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Nold, Christian (2023). Mapping and sensing Dewey’s Situations as design and social science methods. In: Nordes 2023: This Space Intentionally Left Blank, 12-14 Jun 2023, Linköping University, Norrköping, Sweden..

Nold, Christian (2023). Program or be Programmed? Teaching algorithmic principles to future designers. In: The 7th International Conference for Design Education Researchers, 29 Nov - 1 Dec 2023, London, UK.

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Nold, Christian (2022). The politics of metadesign. In: DRS2022: Research Papers, Design Research Society, Bilbao, Spain.

Nold, Christian; Kaszynska, Patrycja; Bailey, Jocelyn and Kimbell, Lucy (2022). Twelve potluck principles for social design. Discern: International Journal of Design for Social Change, Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 3(1) pp. 31–43.

Willis, Katharine S. and Nold, Christian (2022). Sense and the city: An Emotion Data Framework for smart city governance. Journal of Urban Management, 11(2) pp. 142–152.

2021To Top

Haklay, Muki; Fraisl, Dilek; Greshake Tzovaras, Bastian; Hecker, Susanne; Gold, Margaret; Hager, Gerid; Ceccaroni, Luigi; Kieslinger, Barbara; Wehn, Uta; Woods, Sasha; Nold, Christian; Balázs, Bálint; Mazzonetto, Marzia; Ruefenacht, Simone; Shanley, Lea A.; Wagenknecht, Katherin; Motion, Alice; Sforzi, Andrea; Riemenschneider, Dorte; Dorler, Daniel; Heigl, Florian; Schaefer, Teresa; Lindner, Ariel; Weißpflug, Maike; Mačiulienė, Monika and Vohland, Katrin (2021). Contours of citizen science: a vignette study. Royal Society Open Science, 8(8)

Kimbell, Lucy; Bailey, Jocelyn; Nold, Christian; Kaszynska, Patrycja; Todd, Jonathan and Mazzarella, Francesco (2021). Design Economy 2021 Scoping Project: Introductory Paper. Design Council, London.

Nold, Christian; Kaszynska, Patrycja and Bailey, Jocelyn (2021). Design Economy 2021 Scoping Project: Public Understanding of Design. Design Council, London.

Wagenknecht, Katherin; Woods, Tim; Nold, Christian; Rüfenacht, Simone; Voight-Heucke, Silke; Caplan, Anne; Hecker, Susanne and Vohland, Katrin (2021). A question of dialogue? Reflections on how citizen science can enhance communication between science and society. Journal of Science Communication, 20(3), article no. A13.

Nold, Christian (2021). Insurrection training for post-human politics. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 41(3/4) pp. 541–557.

Nold, Christian (2021). Towards a Typology of Design in relation to Prisons. University of the Arts London: Social Design Institute, Working Paper no. 1.

Nold, Christian (2021). Towards a Sociomaterial Framework for Systems in Design. University of the Arts London: Social Design Institute, Working Paper no. 2.

Nold, Christian and Sobecka, Karolina (2021). Aesthetic strategies for engaging with environmental governance. In: Rogers, Hannah Star; Halpern, Megan K.; Hannah, Dehlia and de Ridder-Vignone, Kathryn eds. Routledge Handbook of Art, Science, and Technology Studies. London: Routledge, pp. 91–101.

Bailey, Jocelyn; Kasynska, Patrycja; Kimbell, Lucy and Nold, Christian (2021). 12 Principles of Social Design. In: Nordes 2021 Matters of Scale (Brandt, Eva; Markussen, Thomas; Berglund, Eeva; Julier, Guy and Linde, Per eds.), pp. 478–480.

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Haklay, Muki; Motion, Alice; Balázs, Bálint; Kieslinger, Barbara; Greshake Tzovaras, Bastian; Nold, Christian; Dörler, Daniel; Fraisl, Dilek; Riemenschneider, Dorte; Heigl, Florian; Brounéus, Frederik; Hager, Gerid; Heuer, Katja; Wagenknecht, Katherin; Vohland, Katrin; Shanley, Lea; Deveaux, Lionel; Ceccaroni, Luigi; Weißpflug, Maike; Gold, Margaret; Mazzonetto, Marzia; Mačiulienė, Monika; Woods, Sasha; Luna, Soledad; Hecker, Susanne; Schaefer, Teresa; Woods, Tim and Wehn, Uta (2020). ECSA's Characteristics of Citizen Science. European Citizen Science Association.

Nold, Christian (2020). Taxonomy of environmental sensing in smart cities. In: Willis, Katharine S. and Aurigi, Alessandro eds. The Routledge Companion to Smart Cities. Routledge, pp. 254–261.

2019To Top

Skarlatidou, Artemis; Ponti, Marisa; Sprinks, James; Nold, Christian; Haklay, Muki and Kanjo, Eiman (2019). User experience of digital technologies in citizen science. JCOM: Journal of Science Communication, 18(1) E1-E8.

Göbel, Claudia; Nold, Christian; Berditchevskaia, Aleksandra and Haklay, Mordechai (2019). How Does Citizen Science "Do" Governance? Reflections from the DITOs Project. Citizen Science: Theory and Practice, 4(1), article no. 31.

Skarlatidou, Artemis; Suskevics, Monika; Göbel, Claudia; Prūse, Baiba; Tauginiené, Loreta; Mascarenhas, Andre; Mazzonetto, Marzia; Sheppard, Alice; Barrett, Judy; Haklay, Muki; Baruch, Avinoam; Moraitopoulou, Elina-Aikaterini; Austen, Kat; Baïz, Imane; Berditchevskaia, Aleksandra; Berényi, Eszter; Hoyte, Simon; Kleijssen, Lotte; Kragh, Gitte; Legris, Martine; Mansilla-Sanchez, Alicia; Nold, Christian; Vitos, Michalis and Wyszomirski, Paweł (2019). The Value of Stakeholder Mapping to Enhance Co-Creation in Citizen Science Initiatives. Citizen Science: Theory and Practice, 4(1), article no. 24.

DITOs Consortium (2019). A Tale of Two Science Buses: Diversity of Knowledge and Inclusion Practices. DITOs Policy Briefs and Research Insights 11, Doing It Together Science (DITOs).

2018To Top

Nold, Christian (2018). Turning Controversies into Questions of Design: Prototyping Alternative Metrics for Heathrow Airport. In: Marres, Noortje; Guggenheim, Michael and Wilkie, Alex eds. Inventing the Social. Manchester, UK: Mattering Press, pp. 94–124.

2017To Top

Blok, Anders; Courmont, Antoine; Hoyng, Rolien; Marquet, Clément; Minor, Kelton; Nold, Christian and Young, Meg (2017). Data Platforms and Cities. Tecnoscienza: Italian Journal of Science & Technology Studies, 8(2) pp. 175–219.

Nold, C. and Francis, L. (2017). Participatory Sensing: Recruiting Bipedal Platforms or Building Issue-centred Projects? In: Loreto, V. ed. Participatory Sensing, Opinions and Collective Awareness. Springer, pp. 213–235.

2016To Top

Nold, Christian (2016). How designers can reshape public controversies. In: Proceedings of Design & the City: Designing Smart Cities for Citizens, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam, The Netherlands pp. 9–12.

Nold, Christian (2016). Metrics of Unrest: Building Social and Technical Networks for Heathrow Noise. In: Callard, Felicity; Staines, Kimberley and Wilkes, James eds. The Restless Compendium: Interdisciplinary Investigations of Rest and Its Opposites. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 149–156.

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Nold, Christian (2015). Micro/macro prototyping. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 81 pp. 72–80.

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Nold, Christian; Aubret, Nathalie and Jaschko, Susanne (2014). Autopsy Of An Island Currency. Pixelache.

Nold, Christian (2014). Devices for articulate propositions. In: Thomson, Mike ed. Stressed Out. Design Academy Eindhoven, pp. 34–39.

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Nold, Christian (2013). Mapping Disagreement around Smart City devices. In: Subtle Revolution 2nd International Hybrid City Conference, University Research Institute of Applied Communication, University of Athens, Athens, Greece, 2013 pp. 133–140.

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Nold, Christian; Tweddle, John; Ellis, Rebecca; Hemment, Drew and Wynne, Brian (2011). Biotagging Manchester: Interdisciplinary Exploration of Biodiversity. Leonardo, 44(1) pp. 66–67.

Nold, Christian and van Kranenburg, Rob (2011). The Internet of People for a Post-Oil World. Situated Technologies Pamphlets, 8. New York, NY, USA: The Architectural League of New York.

Nold, Christian (2011). Rennes Emotion Map. Les Bouillants.

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Nold, Christian; Jensen, Ole B. and Harder, Henrik (2008). Mapping the City - Reflections on urban mapping methodologies from GPS to Community Dialogue. Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark.

Nold, Christian (2008). East Paris Emotion Map. Galerie Ars Longa.

Nold, Christian and Boraschi, Daniela (2008). Brentford Biopsy. Watermans.

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Nold, Christian (2007). San Francisco Emotion Map. Southern Exposure.

Nold, Christian and Boraschi, Daniela (2007). Stockport Emotion Map. Softhook.

2006To Top

Nold, Christian (2006). Greenwich Emotion Map. Independent Photography.

2005To Top

Nold, Christian (2005). Legible Mob. In: Latour, Bruno and Weibel, Peter eds. Making Things Public: Atmospheres of Democracy. ZKM Center for Art and Media with the MIT Press, pp. 846–853.

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