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Hetherington, Kevin (2020). Afterword. In: Ferdinand, Simon; Souch, Irina and Wesselman, Daan eds. Heterotopia and Globalisation in the Twenty-First Century. London: Routledge, pp. 195–203.

Hetherington, Kevin (2015). Foucault and the Museum. In: Witcomb, Andrea and Message, Kylie eds. The International Handbooks of Museum Studies: Museum Theory, Volume 4. Chichester: Wiley Blackwell, pp. 21–40.

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Hetherington, Kevin (2008). The Time of the Entrepreneurial City: Museum, Heritage and Kairos. In: Cronin, Anne and Hetherington, Kevin eds. Consuming the Entrepreneurial City: Image, Memory, Spectacle. New York, USA and Abingdon, UK: Routledge, pp. 273–294.

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Hetherington, Kevin (2006). Visions of England: New age travellers and the idea of ethnicity. In: Neal, Sarah and Agyerman, Julian eds. The new countryside? Ethnicity, nation and exclusion in contemporary rural Britain. Bristol, UK: The Policy Press, pp. 173–192.

Hetherington, Kevin (2005). Memories of capitalism: cities, phantasmagoria and arcades. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 29(1) pp. 187–200.

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Hetherington, Kevin (2002). The Unsightly: touching the Parthenon Frieze. Theory, Culture & Society, 19(5-6) pp. 187–205.

Hetherington, Kevin (2002). Whither the World? Presence, Absence and the Globe. Thamyris/Intersecting: Place, Sex and Race, 9 pp. 173–188.

Hetherington, Kevin and Degen, Monica (2001). Spatial Hauntings. Space and Culture, 1(11/12)

Hetherington, Kevin (2001). Moderns as Ancients: Time, Space and the Discourse of Improvement. In: May, Jon and Thrift, Nigel eds. Timespace: Geographies of Temporality. Critical Geographies. London and New York: Routledge, pp. 49–72.

Hetherington, Kevin (2001). Consumption, Tribes and Identity. In: Abercrombie, Nicholas and Warde, Alan eds. The Contemporary British Society Reader. Cambridge, UK: Polity, pp. 241–250.

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Hetherington, Kevin (1999). From Blindness to blindness: Museums, Heterogeneity and the Subject. In: Law, John and Hassard, John eds. Actor Network Theory and After. Sociological Review Monographs. Oxford, UK: Blackwell, pp. 51–73.

Hetherington, Kevin (1998). Expressions of Identity: Space, Performance, Politics. Theory, Culture and Society. London, UK: Sage Publications.

Hetherington, Kevin (1997). The Badlands of Modernity: Heterotopia and Social Ordering. International Library of Sociology. London, UK: Routledge.

Hetherington, Kevin (1997). Museum Topology and the Will to Connect. Journal of Material Culture, 2(2) pp. 199–218.

Hetherington, Kevin (1997). In Place of Geometry: The Materiality of Place. In: Hetherington, Kevin and Munro, Rolland eds. Ideas of Difference: Social Spaces and the Labour of Division. Sociological Review Monographs. Oxford, UK: Blackwell, pp. 183–199.

Hetherington, Kevin (1996). Identity Formation, Space and Social Centrality. Theory, Culture & Society, 13(4) pp. 33–52.

Hetherington, Kevin (1992). Stonehenge and Its Festival: Spaces of Consumption. In: Shields, Rob ed. Lifestyle Shopping: The Subject of Consumption. International Library of Sociology. London, UK: Routledge, pp. 83–98.

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Jaguaribe, Beatriz and Hetherington, Kevin (2004). Favela Tours: Indistinct and mapless representations of the real in Rio de Janeiro. In: Sheller, Mimi and Urry, John eds. Tourism Mobilities: Places to Play, Places in Play. London and New York: Routledge, pp. 155–166.

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Law, John and Hetherington, Kevin (2000). Materialities, spatialities, globalities. In: Bryson, John; Daniels, Peter; Henry, Nick and Pollard, Jane eds. Knowledge, Space, Economy. London, UK: Routledge, pp. 34–49.

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Pels, Dick; Hetherington, Kevin and Vandenberghe, Frederic (2002). The status of the object: Performances, mediations, and techniques. Theory, Culture & Society, 19(5-6) pp. 1–21.

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Warde, Alan and Hetherington, Kevin (1993). A changing domestic division of labour? Issues of measurement and interpretation. Work, Employment and Society, 7(1) pp. 23–45.


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