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Blaylock, Rebecca; Lohr, Patricia A; Hoggart, Lesley and Lowe, Pam (2024). Patient experiences of undergoing abortion with and without an ultrasound scan in Britain. BMJ sexual & reproductive health (early access).

Footman, Katy; Bury, Louise; Hoggart, Lesley and Parnham, Emma (2024). Exploring provider preference and provision of abortion methods and stigma: Secondary analysis of a United Kingdom provider survey. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health (Early access).

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Horan, C.; Zadeh, P. G.; Rennison, C.; Hoggart, L. and Kavanagh, J. (2022). A qualitative analysis of medical students’ attitudes to abortion education in UK medical schools. BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health, 48 pp. 205–209.

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Bateson, Deborah J.; Lohr, Patricia A.; Norman, Wendy V.; Moreau, Caroline; Gemzell-Danielsson, Kristina; Blumenthal, Paul D.; Hoggart, Lesley; Li, Hang-Wun Raymond; Aiken, Abigail R. A. and Black, Kirsten I. (2020). [Editorial] The impact of COVID-19 on contraception and abortion care policy and practice: experiences from selected countries. BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health, 46 pp. 241–243.

Purcell, Carrie; Maxwell, Karen; Bloomer, Fiona; Rowlands, Sam and Hoggart, Lesley (2020). Toward normalising abortion: Findings from a qualitative secondary analysis study. Culture, Health and Sexuality, 22(12) pp. 1349–1364.

Maxwell, Karen J.; Hoggart, Lesley; Bloomer, Fiona; Rowlands, Sam and Purcell, Carrie (2020). Normalising abortion: what role can health professionals play? BMJ Sexual and Reproductive Health, 47(1) pp. 32–36.

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Hoggart, Lesley (2019). Paula Rego: personal and political. The Lancet, 394(10199) p. 627.

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Harper, Joyce; Boivin, Jacky; O'Neill, Helen C.; Brian, Kate; Dhingra, Jennifer; Dugdale, Grace; Edwards, Genevieve; Emmerson, Lucy; Grace, Bola; Hadley, Alison; Hamzic, Laura; Heathcote, Jenny; Hepburn, Jessica; Hoggart, Lesley; Kisby, Fiona; Mann, Sue; Norcross, Sarah; Regan, Lesley; Seenan, Susan; Stephenson, Judith; Walker, Harry and Balen, Adam (2017). The need to improve fertility awareness. Reproductive Biomedicine and Society Online, 4 pp. 18–20.

Marecek, Jeanne; Macleod, Catriona and Hoggart, Lesley (2017). Abortion embedded and embodied in social relations: Challenges for feminist psychology. Feminism and Psychology, 27(2) pp. 133–143.

Marecek, Jeanne; Macleod, Catriona and Hoggart, Lesley (2017). Abortion in legal, social, and healthcare contexts. Feminism and Psychology, 27(1) pp. 4–14.

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Bury, Louise; Hoggart, Lesley and Newton, Victoria Louise (2015). Young women's experiences of unintended pregnancy and abortion: key findings. Open University Research Report; The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK.

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Hoggart, Lesley and Phillips, Joan (2011). Teenage pregnancies that end in abortion: what can they tell us about contraceptive risk-taking? Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, 37(2) pp. 97–102.

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Hoggart, Lesley; Phillips, Joan; Birch, Angela and Koffman, Ofra (2010). Young people in London: abortion and repeat abortion. Government Office For London, London.

Ray, Kathryn; Hoggart, Lesley; Vegeris, Sandra and Taylor, Rebecca (2010). Better Off Working? Work, Poverty And Benefit Cycling. Joseph Rowntree Foundation, York.

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Ray, Kathryn; Hoggart, Lesley; Taylor, Rebecca; Vegeris, Sandra and Campbell-Barr, Verity (2009). Rewarding responsibility? Long-term unemployed men and the welfare-to-work agenda. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, 27(6) pp. 975–990.

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Walker, Robert; Hoggart, Lesley and Hamilton, Gayle (2008). Observing the implementation of a social experiment. Evidence & Policy: A Journal of Research, Debate and Practice, 4(3) pp. 183–203.

Walker, Robert; Hoggart, Lesley and Hamilton, Gayle (2008). Random assignment and informed consent: a case study of multiple perspectives. American Journal of Evaluation, 29(2) pp. 156–174.

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Hoggart, Lesley (2003). Feminist Campaigns for Birth Control and Abortion Rights in Britain. Studies in British History, 69. The Edwin Mellen Press.


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