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O'Hagan, Lauren (2022). Breaking the “Class” Ceiling: The Challenges and Opportunities of Creating a Digital Archive of Edwardian Working-Class Book Inscriptions. In: Schwan, Ann and Thomson, Tara eds. The Palgrave Handbook of Digital and Public Humanities. Cham: Palgrave, p. 275.

O'Hagan, Lauren (2022). Lauren Alex O'Hagan. In: Women in Academia Support Network ed. researcHER: The Power and Potential of Research Careers for Women. United Kingdom: Emerald, pp. 109–112.

Serafinelli, Elisa and O'Hagan, Lauren (2022). Researching Instagram: Computer-Mediated Research Methods in Practice. In: Kozinets, Robert ed. SAGE Research Methods: Doing Research Online. SAGE.

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O'Hagan, Lauren; Serafinelli, Elisa and Jackman, Anna (2021). Drones in Visual Culture: A Conversation with Anna Jackman, Lauren Alex O’Hagan and Elisa Serafinelli. Association for the Arts of the Present Journal

O'Hagan, Lauren (2021). A Voice for the Voiceless: Improving Provenance Practice for Working-Class Books. Journal of Librarianship & Information Science, 53(1) pp. 16–28.

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O'Hagan, Lauren Alex ed. (2020). Rebellious Writing: Contesting Marginalisation in Edwardian Britain. Writing and Culture in the Long Nineteenth Century,, 10. New York, NY: Peter Lang.

O'Hagan, Lauren Alex (2020). Contesting Women’s Right to Vote: Anti-Suffrage Postcards in Edwardian Britain. Visual Culture in Britain, 21(3) pp. 330–362.

Ohagan, Lauren (2020). Social Posturing in the Edwardian Bookplate, 1901-1914. Book Collector

O'Hagan, Lauren Alex (2020). Steal Not This Book My Honest Friend: Threats, Warnings and Curses in the Edwardian Book. Textual Cultures, 13(2) pp. 244–274.

O'Hagan, Lauren (2020). Packaging Inner Piece: A Sociohistorical Exploration of Nerve Food in Great Britain. Food and History, 17(2) pp. 183–222.

Ohagan, Lauren (2020). The Anatomy of a Battle Jacket: A Multimodal Ethnographic Perspective. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 50(2) pp. 147–175.

O'Hagan, Lauren (2020). Autodidactic Book Series in Edwardian Britain, 1901-1914. The Book Collector

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O'Hagan, Lauren (2019). Class, Culture and Conflict in the Edwardian Book Inscription: A Multimodal Ethnohistorical Approach. In: Wildfeuer, Janina; Pflaeging, Jana; Bateman, John; Seizov, Ognyan and Tseng, Chiao-I eds. Multimodality: Disciplinary Thoughts and the Challenge of Diversity. De Gruyter.

Ohagan, Lauren (2019). Running Down an American Dream: Tom Petty and the Tour T-Shirt. In: Sands, Crystal ed. Tom Petty: Essays on the Life and Work. McFarland.

O'Hagan, Lauren (2019). The Advertising and Marketing of the Edwardian Prize Book: Gender for Sale. English Literature in Transition 1880-1920, 62(1)

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Ohagan, Lauren (2018). The Evolution of Prize Bindings 1870-1940: Their Design and Typography. The Book Collector (Early access).

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O'Hagan, Lauren (2017). Principles, Privilege and Powerlessness in the Edwardian Prize Book: Bridging the Gap between Two Opposing Worlds. English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920, 60(4) pp. 506–529.


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