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Clegg, H.; Nettle, D. and Miell, D. (2008). A test of Miller’s aesthetic fitness hypothesis. Journal of Evolutionary Psychology, 6(2) pp. 101–115.

Cooper, T.; LeVoi, M.; Littleton, K.; Miell, D.; Vass, E. and Wegerif, R. (2004). Developing a sociocultural framework for understanding asynchronous teaching and learning dialogues. In: British Educational Research Association Annual Conference, Sep 2004, Manchester, UK.

Craft, A; Miell, D; Vass, E; Whitelock, D; Littleton, K; Joubert, M and Murphy, P (2004). Ignite! Fellowship Programme for Young People: A Research Study. National Endownment for Science Technology and the Arts (NESTA), London, UK.

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Faulkner, Dorothy and Miell, Dorothy (2005). Collaborative story telling in friendship and acquaintanceship dyads. In: Littleton, Karen; Miell, Dorothy and Faulkner, Dorothy eds. Learning to collaborate: collaborating to learn. New York, USA: Nova Science Publishers.

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Littleton, K.; LeVoi, M.; Miell, D.; Vass, E. and Wegerif, R. (2005). Understanding asynchronous teaching and learning dialogues. In: Constantinou, C. P.; Demetriou, D.; Evagorou, A.; Evagorou, M.; Kofteros, A.; Michael, M.; Nicolaou, Chr.; Papademetriou, D. and Papadouris, N. eds. Multiple Perspectives on Effective Learning Environments. Nicosia: University of Cyprus.

Littleton, K. and Miell, D. (2004). 'Learning to collaborate, to learn': editorial introduction. In: Littleton, K.; Miell, D. and Faulkner, D. eds. Learning to Collaborate, Collaborating to Learn. New York: Nova, pp. 1–5.

Littleton, Karen; Faulkner, Dorothy; Miell, Dorothy; Joiner, Richard and Hakkinen, Paivi (2000). Editorial introduction. European Journal of Psychology of Education, XV(4) pp. 371–374.

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Miell, Dorothy; Littleton, Karen and Rojas Drummond, Sylvia (2008). Music Education: A site for collaborative creativity - Editorial Introduction. International Journal of Educational Research, 47(1) pp. 1–2.

MacDonald, Raymond; Miell, Dorothy and Wilson, Graeme (2005). Talking about music: a vehicle for identity development. In: Miell, Dorothy; MacDonald, Raymond and Hargreaves, David J. eds. Musical Communication. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, pp. 321–338.

Miell, D.; Faulkner, D.; Henry, J.; Kynan, S.; Littleton, K. and Searle, R. (2004). Excite Project: Final Evaluation Report from The Open University Research Team. DfES and Esmee Fairbairn Charitable Trust.

MacDonald, Raymond A.R.; Miell, Dorothy and Mitchell, Laura (2002). An investigation of children’s musical collaborations: the effect of friendship and age. Psychology of Music, 30(2) pp. 148–163.

Miell, Dorothy and MacDonald, Raymond (2002). Social processes in musical communication: A study of children's collaborative compositions. European Journal for Semiotic Studies, 14(1-2) pp. 321–338.

MacDonald, Raymond A. R and Miell, Dorothy (2002). Music for individuals with special needs: a catalyst for developments in identity, communication and musical ability. In: MacDonald, Raymond A. R.; Hargreaves, David J. and Miell, Dorothy eds. Musical Identities. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, pp. 163–178.

Miell, D.; Littleton, K. and MacDonald, R. (2002). Musical collaboration as identity work. In: British Psychological Society Developmental Section Annual Conference, Sep 2002, University of Sussex, UK.

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Whitelock, Denise M.; Faulkner, Dorothy and Miell, Dorothy E. (2008). Promoting creativity in PhD supervision: Tensions and dilemmas. Thinking Skills and Creativity, 3(2) pp. 143–153.

Whitelock, D.; Littleton, K.; Miell, D.; LeVoi, M. and Wegerif, R. (2005). Exploring the social dimension of teaching and learning in online courses: issues and methods. In: CAL'05 Virtual Learning?, Apr 2005, University of Bristol, UK.


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