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Kale, Dinar; Nabar, Janak; Garda, Laila and Tol, Varsha (2023). Exploring Inclusive MedTech Innovations for Resource-Constrained Healthcare in India. Innovation and Development (Early access).

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Rault-Chodankar, Yves-Marie and Kale, Dinar (2022). ‘Manufacturers without factories’ and economic development in the Global South: India’s pharmaceutical firms. Journal of Economic Geography, 23(3) pp. 319–341.

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Kale, Dinar (2017). Re-developing Knowledge Creation Capability: Innovating in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry under the TRIPS-Compliant Patent Regime. In: Little, Stephen E.; Go, Frank M. and Poon, Teresa Shuck-Ching eds. Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Experiences from East and West. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 229–247.

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Papaioannou, Theo; Watkins, Andrew; Mugwagwa, Julius and Kale, Dinar (2016). Industry Associations and the Politics of Making Medicines in South Africa. In: 28th SASE Annual Meeting: Moral Economies, Economic Moralities, 24-26 Jun 2016, University of California Berkeley.

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Papaioannou, Theo; Watkins, Andrew; Mugwagwa, Julius and Kale, Dinar (2015). Industry Associations and the Changing Politics of Making Medicines in South Africa. In: Mackintosh, Maureen; Banda, Geoffrey; Tibandebage, Paula and Wamae, Watu eds. Making Medicines in Africa: the Political Economy of Industrializing for Local Health. International Political Economy. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 261–277.

Banda, Geoffrey; Mugwagwa, Julius; Ndomondo-Sigonda, Margareth and Kale, Dinar (2015). Pharmaceutical Standards in Africa: The Road to Improvement and Their Role in Technological Capability Upgrading. In: Mackintosh, Maureen; Banda, Geoffrey; Wamae, Watu and Tibandebage, Paula eds. Making Medicines in Africa: The Political Economy of Industrializing for Local Health. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 224–242.

Kale, Dinar and Mkwashi, Andrew (2015). Where will affordable medical devices for low-income populations come from? Emerging role of social technologies. In: Development Studies Association Annual Conference 2015: Global Development as Relationship: Dependence, Interdependence or Divide? 7th-8th September 2015, University of Bath, 7-8 Sep 2015, Bath.

Huzair, Farah and Kale, Dinar (2015). Biosimilars and the long game. Trends in Biotechnology, 33(5) pp. 250–252.

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Kale, Dinar and Huzair, Farah (2014). Reconfiguration of competencies as a response to the emergence of disruptive new markets – evidence from Indian pharmaceutical firms. In: The International Joseph Schumpeter Society 15th ISS Conference: Foundations of Economic Change - Behaviour, Interaction and Aggregate Outcomes, 27-30 Jul 2014, Jena, Germany.

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Kale, Dinar (2012). India. In: Amann, Edmund and Cantwell, John eds. Innovative firms in emerging market countries, Volume 1. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 148–191.

Kale, Dinar (2012). Innovative capability development in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, 9(2) p. 1250013.

Kale, Dinar (2012). Transnational corporations: significance and impact. In: Papaioannou, Theo and Butcher, Melissa eds. International development in a changing world. London: Bloomsbury Academic, pp. 151–176.

Harmon, Shawn and Kale, Dinar (2012). A view against the grain? The role of regulation in Argentine and Indian bioscience innovation. In: 2nd Joint BISA-ISA International Conference, 20-22 Jun 2012, Edinburgh.

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Kale, Dinar; Little, Stephen and Hinton, Matt (2011). Reconfiguration of knowledge management practices in new product development- The case of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. In: Grant, Kenneth A. ed. Case Studies in Knowledge Management Research. Reading, UK: Academic Publishing International Ltd, pp. 102–119.

Fu, Xiaolan; Kaplinsky, Raphie and Kale, Dina (2011). Global manufactures prices: how do China’s exports compare? In: Fu, Xiaolan ed. China’s Role in Global Economic Recovery. Routledge Studies on the Chinese Economy. Abingdon, UK: Routledge, pp. 127–145.

Kale, Dinar (2011). Co-evolution of policies and firm level technological capabilities in the Indian automobile industry. In: Atlanta Conference on Science and Innovation Policy, 2011, 13-17 Sep 2011, Atlanta, GA, USA.

Kale, Dinar (2011). In search of missing hand of 'state': the case of the Indian medical device industry. In: The 9th GLOBELICS (Global Network for the Economics of Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building Systems) International Conference: Creativity, innovation and Economic Development, 15-17 Nov 2011, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Kale, Dinar (2010). Sources of innovation and technological capability development in the Indian automobile industry. In: 8th GLOBELICS International Conference, Making Innovation Work for Society: Linking, Leveraging and Learning, 01-03 Nov 2010, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Kale, Dinar (2010). Comparative analysis of Indian pharmaceutical and medical devices sector. In: Pharmaceuticals in Developing and Emerging Economies: Production, Innovation, and Access to Medicines in the wake of TRIPS, 17-19 Sep 2010, Hyderabad, India.

Kale, Dinar (2010). The Distinctive Patterns of Dynamic Learning and inter-firm Differences in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. British Journal of Management, 21(1) pp. 223–238.

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Kale, Dinar; Wield, David and Chataway, Jo (2008). Diffusion of knowledge through migration of scientific labour in India. In: Kumar, Krishna ed. Reverse Brain Drain: A Reality in Millennium. Human Resources Management. Hyderabad, India: ICFAI publications.

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Archambault, Éric; Simonetti, Roberto; Côté, Grégoire and Kale, Dinar (2007). The dynamics of pharmaceutical patenting in India: Evidence from USPTO data. Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, 19(5) pp. 625–642.

Chataway, Joanna; Kale, Dinar and Wield, David (2007). The Indian pharmaceutical industry before and after TRIPS. Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, 19(5) pp. 559–563.

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Kale, Dinar and Little, Stephen (2006). Knowledge generation in developing countries. In: Janardhan, Rao N. ed. Knowledge Based Economy - Country Perspectives. Economy. Hyderabad, India: ICFAI Publications.

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