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Banks, Frank and Shelton Mayes, Ann eds. (2001). Early Professional Development for Teachers. London, UK: David Fulton Publishers.

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Banks, Frank and Chikasanda, Vanwyk K. M. (2015). Technology education and developing countries. In: Williams, P. John; Jones, Alister and Buntting, Cathy eds. The Future of Technology Education. Contemporary Issues in Tecnology Education. Singapore: Springer, pp. 217–238.

Banks, Frank and Plant, Malcolm (2013). Transferring knowledge versus learning knowledge through technology education: what's the difference? In: Middleton, Howard and Baartman, L. K. J. eds. Transfer, Transitions and Transformations of Learning. International Technology Education Series (11). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, pp. 23–39.

Banks, Frank and Williams, John (2013). International perspectives on technology education. In: Owen-Jackson, Gwyneth ed. Debates in Design and Technology Education. Debates in Subject Teaching. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 31–48.

Banks, Frank (2013). Innovation education through science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects - the UK experience. In: Shavinina, Larisa V. ed. The Routledge International Handbook of Innovation Education. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 557–569.

Anamuah-Mensah, Jophus; Banks, Frank; Moon, Robert and Wolfenden, Freda (2012). New modes of teacher pre-service training and professional support. In: Moon, Robert ed. Teacher Education and the Challenge of Development: A Global Analysis. Education, Poverty and International Development. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 201–211.

Banks, Frank and Dheram, Premakumari (2012). India: committing to change. In: Moon, Robert ed. Teacher Education and the Challenge of Development: a Gobal Analysis. Education, Poverty and International Development. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 76–90.

Banks, Frank (2011). What do 'good' teachers know? Investigating teacher professional knowledge. In: Subramaniam, K. ed. Research Trends in Science, Technology and Mathematics Education. The episteme Reviews (3). New Delhi, India: Macmillan India, pp. 275–299.

Banks, Frank (2011). Technological literacy in a developing world context: the case of Bangladesh. In: de Vries, Marc J. ed. Positioning Technology Education in the Curriculum. International Technology Education Studies (8). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, pp. 219–226.

Banks, Frank (2009). Competency based training in the UK. In: Jones, Alister and de Vries, Marc eds. International Handbook of Research and Development in Technology Education. International technology Education Series (5). Rotterdam: Sense publishers, pp. 555–568.

Banks, Frank (2009). Research on teaching and learning in technology education. In: Jones, Alister and de Vries, Marc eds. International Handbook of Research and Development in Technology Education, Volume 5. Sense Publishers, pp. 373–390.

Banks, Frank (2008). Teaching design and technology. In: Owen-Jackson, Gwyneth ed. Learning to teach design and technology in the secondary school. Learning to teach subjects in the secondary school series, 2nd ed. London: Routledge/Falmer, pp. 174–193.

Banks, Frank and Owen-Jackson, Gwyneth (2007). The role of making in design and technology. In: Barlex, David ed. Design and technology for the next generation: A collection of provocative pieces, written by experts in their field to stimulate reflection and curriculum innovation. Whitchurch, UK: Cliffe & Company.

Banks, Frank (2007). International collaborative case studies: Developing professional thinking for technology teachers. In: Middleton, Howard ed. Researching technology education: Methods and techniques. International Technology Education Series. Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers, pp. 28–45.

Banks, Frank (2007). Creating and Effective Learning Environment. In: Owen-Jackson, Gwyneth ed. A Practical Guide to Teaching Design and Technology in the Secondary School. Routledge Teaching Guides. London, UK: Routledge, pp. 85–94.

Banks, Frank (2006). 'Technology, Design and Society' versus 'Science, Technology and Society (STS)': Learning Some Lessons. In: Dakers, John R. ed. Defining Technological Literacy: Towards an Epistemological Framework. New York, USA: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 197–217.

Banks, Frank and McCormick, Robert (2006). A case study of the inter-relationship between science and technology: England 1984-2004. In: De Vries, M. J. and Mottier, I. eds. International Handbook of Technology Education. Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers, pp. 285–312.

Banks, Frank (2006). Technology Teacher Education in the UK. In: Williams, P.J. ed. International Technology Teacher Education. International Technology Teacher Education. USA: McGraw Hill-Glencoe, pp. 215–239.

Moon, Robert; Banks, Frank and Zenios, Maria (2004). Stimulating professional development through CMC - A case study of networked learning and initial teacher education. In: Goodyear, P.; Banks, S.; Hodgson, V. and McConnell, D. eds. Advances in Research on Networked Learning. Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, 4. Netherlands: Springer, pp. 123–151.

Banks, Frank (2001). Research in design and technology education. In: Owen-Jackson, Gwyneth ed. Teaching design and technology in secondary schools: a reader. London: Routledge/Falmer, pp. 299–317.

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Shohel, M. Mahruf C. and Banks, Frank (2012). School-based teachers’ professional development through technology enhanced learning in Bangladesh. Teacher Development: An international journal of teachers' professional development, 16(1) pp. 25–42.

Banks, Frank (2008). Learning in DEPTH: developing a graphical tool for professional thinking for technology teachers. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 18(3) pp. 221–229.

Banks, Frank; Barlex, David; Jarvinen, Esa-Matti; O'Sullivan, Gary; Owen-Jackson, Gwyneth and Rutland, Marion (2004). DEPTH – Developing professional thinking for technology teachers: An international study. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 14(2) 141 -157.

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Banks, Frank and Barlex, David Michael (2014). Beyond the subject silos in STEM – the case for ‘looking sideways' in the secondary school curriculum. In: STEM Education and our Planet Making connections across contexts 3rd International Conference, 12-15 Jul 2014, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Winn, Deborah and Banks, Frank (2012). CAD and creativity: a new pedagogy. In: PATT 26 Conference, Technology Education in the 21st Century, 26-30 Jun 2012, Stockholm, Sweden.

Banks, Frank (2009). Technological literacy in a developing world context: the case of Bangladesh. In: PATT-22: 'Pupils Attitude Towards Technology' Conference, 24-28 Aug 2009, Delft, Netherlands.

Banks, Frank (2008). Technology and English: A new paradigm for technology education? In: PATT 20: Pupils' attitude towards technology: International conference on design and technology educational research; Critical issues in technology education, 3-6 Nov 2008, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Marshall, Christine; Issroff, Kim; Scanlon, Eileen; Blake, Canan; Holliman, Richard; Smidt, Samantha; Clough, Gill; Banks, Frank; Jones, Ann; Roche, Nel and Waycott, Jenny (2007). Investigating mobile science learning in workplace settings. In: CAL07: Development, Disruption and Debate - D3, 26-28 Mar 2007, Dublin, Ireland.

Scanlon, Eileen; Banks, Frank; Blake, Canan; Clough, Gill; Jones, Ann; Holliman, Richard; Issroff, Kim; Marshall, Christine; Roche, Nel; Smidt, Samantha and Waycott, Jenny (2007). PDAS as workplace tools for science teachers. In: IADIS International Conference - Mobile Learning 2007, 5-7 Jul 2007, Lisbon, Portugal.

Banks, Frank and Gouda, Amal (2006). The Impact of Using a Distance Learning Network on Building Teachers' Communities of Practice in Egypt. In: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Networked Learning 2006, 10-12 Apr 2006, Lancaster, UK.

Banks, F.; Barlex, D.; Jarvinen, E.M.; O'Sullivan, G.; Owen-Jackson, G.; Rutland, M. and Williams, J. (2006). Further Findings of an International D&T Teacher Education Research Study: the DEPTH2 Project. In: Design and Technology Association International Research Conference, 5-7 Jul 2006, Wolverhampton, UK.

Gouda, Amal and Banks, Frank (2005). The Role of Professional Development Networks in Reforming Mathematics Education in Egypt. In: The Mathematics Education into the 21st Century Project, 25 Nov - 1 Dec 2005, Universiti Teknologi, Malaysia.

Banks, Frank and Gouda, Amal (2005). Professional Dignity and Reforming Teachers’ Practice: A Case Study of a Distance Learning Network in Egypt. In: The 11th Cambridge International Conference on Open and Distance Learning, 23-25 Sep 2005, Cambride, UK.

Gouda, Amal and Banks, Frank (2005). Pedagogical Issues in Using Networks for Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development in Egypt. In: ED-MEDIA 2005--World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications, 27 Jun 2005, Montreal, Canada.

McCormick, Robert and Banks, Frank (2005). A case study of the inter-relationship between Science and Technology: England 1984-2004. In: PATT -15 Technology Education And Research: Twenty Years In Retrospect, 18-22 Apr 2005, Harrlem, Netherlands.

Banks, Frank (2003). Using new technology to support D&T teachers. In: Proceedings of the PATT-13 Conference, 21-24 Jun 2003, Glasgow, UK.

Banks, Frank (2001). CPD for ICT in D&T: using LSP! In: New Media in Technology Education: Proceedings of PATT-11 Conference, 8-13 Mar 2001, Haalem, the Netherlands.

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