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Cho, So Yeon; Kim, Eun Woo; Park, Soo Jin; Phillips, Benjamin U.; Jeong, Jihyeon; Kim, Hyunjeong; Heath, Christopher J.; Kim, Daehwan; Jang, Yurim; López-Cruz, Laura; Saksida, Lisa M.; Bussey, Timothy J.; Lee, Do Yup and Kim, Eosu (2024). Reconsidering repurposing: long-term metformin treatment impairs cognition in Alzheimer’s model mice. Translational Psychiatry, 14, article no. 34.

Foerster, Sarah; Floriddia, Elisa M; van Bruggen, David; Kukanja, Petra; Herve, Bastien; Cheng, Shangli; Kim, Eosu; Phillips, Benjamin U; Heath, Christopher J; Tripathi, Richa B; Call, Cody; Bartels, Theresa; Ridley, Katherine; Neumann, Bjorn; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Crawford, Abbe H; Lynch, Cian J; Serrano, Manuel; Saksida, Lisa; Rowitch, David H; Mobius, Wiebke; Nave, Klaus-Armin; Rasband, Matthew N; Bergles, Dwight E; Kessaris, Nicoletta; Richardson, Willam D; Bussey, Timothy J; Zhao, Chao; Castelo-Branco, Goncalo and Franklin, Robin JM (2024). Developmental origin of oligodendrocytes determines their function in the adult brain. Nature Neuroscience (Early access).

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Dutcher, Ethan G; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Pama EA, Claudia EA; Lynall, Mary-Ellen; Bevers, Iris CR; Jones, Joylon A; Khan, Shahid; Sawiak, Stephen J; Milton, Amy L; Clatworthy, Menna R; Robbins, Trevor W; Bullmore, Edward T and Dalley, Jeffrey W (2023). Early-life stress biases responding to negative feedback and increases amygdala volume and vulnerability to later-life stress. Translational Psychiatry, 13, article no. 81.

Zühlsdorff, Katharina; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Dutcher, Ethan G.; Jones, Jolyon A.; Pama, Claudia; Sawiak, Stephen; Khan, Shahid; Milton, Amy L.; Robbins, Trevor W.; Bullmore, Edward T. and Dalley, Jeffrey W. (2023). Sex-dependent effects of early life stress on reinforcement learning and limbic cortico-striatal functional connectivity. Neurobiology of Stress, 22, article no. 100507.

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Lopez-Cruz, Laura and Heath, Christopher J. (2022). Motivation – Behavioral Approaches and Translational Potential. In: Della Salla, Sergio ed. Encyclopedia of Behavioral Neuroscience, 2nd edition, Volume 2. Elsevier, pp. 60–69.

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Carratalá-Ros, Carla; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Martínez-Verdú, Andrea; Olivares-García, Régulo; Salamone, John D. and Correa, Mercè (2021). Impact of Fluoxetine on Behavioral Invigoration of Appetitive and Aversively Motivated Responses: Interaction With Dopamine Depletion. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 15, article no. 700182.

Porru, Simona; López-Cruz, Laura; Carratalá‐Ros, Carla; Salamone, John D.; Acquas, Elio and Correa, Mercè (2021). Impact of Caffeine on Ethanol-Induced Stimulation and Sensitization: Changes in ERK and DARPP-32 Phosphorylation in Nucleus Accumbens. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 45(3) pp. 608–619.

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Carratalá-Ros, Carla; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; SanMiguel, Noemí; Ibáñez-Marín, Patricia; Martínez-Verdú, Andrea; Salamone, John D. and Correa, Mercè (2020). Preference for Exercise vs. More Sedentary Reinforcers: Validation of an Animal Model of Tetrabenazine-Induced Anergia. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 13

Kim, Eosu; White, Matthew A.; Phillips, Benjamin U.; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Kim, Hyunjeong; Heath, Christopher J.; Lee, Jong Eun; Saksida, Lisa M.; Sreedharan, Jemeen and Bussey, Timothy J. (2020). Coexistence of perseveration and apathy in the TDP-43Q331K knock-in mouse model of ALS–FTD. Translational Psychiatry, 10(1), article no. 377.

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SanMiguel, N; Lopez-Cruz, L.; Müller, C.E.; Salamone, J.D. and Correa, M. (2019). Caffeine modulates voluntary alcohol intake in mice depending on the access conditions: Involvement of adenosine receptors and the role of individual differences. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, 186, article no. 172789.

Alsiö, Johan; Phillips, Benjamin U.; Sala-Bayo, Júlia; Nilsson, Simon R. O.; Calafat-Pla, Teresa C.; Rizwand, Arazo; Plumbridge, Jessica M.; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Dalley, Jeffrey W.; Cardinal, Rudolf N.; Mar, Adam C. and Robbins, Trevor W. (2019). Dopamine D2-like receptor stimulation blocks negative feedback in visual and spatial reversal learning in the rat: behavioural and computational evidence. Psychopharmacology, 236(8) pp. 2307–2323.

Luján, Miguel A.; Colomar, Laura; Tarragón, Ernesto; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Pastor, Raúl and Font, Laura (2019). Drug-free and context-dependent locomotor hyperactivity in DBA/2 J mice previously treated with repeated cocaine: Relationship with behavioral sensitization and role of noradrenergic receptors. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, 176 pp. 101–110.

Phillips, Benjamin U.; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Saksida, Lisa M. and Bussey, Timothy J. (2019). Translational tests involving non-reward: methodological considerations. Psychopharmacology, 236(1) pp. 449–461.

Correa, Mercè; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Porru, Simona and Salamone, John D. (2019). Chapter 56 - The Impact of Ethanol Plus Caffeine Exposure on Cognitive, Emotional, and Motivational Effects Related to Social Functioning. In: Preedy, Victor R. ed. Neuroscience of Alcohol. Academic Press, pp. 545–554.

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Correa, Mercè; SanMiguel, Noemí; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Carratalá-Ros, Carla; Olivares-García, Régulo and Salamone, John D. (2018). Caffeine Modulates Food Intake Depending on the Context That Gives Access to Food: Comparison With Dopamine Depletion. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 9, article no. 411.

SanMiguel, Noemí; Pardo, Marta; Carratalá-Ros, Carla; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Salamone, John D. and Correa, Mercè (2018). Individual differences in the energizing effects of caffeine on effort-based decision-making tests in rats. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, 169 pp. 27–34.

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Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Carbó-Gas, Maria; Pardo, Marta; Bayarri, Pilar; Valverde, Olga; Ledent, Catherine; Salamone, John D. and Correa, Mercè (2017). Adenosine A 2A receptor deletion affects social behaviors and anxiety in mice: Involvement of anterior cingulate cortex and amygdala. Behavioural Brain Research, 321 pp. 8–17.

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Lopez-Cruz, Laura; San-Miguel, Noemí; Bayarri, Pilar; Baqi, Younis; Müller, Christa E.; Salamone, John D. and Correa, Mercé (2016). Ethanol and Caffeine Effects on Social Interaction and Recognition in Mice: Involvement of Adenosine A2A and A1 Receptors. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 10, article no. 206.

Yohn, Samantha E.; Gogoj, Augustyna; Haque, Aileen; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Haley, Allison; Huxley, Philip; Baskin, Patricia; Correa, Merce and Salamone, John D. (2016). Evaluation of the effort-related motivational effects of the novel dopamine uptake inhibitor PRX-14040. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, 148 pp. 84–91.

Salamone, John D.; Yohn, Samantha E.; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; San Miguel, Noemí and Correa, Mercè (2016). Activational and effort-related aspects of motivation: neural mechanisms and implications for psychopathology. Brain, 139(5) pp. 1325–1347.

Salamone, John D.; Correa, Merce; Yohn, Samantha; Lopez Cruz, Laura; San Miguel, Noemi and Alatorre, Luisa (2016). The pharmacology of effort-related choice behavior: Dopamine, depression, and individual differences. Behavioural Processes, 127 pp. 3–17.

Salamone, John D.; Pardo, Marta; Yohn, Samantha E.; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; SanMiguel, Noemí and Correa, Mercè (2016). Mesolimbic Dopamine and the Regulation of Motivated Behavior. In: Simpson, Eleanor H. and Balsam, Peter eds. Behavioral Neuroscience of Motivation. Current Topics in Behavioral Neurosciences, 27. Springer International Publishing Switzerland, pp. 231–257.

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Pardo, Marta; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Miguel, Noemí San; Salamone, John D. and Correa, Mercè (2015). Selection of sucrose concentration depends on the effort required to obtain it: studies using tetrabenazine, D1, D2, and D3 receptor antagonists. Psychopharmacology, 232(13) pp. 2377–2391.

Randall, P. A.; Lee, C. A.; Podurgiel, S. J.; Hart, E.; Yohn, S. E.; Jones, M.; Rowland, M.; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Correa, M. and Salamone, J. D. (2015). Bupropion Increases Selection of High Effort Activity in Rats Tested on a Progressive Ratio/Chow Feeding Choice Procedure: Implications for Treatment of Effort-Related Motivational Symptoms. International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, 18(2), article no. pyu017.

Yohn, Samantha E.; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Hutson, Peter H.; Correa, Merce and Salamone, John D. (2015). Effects of lisdexamfetamine and s-citalopram, alone and in combination, on effort-related choice behavior in the rat. Psychopharmacology, 233(6) pp. 949–960.

Correa, Mercè; Pardo, Marta; Bayarri, Pilar; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; San Miguel, Noemí; Valverde, Olga; Ledent, Catherine and Salamone, John D. (2015). Choosing voluntary exercise over sucrose consumption depends upon dopamine transmission: effects of haloperidol in wild type and adenosine A2AKO mice. Psychopharmacology, 233(3) pp. 393–404.

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Nunes, E. J.; Randall, P. A.; Hart, E. E.; Freeland, C.; Yohn, S. E.; Baqi, Y.; Muller, C. E.; Lopez-Cruz, L.; Correa, M. and Salamone, J. D. (2013). Effort-Related Motivational Effects of the VMAT-2 Inhibitor Tetrabenazine: Implications for Animal Models of the Motivational Symptoms of Depression. Journal of Neuroscience, 33(49) pp. 19120–19130.

Podurgiel, S.J.; Nunes, E.J.; Yohn, S.E.; Barber, J.; Thompson, A.; Milligan, M.; Lee, C.A.; López-Cruz, L.; Pardo, M.; Valverde, O.; Lendent, C.; Baqi, Y.; Müller, C.E.; Correa, M. and Salamone, J.D. (2013). The vesicular monoamine transporter (VMAT-2) inhibitor tetrabenazine induces tremulous jaw movements in rodents: Implications for pharmacological models of parkinsonian tremor. Neuroscience, 250 pp. 507–519.

Lopez-Cruz, Laura; San, Miguel; Carbó-Gas, Maria; Bayarri, Pilar; Pardo, Marta; Ros, Xavier; Valverde, Olga; Ledent, Catherine; Salamone, John and Correa, Mercè (2013). E.21 - CAFFEINE INDUCES ANXIETY AND IMPAIRS SOCIAL INTERACTION IN MICE: THE ROLE OF ADENOSINE RECEPTORS AND IMPACT ON ETHANOL. In: Behavioural Pharmacology, Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 24 e47.

Correa, Mercè; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Bayarri, Pilar; Pardo, Marta; San Miguel, Noemí; Ros, Xavier and Salamone, John (2013). S.2.4 - RUNNERS VS. COUCH POTATOES: DOPAMINE DEPLETION REDUCES SELECTION OF PHYSICAL EFFORT IN ANIMALS WITH LOW BUT NOT HIGH EXPERIENCE OF EXERCISE. In: Behavioural Pharmacology, Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 24 e3-e4.

Pardo, M.; Lopez-Cruz, L.; Valverde, O.; Ledent, C.; Baqi, Y.; Müller, C.E.; Salamone, J.D. and Correa, M. (2013). Effect of subtype-selective adenosine receptor antagonists on basal or haloperidol-regulated striatal function: Studies of exploratory locomotion and c-Fos immunoreactivity in outbred and A2AR KO mice. Behavioural Brain Research, 247 pp. 217–226.

Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Salamone, John D. and Correa, Mercè (2013). The Impact of Caffeine on the Behavioral Effects of Ethanol Related to Abuse and Addiction: A Review of Animal Studies. Journal of Caffeine Research, 3(1) pp. 9–21.

Pardo, Marta; Betz, Adrienne J.; San Miguel, Noemí; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Salamone, John D. and Correa, Mercè (2013). Acetate as an active metabolite of ethanol: studies of locomotion, loss of righting reflex, and anxiety in rodents. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 7, article no. 81.

Salamone, John D.; Correa, Merce; Randall, Patrick A.; Nunes, Eric J.; Pardo, Marta and Lopez-Cruz, Laura (2013). The Role of Adenosine in the Ventral Striatal Circuits Regulating Behavioral Activation and Effort-Related Decision Making: Importance for Normal and Pathological Aspects of Motivation. In: Masino, Susan and Boison, Detlev eds. Adenosine: A Key Link between Metabolism and Brain Activity. Springer-Verlag New York, pp. 493–512.

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Santerre, Jessica L.; Nunes, Eric J.; Kovner, Rotem; Leser, Chelsea E.; Randall, Patrick A.; Collins-Praino, Lyndsey E.; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Correa, Merce; Baqi, Younis; Müller, Christa E. and Salamone, John D. (2012). The novel adenosine A2A antagonist prodrug MSX-4 is effective in animal models related to motivational and motor functions. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, 102(4) pp. 477–487.

Pardo, M.; Lopez-Cruz, L.; Valverde, O.; Ledent, C.; Baqi, Y.; Müller, C.E.; Salamone, J.D. and Correa, M. (2012). Adenosine A2A receptor antagonism and genetic deletion attenuate the effects of dopamine D2 antagonism on effort-based decision making in mice. Neuropharmacology, 62(5-6) pp. 2068–2077.

Randall, Patrick A.; Pardo, Marta; Nunes, Eric J.; Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Vemuri, V. Kiran; Makriyannis, Alex; Baqi, Younis; Müller, Christa E.; Correa, Mercè and Salamone, John D. (2012). Dopaminergic Modulation of Effort-Related Choice Behavior as Assessed by a Progressive Ratio Chow Feeding Choice Task: Pharmacological Studies and the Role of Individual Differences. PLoS ONE, 7(10), article no. e47934.

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Lopez-Cruz, Laura; Pardo, Marta; Salamone, John D and Correa, Merce (2011). Comparison between high doses of caffeine and theophylline on motor and axiogenic effects in CD1 mice: studies of acute and chronic administration. In: Behavioural Pharmacology, Behavioral Pharmachology, 22 e1-e73.


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