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Mason, J. P.; Patel, M. R.; Pajola, M.; Cloutis, E. D.; Alday, J.; Olsen, K. S.; Marriner, C.; Holmes, J. A.; Sellers, G.; Thomas, N.; Almeida, M.; Read, M.; Nakagawa, H.; Thomas, I. R.; Ristic, B.; Willame, Y.; Depiesse, C.; Daerden, F.; Vandaele, A. C.; Lopez‐Moreno, J. J. and Bellucci, G. (2023). Ultraviolet and Visible Reflectance Spectra of Phobos and Deimos as Measured by the ExoMars‐TGO/NOMAD‐UVIS Spectrometer. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 128(12), article no. e2023JE008002.

Almeida, M.; Read, M.; Thomas, N.; Cremonese, G.; Becerra, P.; Borrini, G.; Byrne, S.; Gruber, M.; Heyd, R.; Marriner, C. M.; McArthur, G.; McEwen, A. S.; Pommerol, A.; Perry, J. and Schaller, C. (2023). Targeting and image acquisition of Martian surface features with TGO/CaSSIS. Planetary and Space Science, 231, article no. 105697.

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Pommerol, A.; Thomas, N.; Almeida, M.; Read, M.; Becerra, P.; Cesar, C.; Valantinas, A.; Simioni, E.; McEwen, A.S.; Perry, J.; Marriner, C.; Munaretto, G.; Pajola, M.; Tornabene, L.; Mège, D.; Da Deppo, V.; Re, C. and Cremonese, G. (2022). In-flight radiometric calibration of the ExoMars TGO Colour and Stereo Surface Imaging System. Planetary and Space Science, 223, article no. 105580.

Mason, Jonathon; Patel, Manish; Holmes, James; Streeter, Paul; Alday, Juan; Brown, Megan; Sellers, Graham; Marriner, Charlotte; Lewis, Stephen; Wolff, M. J.; Williame, Y.; Depiesse, C.; Ristic, B.; Thomas, I.; Daerden, F.; Vandaele, A. C.; Lopez-Moreno, J.-J. and Bellucci, G. (2022). Total column ozone climatology from MY34 to MY36 from measurements by the NOMAD-UVIS spectrometer. In: 7th Mars Atmosphere Modelling and Observations workshop, 14-17 Jun 2022, Paris, France.

Mason, Jonathon; Patel, Manish; Leese, Mark; Hathi, Brijen; Willame, Yannick; Thomas, Ian R.; Wolff, Michael J.; Depiesse, Cédric; Holmes, James; Sellers, Graham; Marriner, Charlotte; Ristic, Bojan; Daerden, Frank; Lopez-Moreno, Jose Juan; Bellucci, Giancarlo and Vandaele, Ann Carine (2022). Removal of straylight from ExoMars NOMAD-UVIS observations. Planetary and Space Science, 218, article no. 105432.

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Patel, M. R.; Sellers, G.; Mason, J.; Holmes, J.A.; Brown, M. A. J.; Lewis, S. R.; Rajendran, K.; Streeter, P. M.; Marriner, C.; Hathi, B. D.; Slade, D. J.; Leese, M. R.; Wolff, M. J.; Khayat, A. S. J.; Smith, M. D.; Aoki, S.; Piccialli, A.; Vandaele, A. C.; Robert, S.; Daerden, F.; Thomas, I. R.; Ristic, B.; Willame, Y.; Depiesse, C.; Bellucci, G. and Lopez‐Moreno, J.‐J. (2021). ExoMars TGO/NOMAD‐UVIS vertical profiles of ozone: Part 1 – Seasonal variation and comparison to water. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 126(11), article no. e2021JE006837.


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