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Brown, Katherine E.; Lucassen, Mathijs F. G.; Núñez-García, Alicia; Rimes, Katharine A.; Wallace, Louise M. and Samra, Rajvinder (2024). An online intervention to support the mental wellbeing of sexual and gender minority young people in England: Co-design of ‘Oneself'. JMIR formative research (in press).

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Islam, Zoebia; Pollock, Kristian; Patterson, Anne; Hanjari, Matilda; Wallace, Louise; Mururajani, Irfhan; Conroy, Simon and Faull, Christina (2023). Thinking ahead about medical treatments in advanced illness: a qualitative study of barriers and enablers in end-of-life care planning with patients and families from ethnically diverse backgrounds. Health and Social Care Delivery Research, 11(7) pp. 1–135.

Gavine, Anna; Farre, Albert; Lynn, Fiona; Shinwell, Shona; Buchanan, Shona; Buchanan, Phyllis; Marshall, Joyce; Cumming, Sara; Wallace, Louise; Wade, Angie; Ahern, Elayne; Hay, Laura; Cranwell, Marianne and McFadden, Alison (2023). Lessons for the UK on implementation and evaluation of breastfeeding support: evidence syntheses and stakeholder engagement. In Health and Social Care Delivery Research National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR).

Ryan-Blackwell, Gemma and Wallace, Louise (2023). A content analysis of professional regulator information for public witnesses in a fitness to practise hearing. In: Professional Standards Authority ‘How can regulation research contribute to safer care for all?,, 14 Nov 2023.

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Lucassen, Mathijs F. G.; Núñez-García, Alicia; Rimes, Katharine A.; Wallace, Louise M.; Brown, Katherine E. and Samra, Rajvinder (2022). Coping Strategies to Enhance the Mental Wellbeing of Sexual and Gender Minority Youths: A Scoping Review. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(14), article no. e8738.

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McFadden, Alison; Fitzpatrick, Bronagh; Shinwell, Shona; Tosh, Karen; Donnan, Peter; Wallace, Louise M; Johnson, Emily; MacGillivray, Steve; Gavine, Anna; Farre, Albert and Mactier, Helen (2021). Cue-based versus scheduled feeding for preterm infants transitioning from tube to oral feeding: the Cubs mixed-methods feasibility study. Health Technology Assessment, 25(74)

Whale, Katie; Beasant, Lucy; Wright, Anne J; Yardley, Lucy; Wallace, Louise M; Moody, Louise and Joinson, Carol (2021). A Smartphone App for Supporting the Self-management of Daytime Urinary Incontinence in Adolescents: Development and Formative Evaluation Study of URApp. JMIR pediatrics and parenting, 4(4), article no. e26212.

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Shepherd, Sarah C.; Hacking, Belinda; Wallace, Louise M.; Murdoch, Sarah E. and Belkora, Jeff (2019). Randomised controlled trial of a repeated consultation support intervention for patients with colorectal cancer. Psycho-Oncology, 28(4) pp. 702–709.

Grant, Christine Anne; Wallace, Louise M.; Spurgeon, Peter C.; Tramontano, Carlo and Charalampous, Maria (2019). Construction and initial validation of the E-Work Life Scale to measure remote e-working. Employee Relations, 41(1) pp. 16–33.

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Realpe, A. X.; Wallace, L. M.; Adams, A. E. and Kidd, J. M. (2015). The development of a prototype measure of the co-production of health in routine consultations for people with long-term conditions. Patient Education and Counseling, 98(12) pp. 1608–1616.

Martin, Faith; Turner, Andrew; Wallace, Louise M.; Stanley, Damian; Jesuthasan, Jana and Bradbury, Nicola (2015). Qualitative evaluation of a self-management intervention for people in the early stage of dementia. Dementia, 14(4) pp. 418–435.

Turner, Andrew; Anderson, Joanna K.; Wallace, Louise M. and Bourne, Claire (2015). An evaluation of a self-management program for patients with long-term conditions. Patient Education and Counseling, 98(2) pp. 213–219.

McNulty, Cliodna; Ricketts, Ellie J.; Rugman, Claire; Hogan, Angela; Charlett, Andre; Campbell, Rona and CIRT study group (2015). A qualitative study exploring the acceptability of the McNulty-Zelen design for randomised controlled trials evaluating educational interventions. BMC Family Practice, 16(1)

Turner, Andy; Realpe, Alba X.; Wallace, Louise M. and Kosmala-Anderson, Joanna (2015). A co-produced self-management programme improves psychosocial outcomes for people living with depression. Mental Health Review Journal, 20(4) pp. 242–255.

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Mc Sharry, J.; Baxter, A.; Wallace, L. M.; Kenton, A.; Turner, A. and French, D. P. (2014). Delay in seeking medical help following Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) or "mini-stroke": A qualitative study. PLoS ONE, 9(8), article no. e104434.

Kosmala-Anderson, Joanna P.; Wallace, Louise M.; Turner, Andrew and Bourne, Claire (2014). Self-reported effects of attending the Health Foundation's Co-Creating Health self-management programme for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus in London, England. Archives of Medical Science, 10(4) pp. 773–781.

Turner, AP; Anderson, JK; Wallace, LM and Kennedy-Williams, P (2014). Evaluation of a self-management programme for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Chronic Respiratory Disease, 11(3) pp. 163–172.

McNulty, Cliodna A.; Hogan, Angela H.; Ricketts, Ellie J.; Wallace, Louise; Oliver, Isabel; Campbell, Rona; Kalwij, Sebastian; O'Connell, Elaine and Charlett, Andre (2014). Response to 'Relative or Absolute? - Miller'. Sexually Transmitted Infections, 90(3)

McNulty, C.A.M.; Hogan, A.; Ricketts, E.; Wallace, L.; Oliver, I.; Campbell, R.; Kalwij, S.; O'Connell, E. and Charlett, A. (2014). Increasing chlamydia screening tests in general practice: A modi fied Zelen prospective cluster randomised controlled trial evaluating a complex intervention based on the theory of planned behaviour. Sexually Transmitted Infections, 90(3) pp. 188–194.

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Grant, Christine A.; Wallace, Louise M. and Spurgeon, Peter C. (2013). An exploration of the psychological factors affecting remote e-worker's job effectiveness, well-being and work-life balance. Employee Relations, 35(5) pp. 527–546.

Martin, Faith; Turner, Andrew; Wallace, Louise M.; Choudhry, Kubra and Bradbury, Nicola (2013). Perceived barriers to self-management for people with dementia in the early stages. Dementia, 12(4) pp. 481–493.

Anderson, J. and Wallace, L. (2013). Multiple sclerosis: Pregnancy and motherhood. Practising Midwife, 16(6) pp. 28–31.

Martin, Faith; Turner, Andrew; Wallace, Louise M. and Bradbury, Nicola (2013). Conceptualisation of self-management intervention for people with early stage dementia. European Journal of Ageing, 10(2) pp. 75–87.

Hacking, Belinda; Wallace, Louise; Scott, Sarah; Kosmala-Anderson, Joanna; Belkora, Jeffrey and McNeill, Alan (2013). Testing the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of a 'decision navigation' intervention for early stage prostate cancer patients in Scotland - A randomised controlled trial. Psycho-Oncology, 22(5) pp. 1017–1024.

Sharma, Shilpi; Wallace, Louise M.; Kosmala-Anderson, Joanna and Turner, Andy (2013). A process evaluation using a Self Determination Theory measure of the co-delivery of self management training by clinicians and by lay tutors. Patient Education and Counseling, 90(1) pp. 38–45.

Newby, K. V.; French, D. P.; Brown, K. E. and Wallace, L. M. (2013). Beliefs underlying chlamydia risk appraisals: the relationship with young adults intentions to use condoms. Journal of Risk Research, 16(7) pp. 843–860.

Kosmala-Anderson, Joanna and Wallace, Louise M. (2013). A qualitative study of the childbearing experience of women living with multiple sclerosis. Disability and Rehabilitation, 35(12) pp. 976–981.

Anwar, Kubra and Wallace, Louise M. (2013). Religion versus culture: Pakistani Women's experiences of infant feeding. In: Simpson, Gloria and Payne, Spencer eds. Religion and Ethics. New York: Nova Science Publishers, pp. 137–147.

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Wallace, Louise; McNulty, Cliodna; Hogan, Angela and Bayley, Julie (2012). Exploring attitudes and practices of General Practice staff towards offers of opportunistic screening for chlamydia: a UK survey. Primary Health Care Research & Development, 13(3) pp. 255–268.

Newby, Katie; Wallace, Louise M.; Dunn, Orla and Brown, Katherine E. (2012). A survey of English teenagers' sexual experience and preferences for school-based sex education. Sex Education, 12(2) pp. 231–251.

Newby, Katie V.; Wallace, Louise M. and French, David P. (2012). How do young adults perceive the risk of chlamydia infection? A qualitative study. British Journal of Health Psychology, 17(1) pp. 144–154.

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Kosmala-Anderson, Joanna; Wallace, Louise M.; Turner, Andy and Barwell, Fred (2011). Development and psychometric properties of a self report measure to assess clinicians’ practices in self management support for patients with long term conditions. Patient Education and Counseling, 85(3) pp. 475–480.

Sharma, Shilpi; Wallace, Louise M.; Kosmala-Anderson, Joanna; Realpe, Alba and Turner, Andy (2011). Perceptions and experiences of co-delivery model for self-management training for clinicians working with patients with long-term conditions at three healthcare economies in U.K. World hospitals and health services: the official journal of the International Hospital Federation, 47(2) pp. 22–24.

Russell, Nicholas C.C.; Wallace, Louise M. and Ketley, Diane (2011). Evaluation and measurement for improvement in service-level quality improvement initiatives. Health Services Management Research, 24(4) pp. 182–189.

Wallace, L.M.; Law, S.M.; Joshi, P. and Hughes, E. (2011). An organisation-wide approach to training community practitioners in breastfeeding. Community practitioner: the journal of the Community Practitioners' & Health Visitors' Association, 84(6) pp. 31–34.

Pittson, Helen and Wallace, Louise (2011). Using intervention mapping to develop a family-based childhood weight management programme. Journal of Health Services Research & Policy, 16(suppl 1) pp. 2–7.

Wallace, Louise M.; Hughes, Elizabeth; Law, Susan M. and Joshi, Puja (2011). Meeting the challenge of delivering high-quality breastfeeding training for all. Practising Midwife, 14(1) pp. 20–22.

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Kosmala-Anderson, J. P.; Wallace, L. M. and Turner, A. (2010). Confidence matters: A Self-Determination Theory study of factors determining engagement in self-management support practices of UK clinicians. Psychology, Health and Medicine, 15(4) pp. 478–491.

Hogan, Angela H.; Howell-Jones, Rebecca S.; Pottinger, Elizabeth; Wallace, Louise M. and McNulty, Cliodna A. M. (2010). "...They should be offering it": A qualitative study to investigate young peoples' attitudes towards chlamydia screening in GP surgeries. BMC Public Health, 10, article no. 616.

Wallace, Louise (2010). Feedback from reporting patient safety incidents - Are NHS trusts learning lessons? Journal of Health Services Research and Policy, 15(suppl. 1) pp. 75–78.

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Binnersley, Jackie; Woodcock, Andree; Wallace, Louise M. and Kyriacou, Panayiotis (2009). Establishing user requirements for a patient held electronic record system in the United Kingdom. In: Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, Sage, 53(11) pp. 714–717.

Wallace, L. M.; Spurgeon, P.; Benn, J.; Koutantji, M. and Vincent, C. (2009). Improving patient safety incident reporting systems by focusing upon feedback - Lessons from English and Welsh trusts. Health Services Management Research, 22(3) pp. 129–135.

Wallace, L. M.; Spurgeon, P.; Adams, S.; Earll, L. and Bayley, J. (2009). Survey evaluation of the National Patient Safety Agency's Root Cause Analysis training programme in England and Wales: Knowledge, beliefs and reported practices. Quality and Safety in Health Care, 18(4) pp. 288–291.

Bayley, J.; Brown, K. and Wallace, L. (2009). Teenagers and emergency contraception in the UK: A focus group study of salient beliefs using concepts from the Theory of Planned Behaviour. European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care, 14(3) pp. 196–206.

Binnersley, J.; Woodcock, A.; Kyriacou, P. and Wallace, L. M. (2009). Public requirements for patient-held records. In: Contemporary Ergonomics 2009, CRC Press, Boca Raton, pp. 159–164.

Bayley, J.; Wallace, L. M. and Choudhry, K. (2009). Fathers and parenting programmes: barriers and best practice. Community Practitioner, 82(4) pp. 28–31.

Spiby, Helen; McCormick, Felicia; Wallace, Louise; Renfrew, Mary J.; D'Souza, Lalitha and Dyson, Lisa (2009). A systematic review of education and evidence-based practice interventions with health professionals and breast feeding counsellors on duration of breast feeding. Midwifery, 25(1) pp. 50–61.

Rybynok, V. O.; Kyriacou, P. A.; Binnersley, J.; Woodcock, A. and Wallace, L. M. (2009). Mycare card development: The patient held electronic health record device. In: Final Program and Abstract Book - 9th International Conference on Information Technology and Applications in Biomedicine, ITAB 2009, IEEE.

Wallace, L. M; Dunn, O. M.; Law, S. and Bryce, C. (2009). A new approach to breastfeeding training. Practising Midwife, 12(6) pp. 47–49.

Benn, J.; Koutantji, M.; Wallace, L.; Spurgeon, P.; Rejman, M.; Healey, A. and Vincent, C. (2009). Feedback from incident reporting: information and action to improve patient safety. Quality and Safety in Health Care, 18(1) pp. 11–21.

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Gotz, N. K.; van Tongeren, M.; Wareing, H.; Wallace, L. M.; Semple, S. and MacCalman, L. (2008). Changes in air quality and second-hand smoke exposure in hospitality sector businesses after introduction of the English Smoke-free legislation. Journal of Public Health, 30(4) pp. 421–428.

Brady, Geraldine; Brown, Geraldine; Letherby, Gayle; Bayley, Julie and Wallace, Louise M. (2008). Young women's experience of termination and miscarriage: A qualitative study. Human Fertility, 11(3) pp. 186–190.

Wallace, Louise (2008). Bridging the breastfeeding knowledge gap. Practising Midwife, 11(2) pp. 38–41.

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Kosmala-Anderson, Joanna; Wallace, Louise M.; Dunn, Orla and Law, Susan (2007). The training needs of doctors working in England and in Poland with breastfeeding women. Archives of Medical Science, 3(3) pp. 259–266.

Shirazi, Kambiz Karimzadeh; Wallace, Louise M.; Niknami, Shamsaddin; Hidarnia, Alireza; Torkaman, Giti; Gilchrist, Mollie and Faghihzadeh, Soghrate (2007). A home-based, transtheoretical change model designed strength training intervention to increase exercise to prevent osteoporosis in Iranian women aged 40–65 years: a randomized controlled trial. Health Education Research, 22(3) pp. 305–317.

Wallace, Louise M. and Kosmala-Anderson, Joanna (2007). Training needs survey of midwives, health visitors and voluntary-sector breastfeeding support staff in England. Maternal and Child Nutrition, 3(1) pp. 25–39.

Wallace, Louise M.; Boxall, Matthew; Spurgeon, Peter and Barwell, Fred (2007). Organizational interventions to promote risk management in primary care: The experience in Warwickshire, England. Health Services Management Research, 20(2) pp. 84–93.

Moody, Louise; Bleetman, Jacqueline; Bristow, Huw; Forde, Val and Wallace, Louise (2007). Design of a handheld computer application for clinical critical incident reporting. In: International Conference on Contemporary Ergonomics (CE2007), 17-19 Apr 2007, Nottingham, UK, pp. 499–504.

Law, Susan M.; Dunn, Orla M.; Wallace, Louise M. and Inch, Sally A. (2007). Breastfeeding best start study: training midwives in a 'hands off' positioning and attachment intervention. Maternal and Child Nutrition, 3(3) pp. 194–205.

Renfrew, M. J.; Spiby, H.; D'Souza, L.; Wallace, L. M.; Dyson, L. and McCormick, F. (2007). Rethinking research in breast-feeding: a critique of the evidence base identified in a systematic review of interventions to promote and support breast-feeding. Public Health Nutrition, 10(7) pp. 726–732.

Wallace, Louise M.; Evers, Kerry E.; Wareing, Hilary; Dunn, Orla M.; Newby, Kate; Paiva, Andrea and Johnson, Janet L. (2007). Informing school sex education using the stages of change construct: sexual behaviour and attitudes towards sexual activity and condom use of children aged 13-16 in England. Journal of Health Psychology, 12(1) pp. 179–183.

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Renfrew, Mary J.; McFadden, Alison; Dykes, Fiona; Wallace, Louise M.; Abbott, Stephen; Burt, Sue and Anderson, Joanna Kosmala (2006). Addressing the learning deficit in breastfeeding: strategies for change. Maternal and Child Nutrition, 2(4) pp. 239–244.

Renfrew, Mary J.; Herbert, Gill; Wallace, Louise M.; Spiby, Helen and McFadden, Alison (2006). Developing practice in breastfeeding. Maternal and Child Nutrition, 2(4) pp. 245–261.

Wallace, Louise M.; Dunn, Orla M.; Alder, Elizabeth M.; Inch, Sally; Hills, Robert K. and Law, Susan M. (2006). A randomised-controlled trial in England of a postnatal midwifery intervention on breast-feeding duration. Midwifery, 22(3) pp. 262–273.

Tennant, R.; Wallace, L.M. and Law, S. (2006). Barriers to breastfeeding: a qualitative study of the views of health professionals and lay counsellors. Community Practitioner, 79(5) pp. 152–156.

Shirazi, K. K.; Niknami, S.; Wallace, L.; Hidarnia, A.; Rahimi, E. and Faghihzadeh, S. (2006). Changes in self-efficacy and decisional balance following an intervention to increase consumption of calcium-rich foods. Social Behavior and Personality, 34(8) pp. 1007–1016.

Wallace, Louise M. and Kosmala-Anderson, Joanna (2006). A training needs survey of doctors' breastfeeding support skills in England. Maternal and Child Nutrition, 2(4) pp. 217–231.

2005To Top

Renfrew, M.J.; Dyson, L.; Wallace, L.M.; D'Souza, L.; McCormick, F. and Spiby, H. (2005). Breastfeeding for longer: What works? Journal of The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health, 125(2) pp. 62–63.

Newby, Katie; Wallace, Louise and Wareing, Hilary (2005). District and practice nurses' public health practice and training needs. British Journal of Community Nursing, 10(5) 214, 216-8-220 passim.

2004To Top

Fazil, Qulsom; Wallace, Louise M.; Singh, Gurnam; Ali, Zoebia and Bywaters, Paul (2004). Empowerment and advocacy: reflections on action research with Bangladeshi and Pakistani families who have children with severe disabilities. Health and Social Care in the Community, 12(5) pp. 389–397.

Wallace, Louise M.; Boxall, Matthew and Spurgeon, Peter (2004). Organisational change through clinical governance: the West Midlands three years on. Clinical Governance: An International Journal, 9(1) pp. 17–30.

Wallace, Louise; Boxall, Matthew and Riddick, Nicola (2004). Influencing exercise and diet to prevent osteoporosis: lessons from three studies. British Journal of Community Nursing, 9(3) pp. 102–109.

Shaw, R.; Wallace, L.; Cook, M. and Phillips, A. (2004). Perceptions of the Breastfeeding Best Start project. The practising midwife, 7(1) pp. 20–24.

2003To Top

Inch, S.; Law, S. and Wallace, L. (2003). Hands off! The Breastfeeding Best Start Project (2). The Practising Midwife, 6(11) pp. 24–25.

Inch, S.; Law, S. and Wallace, L. (2003). Hands off! The Breastfeeding Best Start project (1). The Practising Midwife, 6(10) pp. 17–19.

Bywaters, Paul; Ali, Zoebia; Fazil, Qulsom; Wallace, Louise M. and Singh, Gurnam (2003). Attitudes towards disability amongst Pakistani and Bangladeshi parents of disabled children in the UK: Considerations for service providers and the disability movement. Health and Social Care in the Community, 11(6) pp. 502–509.

2002To Top

Gurney-Smith, Ben; Cooper, Myra J. and Wallace, Louise M. (2002). Anxiety and Panic in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: The Role of Catastrophic Thoughts. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 26(1) pp. 143–155.

Boxall, M.; Wallace, L.; Affie, E.; Grainger, C.; Mills, K. and Russell, M. (2002). Warwickshire risk management in primary care project. Journal of Clinical Excellence, 4(1 suppl.) pp. 132–134.

Wallace, L. M.; Wright, S.; Parsons, A.; Wright, C. and Barlow, J. (2002). The impact of screening for osteoporosis on bone protecting exercise and dietary calcium intake. Psychology, Health & Medicine, 7(4) pp. 477–488.

Rose, Christine; Wallace, Louise; Dickson, Rumona; Ayres, Jon; Lehman, Richard; Searle, Yvonne and Burge, P. Sherwood (2002). The most effective psychologically-based treatments to reduce anxiety and panic in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): a systematic review. Patient Education and Counseling, 47(4) pp. 311–318.

Fazil, Qulsom; Bywaters, Paul; Ali, Zoebia; Wallace, Louise and Singh, Gurnam (2002). Disadvantage and Discrimination Compounded: the experience of Pakistani and Bangladeshi parents of disabled children in the UK. Disability and Society, 17(3) pp. 237–253.

2001To Top

Freeman, Tim; Latham, Linda; Walshe, Kieran; Wallace, Louise and Spurgeon, Peter (2001). How do trusts intend to measure progress in clinical governance? Journal of Clinical Governance, 9(1) pp. 33–39.

Ali, Zoebia; Fazil, Qulsom; Bywaters, Paul; Wallace, Louise and Singh, Gurnam (2001). Disability, Ethnicity and Childhood: a critical review of research. Disability and Society, 16(7) pp. 949–968.

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Wallace, L.; Spurgeon, P.; Latham, L.; Freeman, T. and Walshe, K. (2001). Clinical governance, organisational culture and change management in the new NHS. Clinician in Management, 10(1) pp. 23–31.

2000To Top

Walshe, K.; Freeman, T.; Latham, L.; Spurgeon, P. and Wallace, L. (2000). Clinical governance. Scope to improve. Health Service Journal, 110(5728) pp. 30–32.

Wallace, Louise; Granne, A. and Boyle, G. (2000). Question of attitude. Health Service Journal, 110(5699) pp. 26–28.

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1999To Top

Wallace, L. and Stoten, B. (1999). Clinical governance. The late show. Health Service Journal, 109(5644) pp. 24–25.

Sutton, Karen; Cooper, Myra; Pimm, John and Wallace, Louise (1999). Anxiety in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: The role of illness specific catastrophic thoughts. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 23(6) pp. 573–585.

1998To Top

Granne, A. and Wallace, L. (1998). Pharmacy. Shop talk. Health Service Journal, 108(5617) p. 25.

1989To Top

Maguire, P.; Selby, P.; Bleehen, N.; Calman, K.; Fayers, P.; Freedman, L.; Gore, S.; McElwain, T.; Priestman, T.; Smith, A.; Sutton, H. and Wallace, L. (1989). Assessing quality of life in cancer patients. British Journal of Cancer, 60(3) pp. 437–440.

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