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Burrows, Donald (2021). Handel’s singers from the London choirs. Early Music, 49(2) pp. 173–183.

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Burrows, Donald; Coffey, Helen; Greenacombe, John and Hicks, Anthony eds. (2015). George Frideric Handel: Collected Documents: Volume 2: 1725-1734. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Burrows, Donald (2014). Handel, the British Court and the London public. In: Marx, H. J. and Sandberger, Wolfberger eds. Göttinger Händel-Beiträge XV. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, pp. 109–118.

Burrows, Donald (2014). The Power of Music - the significance of "Alexander's Feast" in Handel's London career. In: ed. Händel-Jahrbuch 2014, 60. Bärenreiter, pp. 243–252.

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Burrows, Donald; Coffey, Helen; Greenacombe, John and Hicks, Anthony eds. (2013). George Frideric Handel: collected documents: volume 1 1609-1725. Cambridge University Press.

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Burrows, Donald (2012). Handel. New York: Oxford University Press.

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Burrows, Donald, ed. Canticles and anthems with orchestra. By William Croft . London, Stainer and Bell (2011).

Burrows, Donald (2011). G. F. Handel: Te Deum in A Major. Novello and Company, London.

Burrows, Donald (2011). “Sometimes it is impossible to guess why Handel was so scrupulous”: Handel’s versions of the aria ‘Thou art gone up on high’ in "Messiah". In: Hirschmann, Wolfgang ed. Aria. Eine Festschrift für Wolklfgang Ruf. Studien und Materialien zur Musikwissenschaft (65). Hildesheim: Georg Olms, pp. 280–307.

Burrows, Donald (2011). Good for the garden: the composition of Handel’s Ariodante. In: Joncus, Berta and Barlow, Jeremy eds. The Stage's Glory: John Rich 1692-1761. Newark / Lanham, MD.: University of Delaware Press / Rowman and Littlefield, pp. 149–156.

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Burrows, Donald (2010). Lists of Musicians for Performances of Handel’s Messiah at the Foundling Hospital, 1754-1777. Royal Musical Association Research Chronicle, 43 pp. 85–109.

Burrows, Donald (2010). What we know – and what we don’t know – about Handel’s career in Rome. In: Ehrmann-Herfort, Sabine and Schnettger, Matthias eds. Georg Friedrich Händel in Rom. Analecta Musicologica (44). Barenreiter, pp. 97–108.

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Burrows, Donald (2009). Didn’t Handel go to Oxford in 1749? Musical Times, 150(1909) pp. 31–38.

Burrows, Donald ed. (2009). Handel's Will: Facsimiles and Commentary. London: Gerald Coke Handel Foundation.

Burrows, Donald ed. (2009). Georg Friedrich Händel, ‘Messiah’. Documenta Musicologica, Zweite Reihe, Handschriften, xl. Kassel, Germany: Barenreiter.

Burrows, Donald (2009). Who does what, when? On the instrumentation of the basso continuo and the use of the organ in Handel’s English oratorios. In: King, Richard G. ed. Handel Studies: a Gedenkschrift for Howard Serwer. Hillsdale, NY: Pendragon, pp. 107–126.

Burrows, Donald (2009). The Royal Music Library and its Handel collection. The Electronic British Library Journal, 2009, article no. 2.

Burrows, Donald (2009). Die Kastratenrollen in Händels Londoner Opern. In: Jacobshagen, Arnold and Mucke, Panja eds. Handels Opern. Das Handbuch. Das Händel-Handbuch (2). Laaber, pp. 143–163.

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Burrows, Donald (2008). John Walsh and his Handel editions. In: Myers, Robin; Harris, Michael and Mandelbrote, Giles eds. Music and the Book Trade from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century. London: The British Library, pp. 69–104.

Burrows, Donald (2008). Handel and the English Chapel Royal (revised paperback edition). Oxford Studies in British Church Music. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Burrows, Donald (2005). Handel and the English Chapel Royal. Oxford Studies in British Church Music. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Burrows, Donald (2005). An edition with preface of G. F. Handel, Samson. Novello & Co. Ltd., London, UK.

Burrows, Donald (2005). The word-books for Handel's performances of 'Samson'. Musical Times, 146(1890) pp. 7–15.

Weber, William and Burrows, Donald (2005). Henry Purcell and The Universal Journal: the building of musical canon in the 1720s. In: Jackson, Jeffrey H and Pelkey, Stanley C eds. Music and History: Bridging the Disciplines. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, pp. 181–199.

Burrows, Donald (2005). The Word-Books for Handel's Performances of "Samson". The Musical Times, 146(1890) pp. 7–15.

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Burrows, Donald (2004). Musicians and music copyists in mid-eighteenth-century Oxford. In: Wollenberg, Susan and McVeigh, Simon eds. Concert Life in Eighteenth-Century Britain. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 115–140.

Burrows, Donald (2004). Orchestras in the new Cathedral. In: Keene, Derek; Burns, Arthur and Saint, Andrew eds. St Paul’s: The Cathedral Church of London, 604-2004. London: Yale University Press.

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Ward Jones, Peter and Burrows, Donald (2003). An Inventory of Mid-Eighteenth-Century Oxford Musical Hands. Royal Musical Association Research Chronicle(35) pp. 61–139.

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Burrows, Donald and Dunhill, Rosemary (2002). Music and theatre in Handel's world : the family papers of James Harris 1732-1780. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

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Burrows, Donald (1991). Handel's Messiah (Korean edition). Cambridge music handbooks. Seoul: Imprima Korean Agency.

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