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Power, Richard; Stevens, Robert; Scott, Donia and Rector, Alan (2009). Editing OWL through generated CNL. In: Workshop on Controlled Natural Language (CNL 2009), 8-10 Jun 2009, Marettimo Island, Italy.

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Mancini, Clara; Pietsch, Christian and Scott, Donia (2007). Visualising Discourse Structure in Interactive Documents. In: 11th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG), 17-20 Jun 2007, Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany.

Hallett, Catalina; Power, Richard and Scott, Donia (2007). Composing questions through conceptual authoring. Computational Linguistics, 33(1) pp. 105–133.

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Scott, Donia and Moore, Johanna (2006). An NLG evaluation competition? Eight reasons to be Cautious. Technical Report 2006/09; Department of Computing, The Open University.

Ahlfeldt, Hans; Borin, Lars; Daumke, Philipp; Grabar, Natalia; Hallett, Catalina; Hardcastle, David; Kokkinakis, Dimitrios; Mancini, Clara; Marko, Kornel; Merkel, Magnus; Pietsch, Christian; Power, Richard; Scott, Donia; Silvervarg, Annika; Gronostaj, Maria Toporowska; Williams, Sandra and Willis, Alistair (2006). Literature Review on Patient-Friendly Documentation Systems. Technical Report 2006/04; Department of Computing, The Open University.

Mellish, Chris; Scott, Donia; Cahill, Lynn; Paiva, Daniel; Evans, Roger and Reape, Mike (2006). A Reference Architecture for Natural Language Generation Systems. Natural Language Engineering, 12(1) pp. 1–34.

Hallett, Catalina; Scott, Donia and Power, Richard (2006). Evaluation of the CLEF query interface. Technical Report 2006/01; Department of Computing, The Open University.

Mancini, Clara and Scott, Donia (2006). Hyper-Document structure: maintaining discourse coherence in non-linear documents. In: International Symposium on Discourse and Document (ISDD'06), 15-16 Jun 2006, Caen, France..

Mancini, Clara and Scott, Donia (2006). Visualising discourse coherence in non-linear document generation. In: Symposium on Interactive Visual Information Collections and Activity, IVICA 2006, 20-22 Oct 2006, College Station, Texas.

Mancini, Clara and Scott, Donia R. (2006). Hyper-Document structure: representing cognitive coherence in non-linear documents. Information Design Journal, 14(3) pp. 232–235.

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Piwek, Paul; Power, Richard; Scott, Donia and Van Deemter, Kees (2005). Generating multimedia presentations: from plain text to screenplay. In: Stock, Oliviero and Zancanaro, Massimo eds. Multimodal intelligent information presentation. Text, speech and language technology, 27. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer, pp. 203–226.

Hallett, Catalina and Scott, Donia (2005). Structural variation in generated health reports. In: 3rd International Workshop on Paraphrasing (IWP2005), 14 Oct 2005, Jeju Island, Republic of Korea.

Power, Richard and Scott, Donia (2005). Automatic generation of large-scale paraphrases. In: 3rd International Workshop on Paraphrasing (IWP2005), 14 Oct 2005, Jeju Island, South Korea.

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Power, Richard; Scott, Donia and Bouayad-Agha, Nadjet (2003). Document structure. Computational Linguistics, 29(2) pp. 211–260.

Power, Richard; Scott, Donia and Hartley, Anthony (2003). Multilingual generation of controlled languages. In: Joint Conference of the 7th International Workshop of the European Association for Machine Translation and the 4th Controlled Language Applications Workshop, 15-17 May 2003, Dublin.

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Bouayad-Agha, Nadjet; Scott, Donia and Power, Richard (2001). The Influence of layout on the interpretation of referring expressions. In: Degand, Liesbeth; Bestgen, Yves; Spooren, Wilbert and Van Waes, Luuk eds. Multidisciplinary approaches to discourse. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Stichting Neerlandistiek VU, pp. 133–141.

Cahill, Lynne; Carroll, John; Evans, Roger; Paiva, Daniel; Power, Richard; Scott, Donia and van Deemter, Kees (2001). From RAGS to RICHES: exploiting the potential of a flexible generation architecture. In: Proceedings of the 39th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL'01), 9-11 Jul 2001, Toulouse, France.

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Bouayad-Agha, Nadjet; Power, Richard and Scott, Donia (2000). Can text structure be incompatible with rhetorical structure? In: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Natural Language Generation (INLG'2000), 12-16 Jun 2000, Mitzpe Ramon, Israel.


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