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Bower, Marlee; Kent, Jennifer; Patulny, Roger; Green, Olivia; McGrath, Laura; Teesson, Lily; Jamalishahni, Tara; Sandison, Hannah and Rugel, Emily (2023). The impact of the built environment on loneliness: A systematic review and narrative synthesis. Health & Place, 79, article no. 102962.

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Laver, Cassie; McGrath, Laura; Liebert, Rachel Jane; Noorani, Tehseen; Barnes, Nick; Chase, Mike; Hall, Jon and Wakeling, Ben (2022). ‘You don't take things too seriously or un-seriously’: Beyond recovery to liminal and liminoid possibility in a community arts and mental health project. Community and Applied Social Psychology, 32(4) pp. 653–664.

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McGrath, Laura; Mighetto, Isabella; Liebert, Rachel Jane and Wakeling, Ben (2021). Stuck in separation: Liminality, graffiti arts and the forensic institution as a failed rite of passage. Sociology of Health and Illness, 43(6) pp. 1355–1371.

McGrath, Laura; Brown, Steven D.; Kanyeredzi, Ava; Reavey, Paula and Tucker, Ian (2021). Peripheral recovery: 'Keeping safe' and 'keep progressing' as conflicting modes of ordering in a forensic psychiatric unit. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 39(4) pp. 704–721.

Bower, Marlee; Buckle, Caitlin; Rugel, Emily; Donohoe-Bales, Amarina; McGrath, Laura; Gournay, Kevin; Barrett, Emma; Phibbs, Peter and Teesson, Maree (2021). ‘Trapped’, ‘anxious’ and ‘traumatised’: COVID-19 intensified the impact of housing inequality on Australians’ mental health. International Journal of Housing Policy, 23(2) pp. 260–291.

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McGrath, Laura; Mullarkey, Shauna and Reavey, Paula (2020). Building visual worlds: using maps in qualitative psychological research on affect and emotion. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 17(1) pp. 75–97.

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Reavey, P.; Brown, S. D.; Kanyeredzi, A.; Mcgrath, L. and Tucker, I. (2019). Agents and spectres: Life-space on a medium secure forensic psychiatric unit. Social Science & Medicine, 220 pp. 273–282.

Tucker, Ian M.; Brown, Steven D.; Kanyeredzi, Ava; Mcgrath, Laura and Reavey, Paula (2019). Living ‘in between’ outside and inside: The forensic psychiatric unit as an impermanent assemblage. Health & Place, 55 pp. 29–36.

Bendall, Caroline and McGrath, Laura (2019). Contending with the minimum data set: Subjectivity, linearity and dividualising experiences in Improving Access to Psychological Therapies. Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine, 24(1) pp. 94–109.

Read, John; Kirsch, Irving and McGrath, Laura (2019). Electroconvulsive Therapy for Depression: A Review of the Quality of ECT versus Sham ECT Trials and Meta-Analyses. Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry, 21(2) pp. 64–103.

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Del Busso, Lilliana; McGrath, Laura; Guest, Carly; Reavey, Paula; Kanyeredzi, Ava and Majumdar, Anamika (2018). Facing the void: Recollections of embodying fear in the space of childhood homes. Emotion, Space and Society, 28 pp. 24–31.

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Mcgrath, Laura; Griffin, Vanessa and Mundy, Ed (2016). The Psychological Impact of Austerity: A Briefing Paper. Educational Psychology Research and Practice, 2(2) pp. 46–57.

Mcgrath, Laura; Walker, Carl and Jones, Christopher (2016). Psychologists Against Austerity: mobilising psychology for social change. Critical and Radical Social Work, 4(3) pp. 409–413.

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Batty, Richard; Mcgrath, Laura and Reavey, Paula (2014). Embodying limb absence in the negotiation of sexual intimacy. Sexualities, 17(5-6) pp. 686–706.

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