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Goto, Tomotsugu; Oi, Nagisa; Utsumi, Yousuke; Momose, Rieko; Matsuhara, Hideo; Hashimoto, Tetsuya; Toba, Yoshiki; Ohyama, Youichi; Takagi, Toshinobu; Chiang, Chia-Ying; Kim, Seong Jin; Kilerci Eser, Ece; Malkan, Matthew; Kim, Helen; Miyaji, Takamitsu; Im, Myungshin; Nakagawa, Takao; Jeong, Woong-Seob; Pearson, Chris; Barrufet, Laia; Sedgwick, Chris; Burgarella, Denis; Buat, Veronique and Ikeda, Hiroyuki (2019). Infrared luminosity functions based on 18 mid-infrared bands: revealing cosmic star formation history with AKARI and Hyper Suprime-Cam*. Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 71(2), article no. 30.

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Pearson, Chris; Barrufet, Laia; Campos Varillas, Maria del Carmen; Serjeant, Stephen; Clements, David L; Goto, Tomotsugu; Im, Myungshin; Jeong, Woong-Seob; Kim, Seong Jin; Matsuhara, Hideo; Sedgwick, Chris and Valtchanov, Ivan (2018). The Herschel-PACS North Ecliptic Pole Survey. Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, 71(1), article no. 13.

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Sedgwick, Chris; Serjeant, Stephen; Pearson, Chris; Matsuura, Shuji; Shirahata, Mai; Matsuhara, Hideo; Marchetti, Lucia; White, Glenn J.; Vaccari, Mattia; Baronchelli, Ivano; Rodighiero, Giulia; Hadsukade, Bunyo; Clements, David L. and Amber, Simon (2017). AKARI Deep Field South: spectroscopic observations of infrared sources. Publications of The Korean Astronomical Society, 32(1) pp. 281–285.

Sedgwick, Chris; Serjeant, Stephen; Pearson, Chris; Yamamura, I.; Makiuti, S.; Ikeda, N.; Fukuda, Y.; Oyabu, S.; Koga, T.; Amber, S. and White, Glenn J. (2017). AKARI all-sky bright source catalogue: far-infrared luminous quasars and the optical far-infrared correlation. Publications of The Korean Astronomical Society, 32(1) pp. 305–307.

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Urquhart, S A; Bendo, G J; Serjeant, S; Bakx, T; Hagimoto, M; Cox, P; Neri, R; Lehnert, M; Sedgwick, C; Weiner, C; Dannerbauer, H; Amvrosiadis, A; Andreani, P; Baker, A J; Beelen, A; Berta, S; Borsato, E; Buat, V; Butler, K M; Cooray, A; De Zotti, G; Dunne, L; Dye, S; Eales, S; Enia, A; Fan, L; Gavazzi, R; González-Nuevo, J; Harris, A I; Herrera, C N; Hughes, D; Ismail, D; Ivison, R; Jin, S; Jones, B; Kohno, K; Krips, M; Lagache, G; Marchetti, L; Massardi, M; Messias, H; Negrello, M; Omont, A; Perez-Fournon, I; Riechers, D A; Scott, D; Smith, M W L; Stanley, F; Tamura, Y; Temi, P; Vlahakis, C; Weiß, A; Werf, P; Verma, A; Yang, C and Young, A J (2022). The bright extragalactic ALMA redshift survey (BEARS) I: redshifts of bright gravitationally-lensed galaxies from the Herschel ATLAS. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 511(2) pp. 3017–3033.


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