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Daya, Sandeep; Davies, Heather; Colyer, Frances; Tuffnell, Joshua; Loughlin, Jane and MacQueen, Hilary (2013). Adipocytes: a role in immunological memory? In: 40th UK Adipose Tissue Discussion Group and BHF Centre for Research Excellence Adipose Tissue Workshop, 12-13 Dec 2013, Edinburgh, UK.

Saffrey, M. Jill; Gamage, Prasanna P. K. M.; Davies, Heather A.; Colyer, Frances M.; Patel, Bhavik A.; Yeoman, Mark S. and Ranson, Richard N. (2013). Degenerative changes in neurons and interstitial cells of cajal in mouse internal anal sphincter during aging. In: American Aging Association 42nd Annual Meeting: Aging: Prevention, Reversal, and Slowing, 31 May - 3 Jun 2013, Baltimore, MD, USA.

Saffrey, M.Jill; Gamage, Prasanna; Davies, Heather; Colyer, Frances; Yeoman, Mark and Ranson, Richard N. (2013). Ultrastructural analysis of changes in neurons of the mouse internal anal sphincter during ageing. In: British Society for Research on Ageing Annual Scientific Meeting, 2-4 Sep 2013, Institute of Food Research, University of East Anglia, Norwich, p. 32.

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Saffrey, M. J.; Wang, C.; Gamage, P.; Davies, H.; Colyer, F.; Houghton, M.; Patel, B.; Yeoman, M. and Ranson, R. (2012). Analysis of changes in the cells of the mouse internal anal sphincter during aging. In: Neurogastroenterology & Motility, 24(S2) p. 125.

Saffrey, M. J.; Gamage, P. P. K. M.; Davies, H. A.; Colyer, F. M.; Houghton, M.; Wang, C. and Ranson, R. N. (2012). Analysis of changes in the enteric nervous system of the mouse during ageing. In: 8th FENS Forum of Neuroscience, 14-18 Jul 2012, Barcelona, Spain.

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Corbett, Nicola; Gabbott, Paul; Stewart, Michael; Klementiev, Boris; Davies, Heather; Colyer, Frances; Novikova, Tatiana; Bock, Elisabeth and Berezin, Vladimir (2007). A neural cell adhesion molecule mimetic, FG Loop (FGL), alleviates spine loss induced by beta-amyloid(25-35) in the rat hippocampus. Society for Neuroscience Abstracts(886.9)

Corbett, Nicola; Stewart, Michael; Gabbott, Paul; Klementiev, Boris; Davies, Heather; Colyer, Frances; Berezin, Vladimir and Bock, Elisabeth (2007). The effect of a fibroblast growth factor receptor agonist on the beta-amyloid(25-35) treated hippocampus. British Neuroscience Association Abstracts, 19(43.03)

Daya, Sandeep; Davies, Heather; Colyer, Frances and MacQueen, Hilary (2007). Adipocytes are present inside immune-stimulated lymph nodes. In: British Society for Immunology 50th Anniversary Meeting, 20-23 Feb 2007, Glasgow, UK.

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Rodríguez, J. J.; Davies, H. A.; Silva, A. T.; De Souza, I. E. J.; Peddie, C. J.; Colyer, F. M.; Lancashire, C. L.; Fine, A.; Errington, M. L.; Bliss, T. V. P. and Stewart, M. G. (2005). Long-term potentiation in the rat dentate gyrus is associated with enhanced Arc/Arg3.1 protein expression in spines, dendrites and glia. European Journal of Neuroscience, 21(9) pp. 2384–2396.


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