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Mason, J. P.; Patel, M. R.; Pajola, M.; Cloutis, E. D.; Alday, J.; Olsen, K. S.; Marriner, C.; Holmes, J. A.; Sellers, G.; Thomas, N.; Almeida, M.; Read, M.; Nakagawa, H.; Thomas, I. R.; Ristic, B.; Willame, Y.; Depiesse, C.; Daerden, F.; Vandaele, A. C.; Lopez‐Moreno, J. J. and Bellucci, G. (2023). Ultraviolet and Visible Reflectance Spectra of Phobos and Deimos as Measured by the ExoMars‐TGO/NOMAD‐UVIS Spectrometer. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 128(12), article no. e2023JE008002.

Alday, Juan; Trokhimovskiy, Alexander; Patel, Manish R.; Fedorova, Anna A.; Lefèvre, Franck; Montmessin, Franck; Holmes, James A.; Rajendran, Kylash; Mason, Jon P.; Olsen, Kevin S.; Belyaev, Denis A.; Korablev, Oleg; Baggio, Lucio; Patrakeev, Andrey and Shakun, Alexey (2023). Photochemical depletion of heavy CO isotopes in the Martian atmosphere. Nature Astronomy, 7(7) pp. 867–876.

Soret, L.; Gérard, J-C.; Hubert, B.; Vandaele, A.C.; Thomas, I. R.; Ristic, B.; Willame, Y.; Schneider, N.; Jain, S.; Gupta, S.; Mason, J.P. and Patel, M.R. (2023). The ultraviolet Martian dayglow observed with NOMAD/UVIS on ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 128(5), article no. e2023JE007762.

Gérard, J.-C.; Soret, L.; Thomas, I. R.; Ristic, B.; Willame, Y.; Depiesse, C.; Vandaele, A. C.; Daerden, F.; Hubert, B.; Mason, J. P.; Patel, M. R. and López-Valverde, M. A. (2023). Observation of the Mars O2 visible nightglow by the NOMAD spectrometer onboard the Trace Gas Orbiter. Nature Astronomy (Early access).

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Willame, Yannick; Depiesse, Cédric; Mason, Jonathon P.; Thomas, Ian R.; Patel, Manish R.; Hathi, Brijen; Leese, Mark R.; Bolsée, David; Wolff, Michael J.; Trompet, Loïc; Vandaele, Ann Carine; Piccialli, Arianna; Aoki, Shohei; Ristic, Bojan; Neefs, Eddy; Beeckman, Bram; Berkenbosch, Sophie; Clairquin, Roland; Mahieux, Arnaud; Pereira, Nuno; Robert, Séverine; Viscardy, Sébastien; Wilquet, Valérie; Daerden, Frank; Lopez-Moreno, José Juan and Bellucci, Giancarlo (2022). Calibration of the NOMAD-UVIS data. Planetary and Space Science, 218, article no. 105504.

Mason, Jonathon; Patel, Manish; Holmes, James; Streeter, Paul; Alday, Juan; Brown, Megan; Sellers, Graham; Marriner, Charlotte; Lewis, Stephen; Wolff, M. J.; Williame, Y.; Depiesse, C.; Ristic, B.; Thomas, I.; Daerden, F.; Vandaele, A. C.; Lopez-Moreno, J.-J. and Bellucci, G. (2022). Total column ozone climatology from MY34 to MY36 from measurements by the NOMAD-UVIS spectrometer. In: 7th Mars Atmosphere Modelling and Observations workshop, 14-17 Jun 2022, Paris, France.

Soret, L.; Gérard, J.‐C.; Aoki, S.; Gkouvelis, L.; Thomas, I. R.; Ristic, B.; Hubert, B.; Willame, Y.; Depiesse, C.; Vandaele, A.C.; Patel, M. R.; Mason, J. P.; Daerden, F.; López‐Moreno, J.‐J. and Bellucci, G. (2022). The Mars Oxygen Visible Dayglow: A Martian Year of NOMAD/UVIS Observations. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 127(6), article no. e2022JE007220.

Mason, Jonathon; Patel, Manish; Leese, Mark; Hathi, Brijen; Willame, Yannick; Thomas, Ian R.; Wolff, Michael J.; Depiesse, Cédric; Holmes, James; Sellers, Graham; Marriner, Charlotte; Ristic, Bojan; Daerden, Frank; Lopez-Moreno, Jose Juan; Bellucci, Giancarlo and Vandaele, Ann Carine (2022). Removal of straylight from ExoMars NOMAD-UVIS observations. Planetary and Space Science, 218, article no. 105432.

Stracke, Christian C.; Burgos, Daniel; Santos-Hermosa, Gema; Bozkurt, Aras; Sharmer, Ramesh C.; Cassafieres, Cécile Swiatek; Inamorato dos Santos, Andreia; Mason, Jonathon; Ossiannilsson, Ebba; Shon, Jin Gon; Wan, Marian; Obiageli Agbu, Jane-Frances; Farrow, Robert; Karakaya, Özlem; Neranzti, Chrissi; Ramírez-Montoya, María Soledad; Conole, Grainne; Cox, Glenda and Truong, Vi (2022). Responding to the Initial Challenge of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Analysis of International Responses and Impact in School and Higher Education. Sustainability, 14(3), article no. 1876.

2021To Top

Patel, M. R.; Sellers, G.; Mason, J.; Holmes, J.A.; Brown, M. A. J.; Lewis, S. R.; Rajendran, K.; Streeter, P. M.; Marriner, C.; Hathi, B. D.; Slade, D. J.; Leese, M. R.; Wolff, M. J.; Khayat, A. S. J.; Smith, M. D.; Aoki, S.; Piccialli, A.; Vandaele, A. C.; Robert, S.; Daerden, F.; Thomas, I. R.; Ristic, B.; Willame, Y.; Depiesse, C.; Bellucci, G. and Lopez‐Moreno, J.‐J. (2021). ExoMars TGO/NOMAD‐UVIS vertical profiles of ozone: Part 1 – Seasonal variation and comparison to water. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 126(11), article no. e2021JE006837.

Khayat, Alain SJ.; Smith, Michael D.; Wolff, Michael; Daerden, Frank; Neary, Lori; Patel, Manish R.; Piccialli, Arianna; Vandaele, Ann C.; Thomas, Ian; Ristic, Bojan; Mason, Jonathon; Willame, Yannick; Depiesse, Cedric; Bellucci, Giancarlo and López‐Moreno, José Juan (2021). ExoMars TGO/NOMAD‐UVIS vertical profiles of ozone: Part 2: The high‐altitude layers of atmospheric ozone. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 126(11), article no. e2021JE006834.

Gérard, J.‐C.; Aoki, S.; Gkouvelis, L.; Soret, L.; Willame, Y.; Thomas, I.R.; Depiesse, C.; Ristic, B.; Vandaele, A. C.; Hubert, B.; Daerden, F.; Patel, M. R.; López‐Moreno, J.‐J.; Bellucci, G.; Mason, J. P. and López‐Valverde, M. A. (2021). First Observation of the Oxygen 630 nm Emission in the Martian Dayglow. Geophysical Research Letters, 48(8), article no. e2020GL092334.

Streeter, Paul; Sellers, Graham; Wolff, Michael; Mason, Jonathon; Patel, Manish; Lewis, Stephen; Holmes, James; Daerden, Frank; Thomas, Ian; Ristic, Bojan; Willame, Yannick; Depiesse, Cedric; Vandaele, Ann Carine; Bellucci, Giancarlo and López-Moreno, Jose Juan (2021). Mesospheric water ice clouds in Mars Year 34-35 as identified in ExoMars UVIS occultation opacities. In: Europlanet Science Congress 2021, 13-24 Sep 2021, Virtual.

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Gérard, J.-C.; Aoki, S.; Willame, Y.; Gkouvelis, L.; Depiesse, C.; Thomas, I. R.; Ristic, B.; Vandaele, A. C.; Daerden, F.; Hubert, B.; Mason, J.; Patel, M.R.; López-Moreno, J.-J.; Bellucci, G.; López-Valverde, M. A. and Beeckman, B. (2020). Detection of green line emission in the dayside atmosphere of Mars from NOMAD-TGO observations. Nature Astronomy, 4 pp. 1049–1052.

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Korablev, Oleg; Vandaele, Ann Carine; Montmessin, Franck; Fedorova, Anna A; Trokhimovskiy, Alexander; Forget, François; Lefèvre, Franck; Daerden, Frank; Thomas, Ian R; Trompet, Loïc; Erwin, Justin T; Aoki, Shohei; Robert, Séverine; Neary, Lori; Viscardy, Sébastien; Grigoriev, Alexey V; Ignatiev, Nikolay I; Shakun, Alexey; Patrakeev, Andrey; Belyaev, Denis A; Bertaux, Jean-Loup; Olsen, Kevin S; Baggio, Lucio; Alday, Juan; Ivanov, Yuriy S; Ristic, Bojan; Mason, Jonathon; Willame, Yannick; Depiesse, Cédric; Hetey, Laszlo; Berkenbosch, Sophie; Clairquin, Roland; Queirolo, Claudio; Beeckman, Bram; Neefs, Eddy; Patel, Manish R; Bellucci, Giancarlo; López-Moreno, Jose-Juan; Wilson, Colin F; Etiope, Giuseppe; Zelenyi, Lev; Svedhem, Håkan and Vago, Jorge L (2019). No detection of methane on Mars from early ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter observations. Nature, 568 pp. 517–520.

Patel, M.R.; Pearson, V.K.; Evans, D.J.; Summers, D.J.; Paton, S.; Truscott, P.; Pottage, T.; Bennett, A.; Gow, J.P.D.; Goodyear, M.D.; Mason, Jonathon; Leese, M.R. and Patel, R.D. (2019). The transfer of unsterilized material from Mars to Phobos: laboratory tests, modelling and statistical evaluation. Life Sciences in Space Research, 23 pp. 112–134.

Hetey, Laszlo; Neefs, Eddy; Thomas, Ian; Zender, Joe; Vandaele, Ann-Carine; Berkenbosch, Sophie; Ristic, Bojan; Bonnewijn, Sabrina; Delanoye, Sofie; Leese, Mark; Mason, Jon and Patel, Manish (2019). Development of a knowledge management system for the NOMAD instrument onboard the ExoMars TGO spacecraft. Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, 92(2) pp. 81–92.

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Vandaele, A. C.; Lopez-Moreno, J. -J.; Patel, M. R.; Bellucci, G.; Daerden, F.; Ristic, B.; Robert, S.; Thomas, I. R.; Wilquet, V.; Allen, M.; Alonso-Rodrigo, G.; Altieri, F.; Aoki, S.; Bolsée, D.; Clancy, R. T.; Cloutis, E.; Depiesse, C.; Drummond, R. J.; Fedorova, A.; Formisano, V.; Funke, B.; González-Galindo, F.; Geminale, A.; Gérard, J. -C.; Giuranna, M.; Hetey, L.; Ignatiev, N.; Kaminski, J.; Karatekin, O.; Kasaba, Y.; Leese, M.; Lefèvre, F.; Lewis, S. R.; López-Puertas, M.; López-Valverde, M.; Mahieux, A.; Mason, J.; McConnell, J.; Mumma, M.; Neary, L.; Neefs, E.; Renotte, E.; Rodriguez-Gomez, J.; Sindoni, G.; Smith, M.; Stiepen, A.; Trokhimovsky, A.; Vander Auwera, J.; Villanueva, G.; Viscardy, S.; Whiteway, J.; Willame, Y.; Wolff, M. J. and the NOMAD team (2018). NOMAD, an Integrated Suite of Three Spectrometers for the ExoMars Trace Gas Mission: Technical Description, Science Objectives and Expected Performance. Space Science Reviews, 214, article no. 80.

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Hewson, W.; Mason, J. P.; Leese, M.; Hathi, B.; Holmes, J.; Lewis, S. R.; Irwin, P. G. R. and Patel, M. R. (2017). Martian atmospheric O3 retrieval development for the NOMAD-UVIS spectrometer. In: EPSC Abstracts, European Planetary Science Congress, 11, article no. EPSC2017-194.

Patel, Manish R.; Antoine, Philippe; Mason, Jonathon; Leese, Mark; Hathi, Brijen; Stevens, Adam H.; Dawson, Daniel; Gow, Jason; Ringrose, Timothy; Holmes, James; Lewis, Stephen R.; Beghuin, Didier; van Donink, Philip; Ligot, Renaud; Dewandel, Jean-Luc; Hu, Daohua; Bates, Doug; Cole, Richard; Drummond, Rachel; Thomas, Ian R.; Depiesse, Cédric; Neefs, Eddy; Equeter, Eddy; Ristic, Bojan; Berkenbosch, Sophie; Bolsée, David; Willame, Yannick; Vandaele, Ann Carine; Lesschaeve, Stefan; De Vos, Lieve; Van Vooren, Nico; Thibert, Tanguy; Mazy, Emmanuel; Rodriguez-Gomez, Julio; Morales, Rafael; Candini, Gian Paolo; Pastor-Morales, M. Carmen; Sanz, Rosario; Aparicio del Moral, Beatriz; Jeronimo-Zafra, José-Maria; Gómez-López, Juan Manuel; Alonso-Rodrigo, Gustavo; Pérez-Grande, Isabel; Cubas, Javier; Gomez-Sanjuan, Alejandro M.; Navarro-Medina, Fermín; BenMoussa, Ali; Giordanengo, Boris; Gissot, Samuel; Bellucci, Giancarlo and Lopez-Moreno, Jose Juan (2017). NOMAD spectrometer on the ExoMars trace gas orbiter mission: part 2—design, manufacturing, and testing of the ultraviolet and visible channel. Applied Optics, 56(10) pp. 2771–2782.

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Pastor-Morales, M. C.; Rodríguez-Gómez, Julio F.; Morales-Muñoz, Rafael; Gómez-López, Juan M.; Aparicio-del-Moral, Beatriz; Candini, Gian Paolo; Jerónimo-Zafra, Jose M.; López-Moreno, Jose J.; Robles-Muñoz, Nicolás F.; Sanz-Mesa, Rosario; Neefs, Eddy; Vandaele, Ann C.; Drummond, Rachel; Thomas, Ian R.; Berkenbosch, Sophie; Clairquin, Roland; Delanoye, Sofie; Maes, Jeroen; Ristic, Bojan; Bonnewijn, Sabrina; Patel, M. R.; Leese, Mark and Mason, J. P. (2016). SINBAD flight software, the on board software of NOMAD in ExoMars 2016. In: Software and Cyberinfrastructure for Astronomy III, SPIE Digital Library, article no. 99133I.

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Vandaele, Ann C.; Willame, Yannick; Depiesse, Cédric; Thomas, Ian R.; Robert, Séverine; Bolsée, David; Patel, Manish R.; Mason, Jon P.; Leese, Mark; Lesschaeve, Stefan; Antoine, Philippe; Daerden, Frank; Delanoye, Sofie; Drummond, Rachel; Neefs, Eddy; Ristic, Bojan; Lopez-Moreno, José-Juan; Bellucci, Giancarlo and Nomad Team, the (2015). Optical and radiometric models of the NOMAD instrument part I: the UVIS channel. Optics Express, 23(23) pp. 30028–30042.

Dartnell, Lewis R.; Nordheim, Tom Andre; Patel, Manish R.; Mason, Jonathon; Coates, Andrew J. and Jones, Geraint H. (2015). Constraints on a potential aerial biosphere on Venus: I. Cosmic rays. Icarus, 257 pp. 396–405.

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Dawson, D. G.; Patel, M. R.; Lewis, S. R.; Mason, J. P. and Irwin, P. G. J. (2013). Radiative transfer modelling for the NOMAD-UVIS instrument on the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter mission. In: European Planetary Science Congress, 9-13 Sep 2013, London, European Planetary Science Congress.

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Merrison, J. P.; Gunnlaugsson, H. P.; Holstein-Rathlou, C.; Knak Jensen, S.; Mason, Jon; Nornberg, P.; Patel, Manish; Portyankina, G. and Rasmussen, K. R. (2011). Latest results from the European Mars simulation wind tunnel facility. In: EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2011, 2-7 Oct 2011, Nantes, France.

Mason, J. P.; Patel, M. R. and Lewis, S. R. (2011). Effects of aerosols on the observed irradiance from the ultraviolet to near-infrared at the surface of Mars. In: Fourth International Workshop On the Mars Atmosphere: Modelling and Observations, 8-11 Feb 2011, Paris, France.


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