; Ng, Tony; Hoste, Esther and Arnold, James N. (2018). Macrophages are exploited from an innate wound healing response to facilitate cancer metastasis. Nature Communications, 9(1), article no. 2951.

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Pedro, L.; Soares, S. S. and Ferreira, G. N. M. (2008). Purification of Bionanoparticles. Chemical Engineering & Technology, 31(6) pp. 815–825.

Pedro, Luisa; Costa, Maria J. L.; de Matos, António P. Alves; Aires-Barros, Maria R.; Belo, José A.; Goncalves, João and Ferreira, Guilherme N. M. (2007). Molecular construction of bionanoparticles: chimaeric SIV p17–HIV I p6 nanoparticles with minimal viral protein content. Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry, 48(1) pp. 35–43.

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Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Noe; Clark, Paula A.; Gogoi, Mayuri; Ferreira, Ana C. F.; Kerscher, Bernhard; Crisp, Alastair; Jolin, Helen E.; Murphy, Jane E.; Sivasubramaniam, Meera; Pedro, Luisa; Walker, Jennifer A.; Heycock, Morgan W. D.; Shields, Jacqueline D.; Barlow, Jillian L. and McKenzie, Andrew N. J. (2022). Identification of aceNKPs, a committed common progenitor population of the ILC1 and NK cell continuum. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119(49), article no. e2203454119.

Riedel, Angela; Helal, Moutaz; Pedro, Luisa; Swietlik, Jonathan J.; Shorthouse, David; Schmitz, Werner; Haas, Lisa; Young, Timothy; da Costa, Ana S.H.; Davidson, Sarah; Bhandare, Pranjali; Wolf, Elmar; Hall, Benjamin A.; Frezza, Christian; Oskarsson, Thordur and Shields, Jacqueline D. (2022). Tumor-Derived Lactic Acid Modulates Activation and Metabolic Status of Draining Lymph Node Stroma. Cancer Immunology Research, 10(4) pp. 482–497.

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Shorthouse, David; Riedel, Angela; Kerr, Emma; Pedro, Luisa; Bihary, Dóra; Samarajiwa, Shamith; Martins, Carla P.; Shields, Jacqueline and Hall, Benjamin A. (2018). Exploring the role of stromal osmoregulation in cancer and disease using executable modelling. Nature Communications, 9(1), article no. 3011.


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