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Coyle, Michael J. and Scott, David eds. (2021). The Routledge International Handbook of Penal Abolition. London: Routledge.

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Coyle, Michael J. and Scott, David (2021). Introduction: the six hues of penal abolitionism. In: Coyle, M. and Scott, D. eds. The Routledge International Handbook of Penal Abolition. London: Routledge, pp. 1–12.

Coyle, M. and Scott, D. (2021). Introduction: The Six Hues of Penal Abolition. In: Coyle, M. and Scott, D. eds. The International Handbook of Penal Abolition. London: Routledge (In Press).

Scott, D. (2020). Abolitionism as a philosophy of hope: ‘Inside-outsiders’ and the reclaiming of democracy. In: Henne, K. and Shah, R. eds. The Routledge International Handbook of Public Criminology. London: Routledge.

Scott, David (2019). Ordinary rebels, everyone: abolitionist activist scholars and resisting the mega prison. In: Hart, Emily Luise; Greener, Joe and Moth, Rich eds. Resist the Punitive State: Grassroots Struggles Across Welfare, Housing, Education and Prisons. London: Pluto Press (In Press).

Scott, David (2018). Penal Agnosis and Historical Denial: Problematising ‘Common Sense’ Understandings of Prison Officers and Violence in Prison. In: Barton, Alana and Davis, Howard eds. Ignorance, Power and Harm: Agnotology and the Criminological Imagination. Critical Criminological Perspectives. London: Routledge, pp. 213–238.

Drake, Deborah H. and Scott, David (2018). Prison Abolition in Question(s). In: Pavarini, Massimo and Ferrari, Livio eds. No Prison. Capel Dewi, Wales: EG Press Ltd., pp. 209–220.

Scott, David (2018). Haunted by the Presence of Death: Prisons, Abolitionism and the Right to Life. In: Stanley, Elizabeth ed. Human Rights and Incarceration: Critical Explorations. Palgrave Studies in Prisons and Penology. London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 129–151.

Scott, David (2018). The Politics and Ethics of Criminological Research. In: Davis, Pamela and Francis, Peter eds. Doing Criminological Research (3rd Edition). London: Sage, pp. 137–160.

Scott, David (2016). Regarding rights for the Other: abolitionism and human rights from below. In: Weber, Leanne; Fishwick, Elaine and Marmo, Marinella eds. The Routledge International Handbook of Criminology and Human Rights. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 50–62.

Scott, David (2015). Critical Research Values and C. Wright Mills' Sociological Imagination: Learning Lessons from Researching Prison Officers. In: Frauley, Jon ed. C. Wright Mills and the Criminological Imagination: Prospects for Creative Inquiry. Classical and Contemporary Social Theory. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 185–200.

Scott, David (2015). Walking amongst the Graves of the Living: Reflections about Doing Prison Research from an Abolitionist Perspective. In: Drake, Deborah H.; Earle, Rod and Sloan, Jennifer eds. The Palgrave Handbook of Prison Ethnography. Palgrave Studies in Prisons and Penology. London: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 40–58.

Scott, David (2014). Playing The Get Out Of Jail For Free Card: Creating A New 'Abolitionist Consensus'? In: Canning, Victoria ed. Sites of Confinement. London: EG Press, p. 65.

Scott, D. (2013). Visualising an abolitionist real utopia: principles, policy and praxis. In: Malloch, M. and Munro, B. eds. Crime, Critique and Utopia: Themes for a Critical Criminology. London: Palgrave.

Scott, David (2009). Punishment. In: Hucklesby, Anthea and Wahidin, Azrini eds. Criminal Justice. Oxford University Press, pp. 83–102.

Scott, David (2007). New Labour, New Legitimacy? The ‘making punishment work’ agenda and the limits of penal reform. In: Roberts, Rebecca and McMahon, Will eds. Social justice and criminal justice. London: Harm & Society Foundation, pp. 71–81.

Scott, David (2007). Creating ghosts in the penal machine: the prison officer moral universe and the techniques of denial. In: Bennett, Jamie; Crewe, Ben and Wahidin, Azrini eds. Understanding Prison Staff. Devon: Willan Publishing, pp. 168–186.

Scott, David (2007). The changing face of the English prisons: a critical review of the aims of imprisonment. In: Jewkes, Yvonne ed. Handbook on Prisons. Devon: Willan Publishing, pp. 49–72.

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Scott, David (2018). Saying NO To the Mega Prison. Justice, Power and Resistance, 2(1) (In Press).

Scott, David (2013). The Politics of Prisoner Legal Rights. The Howard Journal of Criminal Justice, 52(3) pp. 233–250.

Scott, David (2010). Why didn't prisoner rights come home? Criminal Justice Matters, 82(1) pp. 36–37.

Scott, D. (2006). The caretakers of punishment: prison officers and the rule of law. Prison Service Journal, 168 pp. 14–19.


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