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Zhao, Rui; Shi, Kai; Neighbour, Gareth and Liu, Chunqiong (2023). “Pandora's box” regarding hydropower: Carbon‐intensive reflection. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, 19(1) pp. 284–286.

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Nuttall, William and Neighbour, Gareth (2020). Non-power applications - new missions for nuclear energy to be delivered safely and securely. In: Nian, Victor ed. Advanced Security and Safeguarding in the Nuclear Power Industry: State of the Art and Future Challenges. London, UK: Academic Press, pp. 29–47.

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Patlakas, P.; Livingstone, A.; Hairstans, R. and Neighbour, G. (2018). Automatic code compliance with multi-dimensional data fitting in a BIM context. Advanced Engineering Informatics, 38 pp. 216–231.

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Cuce, Erdem; Nachan, Zaid; Cuce, Pinar Mert; Sher, Farooq and Neighbour, Gareth (2017). Strategies for ideal indoor environments towards low/zero carbon buildings through a biomimetic approach. International Journal of Ambient Energy, 40(1) pp. 86–95.

Patlakas, Panagiotis; Koronaios, Georgios; Raslan, Rokia; Neighbour, Gareth and Altan, Hasim (2017). Case studies of environmental visualization. Energies, 10(10) p. 1459.

Neighbour, Gareth and Oraifige, Ilias eds. (2017). Thoughts and Reflections on the Use of Magnesium. Birmingham: Birmingham City University.

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Higgison, Douglas and Neighbour, Gareth B (2016). Creating an Integrated Curriculum for a STEM Discipline. In: New Perspective in Science Education, libreriauniversitaria, Florence, Italy, pp. 20–26.

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Neighbour, Gareth ed. (2012). Modelling and measuring reactor core graphite properties and performance. Special Publication, 342. London: Royal Society of Chemistry.

Zhao, Rui; Neighbour, Gareth; Han, Jiaojie; McGuire, Michael and Deutz, Pauline (2012). Using game theory to describe strategy selection for environmental risk and carbon emissions reduction in the green supply chain. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 25(6) pp. 927–936.

Zhao, Rui; Neighbour, Gareth; McGuire, Michael and Deutz, Pauline (2012). A software based simulation for cleaner production: a game between manufacturers and government. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 26(1) pp. 59–67.

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Neighbour, G. B. (2010). Plant life management (PLiM) practices for gas-cooled, graphite-moderated nuclear reactors: UK experience. In: Tipping, Philip G. ed. Understanding and Mitigating Ageing in Nuclear Power Plants - Materials and Operational Aspects of Plant Life Management (PLiM). Woodhead Publishing series in Energy. Cambridge: Woodhead Publishing, pp. 838–875.

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Neighbour, G. B.; Wickham, A. J. and Hacker, P. J. (2000). Determining the future for irradiated graphite disposal. Nuclear Energy, 39(03) pp. 179–186.

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Neighbour, Gareth B. (1994). The trouble with mentors. Physics World, 7(2) p. 19.

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Neighbour, Gareth B. (1993). Ph D or “loadsamoney”? Physics World, 6(5) p. 72.

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Neighbour, Gareth B.; McEnaney, Brian and Phillips, Mike (1992). Acoustic emission responses from cyclic loading of a nuclear graphite. Carbon, 30(3) pp. 359–363.


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