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Laborda Lalaguna, Paula; Hedgeland, Holly; Ryan, Paul; Warschkow, Oliver; Muntwiler, Matthias; Teplyakov, Andrew; Schofield, Steven R and Duncan, David Andrew (2021). Determination of the preferred reaction pathway of acetophenone on Si(001) using photoelectron diffraction. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 33(21), article no. 214002.

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Sands, David; Parker, Mark; Hedgeland, Holly; Jordan, Sally and Galloway, Ross (2018). Using Concept Inventories to Measure Understanding. Higher Education Pedagogies, 3(1) pp. 173–182.

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Sacchi, Marco; Singh, Pratap; Chisnall, David M.; Ward, David J.; Jardine, Andrew Peter; Allison, Bill; Ellis, John and Hedgeland, Holly (2017). The Dynamics of Benzene on Cu(111): a Combined Helium Spin Echo and Dispersion-Corrected DFT Study into the Diffusion of Physisorbed Aromatics on Metal Surfaces. Faraday Discussions, 204 pp. 471–485.

Dawkins, Hillary; Hedgeland, Holly and Jordan, Sally (2017). Impact of scaffolding and question structure on the gender gap. Physical Review Physics Education Research, 13(2), article no. 020117.

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O'Donnell, Kane; Hedgeland, Holly; Moore, Gareth; Suleman, Asif; Siegl, Manuel; Thomsen, Lars; Warschkow, Oliver and Schofield, Steven (2016). Orientation and stability of a bi-functional aromatic organic molecular adsorbate on silicon. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18(39) pp. 27290–27299.

Hedgeland, Holly; Sacchi, Marco; Singh, Pratap; McIntosh, Andrew J.; Jardine, Andrew P.; Alexandrowicz, Gil; Ward, David J.; Jenkins, Stephen J.; Allison, William and Ellis, John (2016). Mass Transport in Surface Diffusion of van der Waals Bonded Systems: Boosted by Rotations? The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 7(23) pp. 4819–4824.

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Godsi, O.; Corem, G.; Kravchuk, T.; Bertram, C.; Morgenstern, K.; Hedgeland, H.; Jardine, A. P.; Allison, W.; Ellis, J. and Alexandrowicz, G. (2015). How Atomic Steps Modify Diffusion and Inter-adsorbate Forces: Empirical Evidence From Hopping Dynamics in Na/Cu(115). Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 6(20) pp. 4165–4170.

Lechner, Barbara A. J.; Hedgeland, Holly; Jardine, Andrew P.; Allison, William; Hinch, B. J. and Ellis, John (2015). Vibrational lifetimes and friction in adsorbate motion determined from quasi-elastic scattering. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 17 pp. 21819–21823.

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Bahn, Emanuel; Hedgeland, Holly; Jardine, Andrew P.; Henry, Paul F.; Hansen, Thomas C. and Fouquet, Peter (2014). The structure of deuterated benzene films adsorbed on the graphite (0001) basal plane: what happens below and above the monolayer coverage? Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 16(40) pp. 22116–22121.

Lechner, B. A. J.; Kole, P. R.; Hedgeland, H.; Jardine, A. P.; Allison, W.; Hinch, B. J. and Ellis, J. (2014). Ultra-high precision determination of site energy differences using a Bayesian method. Physical Review B, 89(12)


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